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  1. I've just got the OB1 500 after my MB LM3 went wrong (Still not at the bottom of it). The amp blew me away I literally bought after a jam in Pmt Nottingham and bombed home, stuck it in my flight case and went to the gig. Granted I was playing loads of early ACDC but it sat great in the mix. It really does clean up for transparency - you just put the blend knob to zero. I've even tried my double bass through it and it sounded great - doesn't look like the obvious mix but sound is all I care about. Cabs were my MarkBass 102 travellers.
  2. Yeah my LM3 is later than 2012 so is likely to be Class D. I do love the MB stuff- my double bass sounds awesome through it. However, with ACDC band at the mo the Orange does give me more of what I want to hear. It says on the back of the cabs NOT to plug both inputs into the cab.The cables are quality ones made by OBBM (?? If that's his name can't remember) You're right Bill about lending gear- time was tight between sets so he was doing me a 'favour' as I was running the sound for the gig- I asked me to take the flightcase and the two cabs on stage and he took it upon himself to help further by taking the panels of the flightcase and start plugging things in. I've plugged the Markbass lm3 in again today and it worked fine. So I don't know what is wrong with it. The fan is being pretty noisy but it is dust free and clean inside - the amp never full dies as the DI still works and the power stays on but I lose output. Don't know where the fault is and you take the top off and there ain't a chance I can problem solve with all those fancy boards and PCB mounted components. Haha!
  3. I use 2 of the traveller 210s and there is plenty even on big stages. The HFs do go a bit lower but I've found I have bucket loads of low end. Needing a 15 for the lows is false information. Get the same size drivers so you can tune your rig to venue without having the worry of choosing which cone size is reacting well/ badly.
  4. Is it class A/B? - I honestly thought it was Class D. Haha. The Orange head was on another level (sound wise) compared to the LM3 in my opinion. I did blend in a bit of the drive but only a smidge. You can get some brutal drive out of that distortion knob.
  5. So after having some numpty at a gig borrow my gear and plug both outputs from my LMIII into one of my cabs, I've been having a few problems with the amp cutting out. I haven't had time to send it off as its all happened this weekend - any ideas what plugging both outputs to one can actually does to the amp? Anyway, need something as I was gigging the last night so needed something so popped into PMT and had a look around - no Ampeg in stock so had a play through the the range of stuff they had in there and ended up settling on an Orange OB1 - stuck it in the flight case and literally left to the gig. It sounded bloody brilliant - on its own I can see why people say it is full of mids so decided to use it in conjunction with my rack SansAmp and boy did I get a good vibe. The whole band commented on how good it sounded. I'm going to pull the SansAmp Musician StingRay (2eq) --> G50 --> Mxr Comp --> SansAmp RBI --> OB1 --> 2x MarkBass 102 There just seemed to be so much more defined punch - everything I want from a bass sound. Is it the Class A/B v Class D debate, again? Anyways, I'll send the MB LMIII off for repair - I can use it with the double bass for a more transparent sound but the OB1 is staying.
  6. Many thanks all, for your replies. I think I'm tempted to go for the 104 just for flexibility- the 108 would look great (and sound it) but the flexibility of owning the 104 outweighs the looks stakes. Thanks again.
  7. [quote name='bazztard' timestamp='1495513787' post='3304295'] Huh? are you saying the cabs need to stay in their flight cases on stage? That seems weird, but even so, why can't you stack one on the other? they are equal sized boxes either way or have I missed something here? [/quote] It's my amp/ FX/ wireless etc. that is flight-cased so putting that on the top is not strong and stable enough for a bouncy bass player. I've tried having the amp on the floor with the stack at the side but I do tweak so its a nightmare having it low down.
  8. I'd get 8 LED PARs - ADJ TriPAR or a QTX 6in1 or the like, 2 x t bar stands that go up to 3m in height. Couple of long IEC cables then male to female IECs to link them. Same with DMX cable. ENTEC open DMX controller plugged into a laptop running QLC+ and design some lighiting mixes. You can then get an external trigger like an AKAI Mini or the like (or even a foot controller) You can set a couple of the 8 to be key lights to flood the front line in white and then use the other 6 to wash the rest of the band. Positioning is key and you can make 8 LED PARs like the ADJ tripar go a long way with a bit of practice. https://flic.kr/p/U16wZj I doubled what I started with above and get this effect now.
