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  1. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite bands. Maybe home boy should checkout some of those bands before saying their names are stupid.
  2. Hi people, I'm newish to playing bass. I've started up lessons recently and have had a bit of a 'Aaahhhh, I get it now' moment when the theory was explained to me, and given a bit more of a structure to learning. But aside from actually playing, and memorizing the notes on the neck, what's good practise away from the bass that will benefit my playing and understanding? Hope that makes sense, appreciate any comments. Braybrooke
  3. Hey everyone, I'm looking at selling all my bass gear, literally everything. I thought I'd stick up a list of everything to get a feel of what people are thinking and whether they'd be interested. Ideally, I'd like to sell it all together. *Ibanez Gio 4 string. Had it serviced at Machine Head in Hitchin before i closed down. Has Di Addario strings on, all knobs and connections are tight are work. Comes with Ibanez gig bag. *Peavey Deltabass amp. 160 watts at 4ohm. *Hartke Transporter 115 cab. 150watts at 8ohm. *Various Planetwave Custom Pro series cables (30ft, 2x 6ft, 1ft, 2x right angle pedal cables and 6x 2inch pedal connectors), adapters. 3x Planetwave strap lock straps. Various metal/rock books and DVD's. For literally everything, I'm looking for about £250. Just want to completely clear out all my gear. I have good feedback in the feedback thread so I am trusted. Based in Luton. If anyones interested, PM me and we'll talk. NO TRADES!
  4. Awesome communication and prompt payment. Good guy and was very patient when I was having Paypal issues!!! Would highly reccomend for any deals with Geoff (Stompbox)!!!
  5. Brought my LMB3. Quick payment, sorted quickly, all good! Highly recommended!!!
  6. Brought my CS3. Nice guy, quick payment, all good! Highly recommended!!!
  7. Brought my BOSS pedalboard of me. Quickest sale I think I've ever made! Done deal in like an hour or so. Highly recommended!!!
  8. Brought my TU2 of me. Quick payment, no bullshit, all good!!! Highly recommended!!!
  9. Brought my CEB3 and ODB3 of me. Nice guy, quick payment and was awesome to do business with. Highly recommended!!!
  10. Friendly BOSS Bass Equalizer GEB-7 still for sale, help give it a new home bump.
  11. Now for the rest of my stuff. Rockhouse Methods DVD's. Beginner and Intermediate Rock Bass featuring Chris McCarvill. And Rockhouse Method Metal Bass Beginner and Intermediate with Daiv Ellefson (from Megadeth) These helped me learn and with my playing. So hopefully they can do the same for someone else. £15 I have 3 Planetwaves Strap Lock straps. They are the Joe Satriani ones, but look amazing on!!! I have the Voodoo, Skull and Bones, and Up In Flames straplock straps. £25 o.n.o Now for the important part. All my cables, and adapters. They are all Planetwaves, and are the highest quality leads in the series. Planetwaves also have a lifetime garentee so they can be changed if something is wrong with them at any point. But all these cable work 100% and are awesome! £60 o.n.o *Custom Pro 30ft cable (if you like to move on stage!) *2X Custom Pro 6" right angled jack cables *Custom Pro 1ft straight jack cable *2X Custom Pro 5ft cable *6x Custom Pro 1" pedal straight jack adapters
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