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  1. Thanks for the pics, will be thinking about it as I pay my accountant's bill today, ouch!
  2. Hello I wondered do you have a pic that includes the whole of the fingerboard area, please?
  3. 1964 Epiphone Rivoli, all original, in gorgeous pink-ish cherry sunburst. I bought this around 18 years ago, and have rarely used it, as mainly on a P Bass now. If you like easy playability, great retro looks and bottom end, this is for you. Made in the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo in 1964. Has the centre block like a 335 so no feedback, just BASS. Excellent clean condition, some scuffs and dings but no damage or repairs, straight neck, good frets, nickel hardware, flatwounds and an original hard case. What's not to like? £2750.00 including shipping within the UK only, please. I am not going to get a CITES for the fingerboard, or risk this bass going anywhere else. Beat group heaven!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Wow, it's different. What is the scale length? 30 inches?
  6. Mike is great to deal with, accurate, honest, and very helpful. Bought a Jon Shuker from him and he drove an hour and a half to meet half way. Great bass, happy deal! Dave
  7. zoonyboy


    Nikos (basspirate) is great to deal with, very quick with comms, and excellent shipping. A very friendly guy, and highly recommended for any dealings!
  8. Hello, how much would shipping be to the UK. please? (approximate) thanks
  9. I bought this EB-3 in the 1990s from a dealer in Florida, to use on a recording project. Since then, apart from one gig, it has stayed at home and been unfairly ignored. It is lovely and fully original and complete with cover, mute and finger rest, the finish is the original factory Pelham Blue faded to a slightly more green colour where the lacquer has aged, and has crazed slightly all over during its 54 years of being around. There is a small stress crack in the headstock, which is not a break, and not side to side, in fact does not go to the edge of the neck at any point. I was told that it had been glued when I bought it, but I doubt this, as there are no signs of this taking place. I was happy enough, as the headstock is solid and does not move, even under around 20 years of full tension in my care, it hasn’t budged, and it is not really noticeable. There is just a clean line in the finish, no flaking. So it needs no attention. It does affect the value a bit, but doesn’t affect the integrity or playability of the bass. It is rock solid, no bull. One side of the headstock has a scratch to it that has been painted years ago with a line of car touch up paint, see the pics, it isn't a repair as such, just cosmetic, and the blue did not fade when the original finish did. It shows a few knocks and dings from its use, and has had no repairs. The selector switch ring shows the usual 4 positions. The switch itself appears original but has 6 positions, all great sounds, so I never looked into changing it. There is one missing screw from the neck pickup, has always been like that since I bought it. Otherwise all is 100% and is Pelham Blue! It is rare on these basses, and there were only 339 made in 1965 anyway, in mostly cherry, and I’ve seen one or two white over the years. I’ve never seen another like this, which does make it very collectible. As well as playable. It is towards the last of the full 1 11/16” nut width EB-3s, and has the lovely thick ply guard, and the painted bridge pickup surround. The strings are old roundwounds, which suit it but I’d put flats on if I were keeping it, and the sound is classic EB-3, you know what I mean. There is an original looking rectangular case, not the best quality, more like a budget case but I think the bass came in it. The price is based upon the extreme rarity of the finish, but I would take a short scale Gibson SG bass in p/x if I was offered (the one with the same pickups and scale length as this). It’s a great bass, please ask any questions, I don’t mind!
  10. Some years ago I borrowed Mr. Bass Doc's 66 slab to record an album (Angelic Upstarts "Let's Make A Bomb") and it DID sound totally different to a regular 66 P Bass. Much more raunchy and lively. I'd wager that ash body/slab maple board combination is the key. I'd buy that bass if I knew where it was today. Those slab board Telecasters (guitars) from 66 are pretty pokey, too.
  11. I've got one just like this! Somebody buy it quickly, these are great basses! Nothing comes close for sound at this price!
  12. Hi Chris, would you have any interest in a 1979 Guild B-402-A ash bodied active 2 pickup bass, original case? Very rare, and plays great. I love it but never play it (?)
  13. Hi James, could you send me a pm with phone number please? I can call you later and discuss, very interested. Cheers, Dave
  14. Hi I got your thread relayed to me by phone (!) from Howard Satterley in Newcastle, near where I live. He keeps me right on basses. I have a black El Toro which I have listed on ebay right now. It is great. Are you looking to buy or trade? What's the deal with the Guild? Cheers, Dave
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