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  1. The gold pedal is an Earthquaker Hoof, the black is a Ross Distortion.
  2. Bought an octaver off Peter, was posted special delivery with enough packaging to deflect a bullet. Cheers!
  3. I’ve been wanting to try out a Diamond bass comp for a while, and the junior version seems like a no-brainer (smaller space, no awkward power supplies). However, ever since Diamond disappeared in a puff of smoke, bass comp jrs are impossible to find. There is a few comp jrs floating around, so my question is this: does anyone know if there are any differences in the circuit between these two pedals other than the centre point of the tilt EQ (which I wouldn’t be using anyway)?
  4. & produced by Yabby You no less!
  5. Pre-Black Uhuru Michael Rose
  6. If you like our jangly sort of stuff, I’ll check availability...
  7. Funny looking back at this thread & seeing how hated Ashdown were. The one time I tried a MAG I wasn’t impressed, but it wasn’t the worst amp I’ve played through- that award goes to a 90s solid state Marshall combo... no volume, tone like wading through a swamp & as heavy as half a neutron star
  8. How about that Vandross fella lurking in the background here?
  9. Bought Martyn's Walkabout - is in great nick & all went off without a hitch, though it would have been nice to receive feedback in turn as requested
  10. Yeah it's funny that... my LMII was mangled by a dodgy power supply in Ripon and has never been the same, but everyone's amp was plugged into the same power supply and somehow it was only mine that died... I had no idea power issues were so widespread among LMs, has anyone looked into why it seems to keep happening?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Nice and dubby, not usually a fan of 80s sound effects but that riddim is pretty great. Been missing the Black Ark ear-splitting hi hat
  13. Revisiting old favourites...
  14. This sound made me go out and buy a Big Muff...
  15. The most recent band for me were Crumb, a kind of mix of jazz and psychedelia. Has to be heard to be believed, really.
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