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  1. Your right about the Pelham blue colour. This is my bass it goes from blue to green depending on how the light hits it.
  2. I’ve never seen another stingray like this before I wish it was mine.
  3. IMO great price for one of the best delay pedals out there GLWTS
  4. Those 71 p basses look fantastic especially the sunburst fretted.
  5. I don’t think you’ll regret it Andy.
  6. My latest stingray finally got one after years of searching.
  7. The latest addition to the family.
  8. That’s a beauty Andy if I hadn’t just bought another bass last week I would of definitely had it of you. Someone is going to get a fantastic bass and they don’t come round every day.
  9. Just bought another bass from Warren the man is an absolute gent he put the bass on hold for a few days for me till I got the money together. I’ve been after this bass for years and would certainly have missed out on it and would probably never get the chance again to buy one.
  10. My starry night stingray with a matte black guard from pickguard planet.
  11. These are fantastic sounding combos if i didn’t already have to many amps and cabs I would have definitely been tempted by this beauty.
  12. When it comes to natural woods I really like the look of KOA and Redwood tops.
  13. I’m on the lookout for a nice clean 20th Anniversary if anyone is thinking of moving one on.
  14. My latest addition to the family a HH starry night.
  15. The ever expanding family
  16. I don’t know about that I’ve only had it for just over 4 years.
  17. Cheers my other sunburst p bass isn’t really a relic just a bit of checking and the odd ding. But my jazz has quite a bit of relic to it.
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