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  1. I like the colour but I don't think wd40 should be used on pots and circuit boards 😕 http://bit.ly/1pNbmpv Does Chris Castle Wolfenstein play one of these in Muse?
  2. Was it the Black or red one you were watching? A red one sold a couple of days later for the same money so it was either or for me... The red one had a different shape headstock. Yeah great little basses for the money😉
  3. If there's something you see near me in future give me pm. I'd be happy to get it and post it on. Can be quite frustrating as most guitars are collection only because of postal charges😉
  4. I bought an 80's Washburn b10 on EBay last week for my teenage son to learn on. £64 + £10 postage. What would you get for that in a music shop? The invitation to not let the door hit your arse on the way out springs to mind! I've heard of Fenix guitars but didn't realise how good they were. It's better than the Silver series jap Squier I had of the same period..
  5. The power of BC makes sure another nice instrument becomes appreciated and no longer languishes in a dusty corner!! Well done all and thanks😊
  6. Not the best pics 😉 I've taken the strings as they were a really heavy gauge and the neck wasn't happy...
  7. Well if I'm going to kill a thread by being the last poster- I might as well finish by saying I bought said Fenix 40 mins ago and got it for £90. It's awesome in quality and tone...
  8. I've replied to the ad as I'm 5 mins away but had nothing back. Ad still live.
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  10. Davetbass


    Bought a Pedal from Mark. Pleasure to deal with and no problems. Thanks again😉 Dave
  11. Is that the bass from flight of the conchords?
  12. [quote name='Bassman Sam' timestamp='1398034307' post='2429804'] How much did they want for her? [/quote] ??? Did you not read the earlier posts talking about the people that go there?
  13. [quote name='skidder652003' timestamp='1397339097' post='2423062'] you'd look a titanic Tit for sure! [/quote] Ha! Indeed you would especially if you were in a status quo tribute band.
  14. I have a morbid fascination with the place... You can't beat a 70 year old woman dressed as Eminem or the classic shiny, red trackie bottoms with black slip on shoe combo👌
  15. My local Crack Converters were trying to sell a rebadged squire pbass as a jap fender. When I pointed out the fake decal the guy went white. Seemingly the week before he bought in an American strat for £500 and tried to sell it for £650 before it was found to be a very clever fake. The singer in my band got it for £40 from the guitar shop down the street that offloads the "mistakes"
  16. Hello is this still for trade?
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