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  1. Has been listening to Taylor Swift's "Folklore" quite a lot more than I intended to. It's good.

    1. Clarky


      My wife has it on repeat and, dare I say it, its quite listenable (and I normally can't stand TS). Quite folky in a modern style

  2. Had a Bobby Vega youtube video on in the background as I worked... my wife just told me to stop playing bass!!!! :) Quite why she didn't realise that my playing had improved massively I don't know!

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    2. NickD


      She's a keeper! 🤣

    3. Rich


      Now that's what I call a compliment.

    4. LukeFRC


      or she knows less about music than I thought @Rich!

  3. Just randomly listened to my old bands recordings for the first time in year. I really want a '57ri precision again. 

    1. gjones


      They do sit nicely in the mix.

  4. My two year old daughter has a clear preference for her favourite bass... based on sound not looks!!!

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    2. prowla


      Either it's a Rickenbacker or you're a bad parent!

    3. LukeFRC


      It’s the Sadowsky jazz she likes - didn’t like the Warwick streamer. 
      to be fair she’s right

    4. prowla


      I played a couple of Sadowskys at the Brum Guitar Show - they were rather nice.

  5. Strip and refinish a bass body (in nitro) - roughly how much would that cost? 

    1. Drax


      £300 or so, give or take 

  6. not sure I like Chromes on my L1000... do I not like Chromes or not like flats? 

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    2. Sibob


      Chromes are quite 'modern' as flats go, nice strings if that's what you want. I had some Chromes on my '71 Precision, and they started sounding pretty decent after a couple of years of constant gigging (and we're talking 1-2 gigs a week), in total I had the Chromes on that bass for around 5 years.
      When I put a La Bella 760FL set on the same bass, they sounded as good if not better (with a slightly nicer tension IMO) out of the packet as the 5 year old Chromes, and they're ageing really nicely.

      So yeah, it's all about La Bella IMO.

    3. Clarky


      PS, looks my TIs are sold anyway, soz Luke!

    4. JapanAxe


      I use Chromes on one of my Precisions (EB Cobalts on the others). They can be quite harsh and 'boingy' at first but soon settle down.

  7. Arranging to buy something  bass related you've been looking for for 10 years.... via email and he's not replied... 

    But also high five to bass chatters - people tend to reply quickly!

  8. In a slightly unplanned development I seem to have acquired my first ever five string this weekend! 

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    2. Hellzero


      I've been asked before, Herr Kommissar.

    3. SpondonBassed


      Fair enough Falco.


    4. Hellzero


      Love this song, took me some time to understand the Austrian German used, but love it.

  9. Is it just me or are secondhand basses getting more expensive recently? 

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    2. BaggyMan


      fodera not fedora.  


    3. prowla


      I take my hat off to you!

    4. BaggyMan


      bloody autocorrect


  10. Far fewer trade offers than I was expecting for basschat...

    1. Jack


      Fewer. 😋

    2. TheGreek


      Basschat....I wouldn't swap it for anything.

    3. LukeFRC
  11. Just found DR Fat beams on eBay for £4.70 result! 

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    2. LukeFRC


      I think it's real ... find out soon enough

    3. LukeFRC


      @SpondonBassed - new unopened pack of fat beams arrived today....  and got an unexpected bonus at work yesterday (company passing on some of Trump's tax cut!) it's a good week so far!

    4. SpondonBassed


      That's good news for a change.

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