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  1. Are you taking Statins?? They can cause/contribute to point pain.
  2. Robanna's sorted us out. Thanks for all the replys, very much appreciated.
  3. I'm having a bit of a 'mare upgrading the pickups in my Spector legend. It's had the TonePump Jr preamp and passive EMG HZ's in. I've got EMG 35DC's to install, with the solderless Vol pots, cabling and the Pick up Buss connector block. I want to keep the TonePump and from the wiring diagrams from both, I thought I could sort it pretty easily......WRONG! I'm going to start again so, wanted a few opinions on the best wiring ideas. I've attached what I can! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. [attachment=235624:EMG VOL POTS.jpg] [attachment=235625:TonePump Jr Wiring.jpg] [attachment=235623:EMG BUSS BOARD.JPG]
  4. Cheers but, this is very specific, highend gear needed.
  5. We recently advertised for a lead vocalist/frontman. Frontman was used as opposed to Frontperson a) wouldn't fit on the poster and b ) as a rock band we assumed the majority of applicants would be male. We were pulled up on this on Facebook by a few people and after the explanation all was good - we now have an amazing female 'FrontLass' as she puts it and was no way put off by the ad. She was more determined by it!
  6. Hi, Does anyone know of backline hire companies? Preferably West Midlands or surrounding? Any help or pointers very much appreciated. Cheers Gaz
  7. Bought some EMG's from Alain. Great transaction, here before I knew it and as described and well packaged. More than happy! Brilliant guy to deal with and he's one of the reasons this place rocks. Thank you.
  8. I've always wanted him to go a tuition/technique video and a full rig rundown.
  9. I learned to play, playing along to Maiden. He is such an innovator and IMHO one of the best bass players in the world. Scott Ian from Anthrax said in an interview. "Heavy Metal is Steve Harris' right hand!" I managed to catch British Lion (SH's 'other' band) in Birmingham last year and was at the barrier, I just watched his technique all night. Mindbogglingly fast with two fingers I simply couldn't keep up! I use three fingers for my own take on the style and it works well for the music we play, and I throw in a gallop when I can. Somewhere In Time is a good album to jam to, there is a lot of bass synth on that too. But, the Powerslave album is the one to master for me. Listen closely to the title track, in the chorus there's a triplet but, it's a pull up over three strings, it sounds amazing. I can't get that Phantom of the Opera part either! Check out hyottoko1 on YouTube - this Japanese guy is a master of the 'Arry style.
  10. I've used an Orange Terror Bass for 4 years and still love it. Swapped out the 12ax7's for 12at7wa's. That calmed the gain to a more manageable level and gave a bit more headroom. Still has the growl, grunge and grind you could be looking for and pretty cheap for a minter now as they are discontinued I believe. Only ever had one 'complaint' about the hot DI, solved for a fiver with a -15db attenuator. The futures bright.......
  11. TU2 for setups and a Pitch Black for stage as I don't wear my glasses. It's the only one I can see!
  12. Played Download in 2015. 85,000 there......... but 2-300 in the small stage tent we played on a soaking Saturday morning! Played HRH last March mainstage 2-3000 maybe
  13. Well, you really do learn something every day! I don't think it's broken at all!! Spector's brilliant design has saved the day! The truss rod is a free-floating/friction held unit, that sits in a channel in the neck below the fingerboard and acts like a bow. What I think has happened, and confirmed by the good people in the Spector Nation FB group is; In pitch, the truss rod was held fine. As we've dropped the tuning, the string tension dropped and the neck straightened, loosening up the truss rod unit. The tension nut may not be moving freely and the end has slid out, making it look like the rod (in usual anchored types) has snapped inside the neck! Loosened off, the truss rod should slide right out of the neck to be worked on or replaced. This is the 1st time I've heard of this type of truss rod, it's frickin' genius! I can get a complete replacement unit from the States for $25 plus shipping if need be! Excuse the pun but.....what a relief!!
  14. Cheers for that, I've already emailed PJ and awaiting response. Thanks for the other info, I'll chase that up when I hear from the main man. Much appreciated guys, tough bass day!
  15. That's what I was thinking and fearing... Could be a chance for a maple board on it though....every cloud.
  16. It's not his fault, I was there when he tried the truss rod and said it could be bad news.. The set up problems only started when the band decided to drop half a step down and I have no idea when or how it happened. It may have been done before I got the bass.
  17. I'm in bits! My main bass, 80's Spector NS2B has been a b!tch to set up over the last few weeks so, took it to my usual guy to have a look and he rang me this morning with terrible news. The trussrod is snapped! Does anyone know of a luthier that could repair it or, it is now an ornament?!? Gutted beyond belief.....
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. Thanks for replying, Will look into those options. Much appreciated.
  20. I'm looking at alternative pickups and pre's that would give my my Legend 4 something towards the growl of say a EuroLX. It currently has EMG HZ's and the TonePump Jr in it. The general consensus seems to be EMG 35DC's with a BQS preamp (maybe with the 18v mod?) but, getting hold of that setup here in the UK is proving difficult or very VERY expensive! If anyone has pointers, please let me know. Has anyone got or tried Aguilar DCB 4's? Maybe pair those up with OBP 1,2 or 3? Any opinions on which? Any help, suggestions or pointers gratefully received. Cheers.
  21. I had one a while back and preferred it to the Epi Tbird I used to have. So, yes, they're pretty good! Swap out the pups for something more substantial though.
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