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  1. I'm afraid I've sold it a while back! I'm regretting it though, but I did need the money Best of luck finding another one around!
  2. [quote name='dave_bass5' post='1244875' date='May 25 2011, 10:03 PM']I guess you aren't looking for a Markbass SA450 bead in PX. Sorry, worth a try. Good luck. This is the first time I ever even liked a Jag, let alone wanted one.[/quote] To be fair, I would have been tempted a few days ago but, I've already bought a head and cab and now I need the money more than ever haha. Thanks for the offer though.
  3. [quote name='-m-' post='1242521' date='May 24 2011, 01:05 AM']Could you check postage to Norway? I'd me more than willing to pick it up at a decent price...[/quote] Hi, Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately I was looking from someone within the UK to buy it because it's going to be easier to post/meet up. I'm just a little busy these days and want to sell the bass ASAP. I did have a look though for postage to Norway, if it was through Fedex, UPS ...etc through economy shipping, it was varying between 50 and 80 pounds.
  4. [quote name='Jacqueslemac' post='1238172' date='May 20 2011, 01:59 PM']Yes, but I'm about to depart on holiday (motorbike to Italy), and won't be back until next month. If it's still available, then... Are you interested in taking a head as a part trade-in? Since buying my Orange Bass Terror I haven't used my Hartke HA2000.[/quote] Hi! Thanks for your interest. Motorbike to Italy? That ought to be an amazing trip! Have fun there I don't know whether the bass will still be available next month or not, I'm trying to sell it ideally within these days. I already have a bass head or two in mind which I'm trying to save money for, and the Orange Bass Terror is one of them! But, if you come back and the bass is available and you are still interested, then we'll be in touch. Cheers.
  5. Hi, It is with sad regret that I have to see my Jaguar go. It's been with me for a year, and has been an amazing, versatile and reliable bass. I'm selling so as to help fund a new head and cab. It is in a very good condition, only two small dings, one on the headstock and the other on the lower body (Pictured). I am not interested in trades because, I do need the money. I am looking for [color="#FF0000"][s]500[/s][/color], [color="#FF0000"][s]475[/s][/color], [color="#FF0000"]450[/color]. I am based in Manchester so ideally I can meet you somewhere if you are close by, if not we can find a way to post it. If you are interested, just drop me a line! Cheers! Nadim.
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