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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. yes i am ken smith! i have loadsa money and loadsa cheesy sounding basses but i still find time to write on basschat! i do have anutha winter job tho. im also santa!
  3. learn it in y head note 4 note then u dont have to keep listening to it to figure it out.
  4. used to have 1. for money they nice. easy2play fast necks. but after a while u realise... no breeding. and its not individual enuff to start a nu era of bass. so u will sell it for less than half the price and get a fender.
  5. hello...? if y that rich buy a fodera or alembic. altho i do like old burners. but the rest of em, to clean cut kenny g stylie. oh n ps free speech is a myth omg. ur american rite? it was 2 witty.
  6. imitations dam it. i never went to school.
  7. dont waste y time with cheap initations. do tesco coco pops taste like kellogs. do they ****. end of.
  8. im just going to rob a bank.
  9. i just cum in my pants
  10. altho a wise man once said, as long as i learn i will make mistakes. we love u MCA.
  11. james brown sacked any1 who played a bum note on stage. i hear mcdonalds are hiring. so wats the moral of the story..? we aint playin games here. its life or death man. oops i sliped said the rabbit, dinnertime said the fox.
  12. 5 songs? every rage, chilli pepper, james brown tune wud be a good start.
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