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  1. So what’s a pornhub then, should I click on the link?
  2. That’s a really nice looking bass...( I grew up in Broadstone).
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Hi team... Bass chatter Marky screen asked first so, it’s found a home. Just arranging delivery now.
  5. Hi, this is the width across the neck pocket, if this helps... it’s slightly tapered wider at the bum end at 6.6 ish through to about 6.4ish sorry about the lack of exact measurements
  6. Appears to be made out of wood. I'm near Kingston upon Thames, no I’m not going to post it. I can drop off if you are within a 10 mile radius. there are cracks in the paint. could be another waste of your time and money for anyone interested ?
  7. I have 5 pairs to give away for free.... I bought another uneeded instrument last week which arrives tommmorow. The wife is going to flip.... So... The 5 most funny inventive lies / excuses will be sent these.
  8. I'm local. The wee ones school just sent out a details of a Kingston education service to find local music tuition. You just state age, instrument and they do the rest, I'll dig it out for you. Haven't been in either of those pubs for years.... (Hermit dad)
  9. I have a rickenbacker 4001 & a rickenbacker 4003. They are so very different. The 4001 is so versatile I can get smooth or clank. The 4003 is all about clank. It sounds like an angry wasp and nasally and is absolutely bam pot with over drive great fun if you are in the mood. A friend has a 4003 which seems more versatile than my own and I don't know why? . I have often thought to sell the 4003 and try something else. Its just a thing and there are so many things... I'd love a Ritter. I'd love a really nice jazz, I'd love a insert the name of your favourite brand here.... I think ill buy what appeals to me, and then come on basschat and tell everyone about it.......spoiler alert I just bought an epiphone jack casady.
  10. There's a guy at my gym who spends 5 full minutes doing pelvic thrusts as a warm up. Even though it may feel good, some things are not meant to be done in public. (I bet he thinks he's really good at it)
  11. When it's listed again, or any thing else they sell for that matter, make sure you place the winning bid...then write back and say that you couldn't possibly buy it for that price and you are only willing to buy it for what it's worth.... I am sure they will see that you are being reasonable.... Edit Don't listen to me I'm full of useless advice, you may be legally obliged to pay....
  12. Dudes, I bought a 25 inch scale bass for the wee man. It came with round wounds. I think flat wounds would be easier on little fingers, I also have a preference for flats... I have written off to a maker of custom strings to see if they are interrested however... I was wondering if it may be possible to modify a longer scale string to suit? The bass maker thinks not...... stating the machine head is too small for an E string to 1) fit inside and 2) the string core will likely snap once wound on. So with that in mind I had and idea...either tie a knot in the "ball end" / "bridge end" or bolt that end between metal plates and and then snip the end off (leaving the tappered / threaded end to be wound onto the machine head... Any thoughts?
  13. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zs6SIiuoJIY So this arrived in the post...
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