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  1. I think it's quite common to fit a mittel E with the weich set to strengthen the bottom end response
  2. Hi Lewis It was my bass! The strings were Innovation Silver Slaps. I think they also do a string called Super Silver which has a little more tension but are similar in construction. Enjoyed your band btw Cheers Iain
  3. Although I don't personally know Duncan, I've met him a few times and seen him play, as well as hiring a spare bass of his for a show I was involved in a few years back. Excellent musician and he's played on a plethora of Scottish folk albums as well as his own solo stuff. Full time bassist with Treacherous Orchestra, a very popular Scottish folk big band
  4. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I've just remembered that I've got an E-fects Loop-E pedal which I bought years ago and have never used-this might do it. It's got 2 loop channels that have bypass on them, and a central switch marked T with a corresponding input-is this through? Can't find any info on net about it
  5. Thanks Gareth So would you just put both instruments into the line selector A and B inputs and then the output into the front of the Streamliner, or effects return? I do have another preamp for electric(Tonehammer) so that might work best Cheers Iain
  6. I'm playing a theatre show(Beggar's Opera) which requires double bass and electric. To avoid having to buy a twin channel preamp, would this set up work? Double bass into Headway into return of Streamliner amp, so only using power amp Electric bass into normal input on Streamliner DI out to desk from Streamliner I'll be using a 10" cab for monitoring I figured I could mute the Headway when using electric. Would there be any problems like no output from the power amp side if the front input is being used already? And also would there be output from the DI for the double bass this way? Iain
  7. I think in a private sale 800-900 euros would be the going rate, so a shop sale maybe 1100 euros? 1600 certainly seems overpriced
  8. Babylon's Burning and other songs by The Ruts. The Rezillos also had a hard working bass player
  9. Very glad to report that the Duke resides in Orkney now. Thanks to all the well-wishers and especially Artisan for making the trade negotiations a breeze. Maude-I have a preamp, but would like to try the Fdeck first to see how it compares-will give you a shout back in a few weeks time. Cheers Iain
  10. Love his lines-very rhythmic player and important part of the Abba sound. Pretty much used a jazz, but I could be wrong!
  11. [quote name='RickyV' timestamp='1484053928' post='3212225'] This. Every time. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FppYjt6wZJI[/media] [/quote] Vaughan Williams is the best. I've had the pleasure of playing this piece a couple of times, once with the BT Scottish Ensemble standing beside Clio Gould-no pressure!
  12. Newmoon for me. Found them to be very flexible and reasonably priced, although not had to claim yet
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