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  1. The tone is very punchy and the notes sustain for longer.
  2. The latest addition to the family.
  3. Selling my CTM Pre Tube. in mint condition actually the CTM has never been used. Only selling as there’s something else I fancy going for but if it sells and mine hasn’t I will withdraw mine CTM Pre Amp £300
  4. Probably the Charcoal Sparkle HH purely down to the weight. But it could be a toss of a coin as they are both great basses.
  5. I must admit they do look very nice and I think they are fitted inside.
  6. They should have used the Mono Vertigo and put their name on it. I have a Vertigo gig bag and it’s great. Regarding storing them I think they take just as much room as the old case especially if you had a few of them.
  7. Very nice indeed it’s a good job it’s not a Stingray or I could of been in trouble.
  8. I’ve used pickguard planet four times now. All for my stingray basses and all the guards fitted perfectly.
  9. I’m pleased it hasn’t got a maple board or I would definitely be in trouble.
  10. Great looking bass Nick if I wasn’t suffering with a bad case of Stingray fever myself I would be very tempted.
  11. I think it’s 4.3 kg but I’ll double check when I get home.
  12. Music Man Stingray Special for sale in mint condition. The bass has a roasted maple neck with an ebony board. I’ve seen another stingray I want to go for and I’m under orders one out one in now. This bass will only be for sale while the other bass is available.if the buyer wants to arrange their own courier that’s fine or they are more then welcome to come and try out the bass before they buy if that works for them.
  13. My starry night and charcoal sparkle together. There’s not a massive difference in colour from certain angles IMO.
  14. Fantastic looking bass I’m sure it won’t be round for long.I wish I had the spare cash and it’s only up the road from me.
  15. I’m giving it until Sunday if I haven’t had anymore Stingray trade offers I’m going to keep it. I will just wait until I see a stingray for sale I like and then put the Bravewood back up for sale.
  16. I really want to go for a trade because I know what I’m like if I sell it without a stingray bass I want I’ll just waste the money on rubbish. There’s actually no shortage of people wanting to buy it but until I actually see a stingray I fancy buying it’s trade only. If anyone knows of someone selling a Dargie Delight MK1 please let me know then it will be for sale.
  17. Up for trade my Bravewood 66 jazz bass. Trade wise I’m only interested in Stingray basses. The weight of the bass is 9.5 lbs and comes in a Hiscox case. Mybass is still on the Bravewood site in the basses section if you want to see some more detailed pictures. I could add some money for the right bass but I’m quite happy to keep it if the right stingray doesn’t come along.
  18. New pick guard day Tortoise or Aged Pearl?
  19. Very nice Andy well done 👏
  20. Andy no problem you know you are first in line mate when I move it.
  21. I’ve gone for the easy option I’ve just ordered an aged pearl guard for my Classic. The pickup cover on it is cream so it should look good.
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