  9. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1495485214' post='3304173'] Markbass marketing are talking crap. If you want flexibility, get another identical 2x10 & stack em vertically. Marketing always dictates that you need a 4x10 on top of a 1x15. Reality dictates that this is marketing bull that should have been left in the 70s. [/quote] Interestingly none of the blurb I copied is on any of the other 410s in the their product library, which I found strange. I'm certainly not falling for 410 + 115 combo - i'd rather keep all the drivers the same size - having said that I've heard some stonkingly good 10 with 15 rigs over the years.
  10. Thanks for your quick replies. I do have two of the 210s already however stacking vertically is not an option anymore due to everything having to be flight cased nowadays. I was looking to get a bit more umpf from the rig and I'm even considering the 8x10 with it standing at only 116cm and being so light but its a grand - i'm willing to spend if its right but not if there is a more flexible option. It's actually the band that are wanting it as I can run IEMs when available (which is becoming more and more so even in old skool venues that are shifting to digital desks). They want some punch on stage to get off on, bless 'em.
  11. Hello all, I've a question I believe I had the answer to, thanks to this forum, however, I'm now questioning my thinking. I've a Markbass 210 and looking for flexibility so wanted to get a 410 so I could run three combinations. I'm sure I've read that even if both cabs are 8ohms that power will be distributed unevenly between the cabs meaning the 210 will get to the limit before the 410 causing there to an imbalance. Whilst perusing the MarkBass website I saw that the standard 410 cab states the following: [i][size=3][color=#333333][font=Oswald, sans-serif]"The [/font][/color][b]Standard 104HR[/b][color=#333333][font=Oswald, sans-serif] is an exceptional, professional cabinet that performs well in any club, big or small. It puts out impressive power at 800 watts and weighs only about 49 lbs. Working bassists love it for its power, high-quality sound and portability. The [/font][/color][b]104HR [/b][color=#333333][font=Oswald, sans-serif]is designed for standalone use [/font][/color][color=#ff0000][font=Oswald, sans-serif]or combination with[/font][/color][color=#333333][font=Oswald, sans-serif] a [/font][/color][b]Standard 151HR[/b][color=#333333][font=Oswald, sans-serif] or a [/font][/color][b]Standard 102HF[/b][color=#333333][font=Oswald, sans-serif]."[/font][/color][/size][/i] This has confused me. I can't see anything that means that sends them into a different wiring configuration etc. Is MarkBass talking crap? Is it actually fine running a 410 with a 210 as long as you don't push to the max (and they are both 8ohms) and it's just the maths that identifies an issue that doesn't actually have real-world effects (if that makes sense)? Thanks in advance, Josh
  12. Sold Sid a LMB3. Prompt payment with great, friendly comms. Thanks for the purchase!
  13. Hello all, I'm clearing out some pedals that I bought, as you do, to try out different sounds and they've migrated off my pedal board. We all do it, so I hope my prices reflect that 'buy, try and resupply-to-the-next-person' mentality. Haha. Happy to chat prices but we need to be reasonable! Money raised from this is getting put back into my gear. Right: [b][s]Boss LMB-3 - bought 2nd hand - unsure boxed - £25 (rrp £69) [/s]SOLD[/b] Boss TR-2 - bought new - boxed - £40 (rrp £79) - totally unused Boss FV500H - bought new - boxed - £40 (rrp £75) - [s][b]MXR Chorus/ Flanger DLX - bought new - unsure boxed - £70 (rrp £149) [/b][/s][b] SOLD [/b] [s][b]MXR Envelope Filter - bought new - unboxed - £70 (rrp £129) [/b][/s][b]SOLD[/b] [b][s]Behringer BDI21 - bought new - unsure boxed- £15 (rrp £30) [/s]SOLD [/b] For items where I've put that I'm unsure whether it's boxed, it's because all the boxes are in the loft and I've leant out my ladders so won't know for sure until Monday - I will update. Postage to be added after but will be [b][i]the[/i][/b] amount that the post office charge not £3 over etc. to try and recoup a lower sale price... If they are boxed, I'll wrap them up good to post. If you want the lot, call it £260 delivered. I've totted up the rrp on these pedals and it comes to £531... No trades. [attachment=213466:IMG_5272.JPG]
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