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  1. [quote name='slaphappygarry' post='257191' date='Apr 26 2007, 02:20 PM']OOfty, that must have been a heart stopping moment. What sort of french polish are you using? The body is coming out really well. Garry[/quote] I'm cheating and using Colron (posh Ronseal) French Polish that you can easily find in your local B&Q. Perhaps one day I'll be cutting my own shellac but until that day I'll go with the premix. I'm surprised at how "varnish-like" it's becoming, and quickly too. Neck's being done tonight.
  2. [quote name='bassmonster' post='256848' date='Apr 25 2007, 05:53 PM']looking good, the ding you might be able to get that out with a soldering iron and a damp cloth, depending on how big/deep it is....if not it adds character to the bass.[/quote] Thanks for the comment. I've decided to leave it, I sanded out the worst of it and got creative with regard to the big bash. Steaming wouldn't have worked on it as the fibres of the wood were broken All in all, a reminder to BE MORE CAREFUL in future. Another french polishing session last night, more tonight.
  3. It's all in the link. I won't repeat myself, but suffice to say I made a schoolboy error. [url="http://www.wheeee.org/showallnews.php?n=554"]http://www.wheeee.org/showallnews.php?n=554[/url] I think I've just about saved the day.
  4. Some developments over the weekend: Through body stringing - got a shot of my uncle's vertical drill stand, it would have been hopeless to try and do something like this by hand and expect decent results. As it happens, maybe one hole (the leftmost one in the picture) is a little down from the others, but doing this to an already shaped and contoured body isn't the easiest thing in the world, so I'm pretty pleased with the results. Seeing as that's all the hole drilling done on the body, I've started to do some finishing. Decided to go with french polish (shellac), and it's looking not bad so far, imparting a honey-like glow to the light wood of the back and really bringing out the grain in the top. 2 applications of polish done, I'm going to try for 4 tonight, let it dry overnight then see how it's looking.
  5. I think maybe the end of this got lost in the transfer to the new site, but here is progress thus far: Bridge is mounted, and the holes for through body stringing are being drilled tomorrow - have managed to locate a vertical drill stand. My machine heads (Schaller BMFL) are in a DHL van somewhere in town as I type. Found an inexpensive 2EQ active circuit - the Artec SE2 ([url="http://www.thomann.de/gb/artec_se2_basselektronik.htm"]linky[/url]) so I think I'll use that for my wiring. Going with speed knobs, have hedged my bets and ordered a set of amber and a set of gold, as I'm not sure how dark the wood is going to end up after finishing. Once this weekend's drilling is complete, that should be all the holes bored. Then it's time to stop bashing the wallet and do some finishing. Next month can take the hit for pickups/electronics/strings.
  6. Slow progress due to a wedding reception at the weekend, but the sanding has progressed to 600 grit and I acquired a random jazz pickup to have an idea of how things will look. Still doing research on finishes. Still wondering about pickups - thinking about Bartolinis, unless anyone has any other recommendations? Link to pictures (so as not to clog the thread with pics of a very small difference) - [url="http://www.wheeee.org/?i=544"]http://www.wheeee.org/?i=544[/url]
  7. Spur of the minute, I recently picked up a body and neck on eBay. According to the seller, the bulk of the body is "something akin to basswood" and they couldn't recall what the top is made of. The neck is a Mighty Mite Precision copy. Anyway, I'm in the process of sanding the original finish off, which was patchy and no good, despite appearances in the photos above. That's it down to 400 grit all over. Will likely do an 800 grit pass before thinking about finishing. My dad has recommended french polishing. I do want a clear finish that will show the nice grain of the wood. What do people generally use? As far as hardware is concerned, was thinking about using a Hipshot bridge and through body stringing. Pickups are (obviously?) going to be single coil Jazz style in the bridge and a Stingray style in the neck. Will need to do some swotting up regarding wiring. Anyway, hope to keep you informed as things progress.
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