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  1. Given the current confinement i've just upgraded to some slightly more proper speakerage on my desk. It's nice to not have any latency when trying to play through VST's.

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    2. LiamPodmore


      JBL 305P MkII's. There's definitely a noticable difference as i can play through these using the exact same setup as previously. There was just enough latency using that old DVD player that it really threw me out of whack, even when just monitoring the straight track with no VST's.

    3. SpondonBassed


      You didn't say you were using the DVD player...  just the speakers.

    4. LiamPodmore


      Ahh yes. I was running it through the aux in on the DVD player, hence the issues.

  2. Ended up watching The Greatest Showman last night. Cheesy in parts but quite impressive. The soundtrack sticks in your head.

    1. discreet


      Is that the new Huge Ackman vehicle..?

    2. LiamPodmore


      It certainly is. He's not bad at musicals that Huge Ackman bloke.

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