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  1. Hi there ! I bought a used SUB several months ago. Back in the years I was the proud owner of a beautiful Stingray 5 in transluscent red with a mapple neck. A beautiful bass and definitely a keeper. But for some reasons I had to sell it. I promised myself I would buy another one when I could. But the price here in France is sooooo expensive and I couldn't afford it. May you imagine my joy when I've found this SUB 5 for a very good price ? This bass is gorgeous and is a player (it became my main bass, nevertheless I looooove my Lakland DJ5 which was my main bass for years !). But I have to say that I have a little issue with this bass. It came with no pickguard ! I've found that it looked cool at the first time, but I definitely prefer with a pickguard. That being said, I tried to find a new one but in vain, in France. I 've checked pickguard heaven, but the price is very expensive (almost 100 $ including shipping !). So I was wondering if anyone here could be so nice to scan the shape of the pickguard of his SUB 5 and send it to me by mail ? In that way, a friend of mine could be able to make a new pg for me. I know I ask a lot, but it's important for me and it's the last way I've found to get it done. So ? Anyone ? Thanks by advance guys !
  2. Oh Paul...You're so kind ! :wub: ^_^
  3. I own a 55-02. It's a 35". I'm not using flats but the strings I use are Foderas extra long scale and are very good also through body !
  4. Hi Carlos ! Thanks for repply. I could ask a price for a sale but I think that I'll be too pricey. That's the reason why I prefer a trade with a DJ5. But for a sale I will ask 1016.64 £ (1500 Euros) + shipping. I don't have money to get a new bass that's why I want to sell my 55-02 for the cost of a DJ5. Maybe you can find 1500 € a bit pricey. And I understand. This bass cost me 1700 € one year ago. It's like it just came out of the shop as you can see on the pics. I tried in France to sell my bass but lot of people told me that what I wanted for was a bit expensive. That's why I decided to do a trade with a DJ5 which I want absolutely. But if my asking price is good for you, I'm your man ! Cheers.
  5. Hey folks ! It's the monday's bump ! Want some pics ? Cheers.
  6. Exactly Habo' ! Lakies are so great basses ! Hey Crazykiwi what a picture ! Sure you did a great party with all that basses ! So much DJ's on it...And nobody to do a trade with my 55-02 So sad...
  7. Always and forever...Unfortunately ! Did you listened to the new soundclips here : [url="http://www.lakland.com/multimedia/ac_DJ5.htm"]http://www.lakland.com/multimedia/ac_DJ5.htm[/url] ? It's just all that I'm looking for...
  8. Hi folks, Time has come to say goodbye to my 55-02. I'm gasing so much on the DJ5 for a while now. So if it would be possible to trade my 55-02 for a DJ5... If one of you want to do the trade I'm your man. My 55-02 is very punchy. It's nothing less than the best bass I've ever played. Very versatile and comfortable. But I'm a JB guy and I want to return to classic and plug'n play. I've bought this bass new in August 2006. This is a deluxe model in 3 tone sunburst. Lakland pu's and preamp. I'm at work now and I don't have pics. I'will post some as soon as possible. Last thing. The colors I'm looking for a DJ5 are, above all, white pearl with mapple neck otherwise black sparkle with rosewood neck. I hope than one of you don't like is DJ5 anymore. Thank you by advance. Cheers.
  9. So gorgeous ! My year of birth...
  10. Aaaargh ! Took my breath away... Very beautiful bass and sure good sounding cos one of my favorite bassist plays one of them (Cass Lewis from Skunk Anansie...).
  11. Just went down to Lakland.com and there are some new soundclips in the audio section... Bob Glaub, Joe Osborn US and...Skyline DJ5 ! I've just listened to them and it confirms what my heart tells me...I'll go to a DJ5 !!! Looks great and sounds awesome ! Comparing (spelling ?) to my 55-02 I prefer the sound which is a bit more dirtier...More Jazz Bass... The JO sounds very good too... [url="http://www.lakland.com/audio.htm"]http://www.lakland.com/audio.htm[/url]
  12. Yes it's the place I browse for a few days. Gonna PM Muya right now... :ph34r:
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