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  1. Thanks three, sad to see her go, but hopefully someone will play it all the time, and not collect dust!!
  2. Bought this directly from the Factory in Carlisle in September 2014. Has not been out of the house since, so never gigged. Beautiful player, but deserves to be performed and not collecting dust. Comes with Overwater Hard Case Details: NECK JOINT Standard Bolt-On FRETS 24 Medium SCALE LENGTH 4 String - 34" FRETBOARD and NECK Rosewood Maple BODY Ash Satin finish TOP Figured Satin finish MACHINES OW Enclosed Chrome BRIDGE Overwater Custom: 4 String: 19mm spacing Chrome PICK-UPS Overwater Soapbar Black ELECTRONICS Active: OW 3 Band EQ CONTROLS Vol, (Pull Bright) , Blend, 3 Band EQ KNOBS OW Turned Black
  3. Still have a Vester OPR 1335 EQ, and a Vester 'Sharp Edge' 6 string guitar. Both are brilliant axes, and very playable. Had a Vester 'Clipper' Bass (Warwick Thumb Clone) too, but sold it due to shoulder problems and it weighed a ton(Bubinga) ! But it was loud!. My nephew has my Vester Stage Jazz, and loves the action and playability. So for someone who knew Vester when they were imported by Zildian (UK) back in the early 90s - they are a great substitute for the more expensive brands. Just remember, a name on the headstock does not make you a better player - only a poorer (£) player.
  4. Did you sell the Vulture? I have a complete collection of the Washburn Wing Series except for the Vulture. If sold, do you have contact with the buyer..Cheers Now have a Fretless Vulture!! The Washburn Wing Series is complete!!! Hoves
  5. Had a Tokai TB48 for a while, great sounding bass, neck heavy like the Gibbo, but a fraction of the cost.Unfortunately, had a job tuning it while playing!, the G string Machine Head was beyond my reach!!So it is not a bass for short-arses like me!!
  6. OK, after 32 years of playing 6 strings, I switched to the four string variety and was hooked. My first Bass (at the age of 42) was : [b]Shergold Marathon[/b] (now in the USA) heavy neck, light body [b]Shergold Modulator[/b] (now somewhere in the UK) heavy, heavy and ballsy (with Module 5 fitted) [b]Washburn XB400[/b] (sold on e-bay) [b]Peavey International 5 string[/b] (still have, now with Kent Armstrong Soap Bars and active circuitry) [b]Rickenbacker 4001[/b] (circa 1974) still have on my wall in the office [b]Ibanez Artcore AGB140[/b] - L*s Pa*l shape, hollow but doesn't feedback (still gig with it) [b]Ibanez Acoustic AEB10E[/b] (Home use) [b]Ibanez BTB556[/b] - the 'Plank' - 6-string but very playable with a great neck [b]Riverside Guitar Headless[/b] (Steinberger copy) now retrofitted with Select pickups (Humbuckers) [b]Vester Bubinga[/b] - circa 1993(Warwick copy) bought on e-bay - what a beast, and loud!!! - my favourite 4-string and now have my ultimate Bass, I have always wanted since the 90's [b]Carvin BB75[/b], quilted maple top - a real star - loud and proud and a stunner to look at (and play) Played all through Hartke gear (Head 350W) 4 x 10 cab, 2 x 10 cab, Kickback 15 for rehearsal
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