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  1. This seems to be what you are after... [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/195649-link-to-ashdown-superfly-140-editor-software/"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/195649-link-to-ashdown-superfly-140-editor-software/[/url] Thak bloodaxe
  2. He might fancy block inlays or maple fretboard or even fretless. Might just not like looking at the skunk stripe... To be fair theres a few reasons for changing the neck! Edit: Not really sure how much to ask for it though Shabbs.
  3. Is this still up for sale? If so would you ship up north?!
  4. Bought a compressor off Tony. Quick transaction and very easy guy to deal with!
  5. Generally leave it alone for a day or 2 then when I come back to it I can usually get it fairly easily and have to try and work out why I was having a problem with it in the first place! Might be something to do with clearing yer head but I usually learn 2 or 3 at a time when in flow so it could just be the act of forgetting about the troublesome one and getting something to empty it from yer head!
  6. Although you have got me thinking about maple and mint now!
  7. I couldn't get the nut off so tried to buy the neck from CH guitars. The money never came out my account after trying to use some daft PayPal passport thing but failing miserably. So I decided to have a rummage through the tool shop at work and found a tapered Allen wrench that loosened it braw! Gonna wait another week to see if they take the money but hopefully not now and I'll just get a new truss rod nut.
  8. [quote name='Jono Bolton' timestamp='1342628567' post='1738256'] Is it a Fender Jazz? I've got a sage green Fender Jazz. If it is you can justify the Fender decal being on there, I don't know why you would put one on if it's not. That said, I've always loved the look of blank headstocks. [/quote] It is a fender. Suppose I could see what its like blank though. Also guys I'm trying to do this on the cheap so exotic woods were out from the start!
  9. Well I couldn't get my head round the maple just not fitting with the green so opted for the Rosewood. I searched for CH guitar necks on here and they def seem worth a punt. Any tips for rounding off the frets if needed? Also would I be out of order if I bought a fender decal for it?
  10. Hi guys, the neck on my sage green jazz is goosed. Truss rod adjustment nut is rounded. Happened before I got it but I could always tweak the action if I was careful. It has finally had it though and I really need to adjust it so a new neck it is. I found some necks on Ebay for around £60 - £80 which seem reasonable as I cant justify spending more on a neck than I got the bass for. Anyone used a CH guitar neck? All i am asking for is some opinions on what fret board I will get. I always fancied a maple neck but not sure it will suit the green colour of the body. What do you guys think?? Rosewood or Maple?
  11. Just bought a Korg DTR1000 from this guy. Top bloke.
  12. I use Cleartune, used to use Gstrings but it struggled to pick up my low E at times so thought I would try something else (didnt pay for it as I managed to find a back door way to installing aps). HTC desire here too btw.
  13. Im looking to get a tuner for a rack I am building at the moment and you are right about the lack of choice I may have to end up buying a Behringer but have been advised against it by a few people so really not sure.
  14. That tab is what I played when we used to do it in my cover band. Works out fine. Not listened to it for a while but cant remember hearing any dropped tunings. Go with the tab and you will be fine.
  15. Just recieved the AMPEG Head David shipped to me yesterday as described in original box and virtually brand new. Top bloke
  16. Everyone that likes John and Basses should def buy [url="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bass-Culture-Entwistle-Collection-Guitar/dp/1860745938"]http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bass-Culture-Entwi...r/dp/1860745938[/url] I pick it up every few months and drool over most (not all) of his collection
  17. Im in Pitteuchar bud. in fact I'm playing the Dixon Arms on Sat night. As I said I grew up here so the roundabouts don't bother me. there always seems to be someone in the petrol stations asking for directions though!
  18. [quote name='Jambo10' post='1347722' date='Aug 22 2011, 07:03 AM']So you are literally 10 minutes away from me then....hopefully we'll bump into each other at some point![/quote] And me! Born and bred in Glenrothes and still stuck here.
  19. [quote name='ezbass' post='1347238' date='Aug 21 2011, 04:05 PM']45,65,80,100 I find (or imagine) that this gives me a more even response and tone across the strings.[/quote] +1 Like you said possibly imagined but gigged my jazz last night after stringing it up with the above gauge and it hasnt sounded better.
  20. Have a bump on me, this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for but my MOT smashed those plans. If its still here at the end of the month I may well get back to you.
  21. [quote name='Ross' post='1321092' date='Jul 30 2011, 09:13 AM']I sometimes come in with a low offer expecting someone to counter offer. Not ri.diculously low but one of the reasons I buy second hand is because you can haggle the price down a bit. One thing I never got about cars is when people use paying in cash as a bargaining point, you can pay by any way you want it aint gonna make the price go down.[/quote] Valid point but some jack ass tried to buy my old motor with travellers cheques once! I just laughed at him and put the phone down. Another guy wanted ME to go 10 miles down the road and meet him so he could buy it off me... and why would I do that you plumb?
  22. [quote name='smashie' post='662094' date='Nov 22 2009, 09:30 PM']Hah, found the camera, sods law says that the second I take the picture the trim falls off the bottom of the grill. [attachment=36868:IMG_0038_1.jpg] [attachment=36869:IMG_0039_1.jpg][/quote] Seeing as how someone else revived this thread and I only just noticed, an update wouldnt hurt My head unit I am using is actually exactly the same as the amp section of that combo! I will take a pic at next practice but its identical I run it into aither a 400W 4x10 Peavey or a 400W 2x10 home made cab. I actually found a faulty/blown Triac in the output section of the amp and replaced it and since my first post it sounds even better I still only have to crank it 1/4 vol and can compete in small venues with a loud drummer and a normal vol (read loud) guitarist.
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