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  1. Back up and running accugroove with there new line up of cabs, [url="http://www.accugroovellc.com/#!bass--keyboards/c14er"]http://www.accugroovellc.com/#!bass--keyboards/c14er[/url]
  2. Hi anders, after talking to the cab builder(via facebook) the bottom speaker is classed as the sub bass speaker, the one above so he told me is eactly the same as above ie -eminence 400, 8 ohm speaker, the mid 6" speaker is a 150 watt,then theres the two tweeters, its classed as 800 watt cab, but its nearly a 1000 watt, the switch at the back allows you to go 4 or 8 ohms. But in my thoughts are you dont need a add on cab at all. heres a review i found and copied. [b]AccuGroove review: The El Whappo The new barefaced cabs use same speakers so ive read,[/b] I've been anxious to write this review and offer my impressions of the AccuGroove El Whappo, especially as I know some of you have been waiting patiently (Bernie?). Being less articulate than some of TB's well-known review writers; Jokerjkny and Tombowlus come to mind, I'll just have to give it my best shot. Okay, so where to begin? Recently I started looking at AccuGroove cabinets for some extra efficiency. My Acmes truly sound wonderful, but unless I use a powerful solid state or hybrid setup I end up pushing the amp extremely hard. Owning several tube amps I was anxious to experiment, so that's where this journey and my interest in AccuGroove started. Various threads have mentioned that in general terms the Acme and AccuGroove cabinets sound similar. Being an Acme owner and lover this certainly appealed to me. My hope was that the added efficiency would compliment various tube amps nicely, but without sacrificing my personal sound preferences. Armed with my beech Wal (and a few other basses and amps) I was ready. [b]El Whappo[/b] My initial concern had to do with the size and weight of the El Whappo. AccuGroove has managed to shave off a few pounds while still retaining the original drivers. This cabinet is not huge in size nor is it difficult for one person to manage, despite having a "cabinets within a cabinet" design featuring one 15" sub, one 12" mid-woofer, one 6" midrange and two soft-dome tweeters. In very general terms the AccuGroove El Whappo does sound similar to Acme. If you love one then the chances are extremely good that you will also love the other (caveat: at least IMHO). While both provide a clean and even response from Low B through to the highest note on the fretboard and have excellent low-end response, there are some obvious sonic differences. The El Whappo extends down to the nether regions where other cabinets fear to go, and does so in a seemingly effortless fashion. To my ear the top end response sounds a little flatter on the AccuGroove cabinets as Tombowlus has previously noted. Also the El Whappo's midrange is slightly more detailed, especially through the lower-mids which are thick and "chewy". While I expected to miss the punchiness of the tens it was not lacking. Another very obvious difference was the wonderful slap tone the El Whappo produces, with just the right amount of bite to it. No matter what I did, I was in fact hearing the true sound of my bass(es). All of the subtleties are apparent, and the El Whappo has indeed added a new dimension to my sound and enjoyment (thanks spiritbass!). The cabinet DOES have the clarity of a giant studio monitor. Two additional points worthy of mention. 1/. Few cabinets project as well as the El Whappo and the sound remains true well out from the stage. 2/. Note fundamentals are perfectly balanced as you get out far enough for those long waveforms to unfold. True sonic perfection! [b]Summary[/b] All of which brings us back to the purpose of this review. From what I can hear, AccuGroove's stated claims for the El Whappo are all supportable. I'm simply amazed by how precise and well-balanced this cabinet is. What's better? You couldn't hope to deal with a nicer bunch of folks! [b]Features: 10[/b] You just can't under-rate the AccuSwitch. Having the ability to run the cabinet at either 4 or 8 ohms is a godsend, especially with various tube amps. Also. although I haven't had a chance to test them out, the self-resetting protection on the tweeters and mid is also a nice piece of innovation with no more bulbs to replace. The cabinets-within-a-cabinet is a sensible design point. All in all, this is a very well thought out and brilliantly executed bass cabinet. [b]Sound Quality: 9.8[/b] I am not prepared to give any bass cabinet a perfect score, but the El Whappo earns the highest rating I have ever given and IMHO it is well-deserved. In a word: transparent. Reliability: Two weeks of ownership is too short a time to rate reliability. In lieu of this I am prepared to score [b]Construction: 10[/b] however. The cabinet I received is flawless... the perfect execution of an extremely innovative design. [b]Customer Support: 10[/b] If you've dealt with AccuGroove and Mark Wright in particular then you will understand why this high mark is so well-deserved. The same can also be said of Greg Holmes (GH Services, the Canadian Distributor). These folks moved heaven and earth to get my cabinet here on time. A perfect score! [b][u]Overall Rating: 9.95[/u][/b]. This score is the average of the scores above. This is as close to perfection as it gets, folks. [b]Comments on Weight & Size[/b] I've been playing for a l-o-n-g time and have the sore back to prove it. Although I would not like to carry this cabinet from the car to the stage alone, it's an easy trip on a hand cart or a light load for two people. The dimensions are very managable. It fits easily into the small hatch of a RAV4 with the seats still up and fully back and can be managed by one person. I was also able to fit it into the trunk of my M5 with an extra pair of hands to assist. history. [url="http://www.instituteofbass.com/archive/product_spotlight/accugroove/"]http://www.instituteofbass.com/archive/product_spotlight/accugroove/[/url]
  3. After getting in touch with the cab builder ive just brought a eminence 3012HF 400 watt 8 ohm speaker, fitted in now,and ready to gig tonight, flipping loverly !
