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  1. I found using the original strings (elixir) made a massive difference, I tried some rotorsounds but they didn't sound as good imo.. :-) nice all round sounding bass :-)
  2. I had a dep gig on boxing day where I had to learn 30 tracks in a week and a half.. The only way I could do it was to constantly listen to the set list, firstly, you need to know the songs you're learning, no point picking up your bass until you understand the structure of the songs.. Then, I'd break down the setlist, I started by picking 4 easy tracks and a hard track to work on a night, I'd pick the tracks apart and learn them in sections, then once I'd learnt the different parts, I'd play the whole track, then move to the next one.. Then keep playing them till my fingers hurt and I was too tired to carry on, then I'd rest the next day and not touch my bass... One thing I found with trying to cram too much in your head in a short period is everything stops working, you get over tired trying to remember it all, and then the easiest tracks you end up messing up on, which is frustrating.. After your rest day, work on the next 5, but start by practicing the previous tracks you've already learnt.. It is all repetition, repetition.. Once you've learnt them, listen to the tracks and visualise what you play.. And I'm rambling total rubbish, but if you can get something from it, I guess that helps :-)
  3. I did see yours for sale, and figured I sould price it similar to yours.. Fenders will always sell quicker than an ibanez, but for the price of these its a lot of bass for the money, and ever since I started playing this everyone has comment on my tone :-) Would the 4 string btb fit with motown??
  4. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1417342717' post='2619226'] I sold mine last month, a chap who was trying to get the money together to buy mine (but missed out) has been in touch asking if I still had the bass for sale. I've sent him a link to this listing, he may well be in touch; hope that helps. Andy [/quote] Thanks Andy! I'm surprised these basses aren't more popular haha
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