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  1. This sound made me go out and buy a Big Muff...
  2. The most recent band for me were Crumb, a kind of mix of jazz and psychedelia. Has to be heard to be believed, really.
  3. To be honest, I think the Chilis are a candidate for the 'best bands with crap first albums' thread.The first one's pretty dire.
  4. +1 on Kevin Parker - check out Apocalypse Dreams and It Is Not Meant to Be. Interpol and Deerhunter are worth a look, and there are some good Strokes basslines! Is This It is pretty iconic
  5. Spaced

    Darkglass X7

    Personally I'm looking forward to the Darkglass AEIOU
  6. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard in Manchester, for the 3rd time. Their live shows are so frantic, love a bit of it.
  7. Drum machine and cello driven psychedelia - sounds weird but it really works - from 1982. Also, this is possibly the earliest example of anyone using scratching as an effect in a song?
  8. What's the issue with that? (Apart from Bill Ward's leggings of course, lol) For me Megalomania is probably the best song Sabbath ever did.
  9. Shame he's such a repellent, small minded douchecanoe - it's really ruined his music for me
  10. Wow, is he still going? Last thing I heard from him was Astrakhan Cafe, and that was in 2001! Personally my favourite has been A Fever Dream by Everything Everything. Alvvays' second was good too, though it wasn't a brilliant year for music. More interested in the mid 90s atm - where the fork have Massive Attack been all this time?!
  11. Ah yes, author of lines such as "I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping". Genius.
  12. The train sounds, the slow build up... sublime
  13. Hear hear. Reminds me of a certain drummer, who having been the subject of intense discussion and heartache about whether his commitment was up to scratch, was confronted in a band meeting and said he'd rather be moving to Australia to be with his girlfriend. Cue a week later, his girlfriend's dumped him and he wants back in... Surprised people in this thread seem to be having most trouble with their guitarists; for us, drummers have always been hardest to find and usually flakes, nutters or egomaniacs. Sometimes all three.
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