  4. sorry, didnt mean to shout,.....but i thought as its a 800 watt cab maybe a 400 speaker would be the correct one to replace,....then again.....and yes i know its the obvous answer but just asking......thanks
  5. [size=5][size=6]can anyone tell me which speakers are inside this accugroove 2x12 800 watt cab, i know theres allso a 6" mid range and two tweeters.[/size][/size] [size=5][size=6]The subbass speaker at the bottom has failed and needs replacing,with what im not sure,but what came out was a 250 watt 8 ohmm neo deltalight 12".......any one help me on this please .....i expected a 400 watt.....but then again.[/size][/size]
  6. This looks intresting, lot of pennies tho,.... [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvAp9ygCAvw"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvAp9ygCAvw[/url]
  7. cheers si.....appreciated.....its a sea of pedals out there...
  8. Good point uncle,in all honesty out of a 2 hour set i play maybe half a dozen maybe needs twerking up a bit, just my thoughts tho
  9. Thanks chaps, sound advice, maybe i should look on youtube and hear the effects & tones from different makes on there videos, or maybe i ought to go in a good music shop and play around on some.
  10. In the 30 yrs of playing bass in covers bands and playing at pubs around my county ive never used any pedals or effects,but now im thinking "ok give it a go" but where do i start,what do i buy,maybe something that gives me more tone or maybe a nice effect, im guessing if its just covers im playing id only use a effects pedal on maybe one or two songs ? Some advice please would be great,i have to mention tho at the moment ive got a great sounding rig but am i missing out on a area of bass playing ?
  11. Well my berg 4x10 went for this kido, berg was great but the acc to my ears was much better and you get the highs from the 6" speaker which helps i guess,....anyway,horses for courses so they say.....
  12. i love this gear, ive got the 2x12 its best cab ive ever owned
  13. Ive been a bass player for over 35 yrs now and ive tried a and tested alot of bass cabs,genz,mark bass,messa,harke,infact all the most popular cabs on the market and last night i gigged my most recent purchase,a accugroove 2x12 jr and i was compleatly blown away,I cannot fauilt this cab in any any way,..well actually,i can, but the sound compromises the weight of this cab,(65 ilbs),...bit lighter then a 4x10,but smaller and would blow away any 4x10 with a 15"cab come to that. I played at a typical sized wmc and my bass doesant go through the Pa but the sound was massive,,it had all the lows & highs you can ever wish for. My main stick is a 5 string roscoe 3005,and dream bass to play on,without a doubt,for some reason the cab sound actually made me play better,weird thing to say, but its true,i had a few guys come up to me at the end of the gig and say"what a sound i had"even my misserable git of a drummer of 18yrs said at the end he not only felt the bass but it cut thru and coulld hear the notes perfectly. The company(accugroove) ceased trading a while ago but now accugroove is going back into production in the next couple of monthes which is fab news. Anyway,there we go, just thought id put my own personal view of this arsome bass cabinet.
  14. [size=5][size=6]BERG SOLD !!![/size][/size]
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