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  1. Very nice deal with Phil. Be confident , no hesitate.
  2. A really nice practice bass amplifier. I can say it is a new one, cause I just used once. I bought it 2 month before from Dawson in Manchester,£79.99. You can find the detail here [url="http://www.dawsons.co.uk/acatalog/info_00058174.html"]http://www.dawsons.co.uk/acatalog/info_00058174.html[/url] And an article about it in bass magazine [url="http://www.bassguitarmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=93:marshall-mb15-a-mb30-combos-issue-28&catid=38:amps"]http://www.bassguitarmagazine.com/index.ph...p;catid=38:amps[/url] Now I am looking for[s]£50[/s] £40 ONO except the delivery fee. I prefer local pick up (Manchester) cause it is a little heavy (12KG). Cheers
  3. really a nice guy to deal. Very fast payment.
  4. Yep [quote name='2pods' post='1312832' date='Jul 22 2011, 03:21 PM']Is this still for sale ?[/quote]
  5. [quote name='WarPig' post='1306483' date='Jul 17 2011, 10:58 AM']From the serial, 2006[/quote] Thank you for your reply
  6. I am selling my Fender MIA Jazz bass .It is really in pretty good conditions ,like new. No dings, no scratch. 3-Color Sunburst,20 frets, rosewood fretboard, 34" length. I thinks we do not need to much introduction we all knew it. Comes with a fender original hard case. Local pick up preferred (Manchester) and consider shipping if you insist, please contact me first. I am looking for £620 ONO. Cheers [attachment=84838:_____DSC_0383.JPG] [attachment=84837:_____DSC_0382.JPG] [attachment=84839:_____DSC_0384.JPG] [attachment=84841:_____DSC_0385.JPG]
  7. I think the neck is thinner than Fender's bass that makes it suitable for fast playing. Its tone is quite similar like Aria Pro II SB1000. You can find some videos in YOUTUBE. And the pickup is noiseless and no scratchiness or pops when you switch. Thank you for your interest. Cheers [quote name='CyberBass' post='1300846' date='Jul 12 2011, 12:05 PM']Hi, Can I ask what the neck is like, ie is it slim like a jazz or chunky like a precision. Can you give a bit more info on it's tone possibilities/sound, it's a lovely looking bass, just would like the info to get a feel for it. Are all the tone pots and switches sycon,no scratchiness or pops etc.[/quote]
  8. Sorry I just need some money. Cheers [quote name='2x18' post='1299578' date='Jul 11 2011, 07:02 AM']Would you be interested in a trade for my CSB 380 ( in excellent condition for age ) + £100.00 cash Will.[/quote]
  9. [quote name='2x18' post='1299345' date='Jul 10 2011, 10:09 PM']Been watching this today on the Bay -- I thought it had been sold!! Lovely bass by the way -- I have a 32" scale CSB 380 that I love but I would trade up to one like yours anyday! Will.[/quote] Thank you for your interest Will. Yes, It should be sold ... To be Honest the last bidder is my friend, I just want him to bump the price...you know.... So it still in my hand.
  10. Aria Pro II TSB-650 Aria Medium Scale (32") Neck-Thru Bass Guitar - Made in Japan. This 30 year old bass has plenty of life life in it. Medium scale, making it slightly easier to get on with than a standard Long Scale, being 2" (50mm) shorter. Lots of sounds and tones - each pick-up has it's own Volume and Tone - stacked and a Series/Parallel switch. There are a few minor bumps on the bottom of the body and at the end of the bottom horn. There is a small stain on the head, but not chipped and there is also a small amount of the finish on the edge of the neck that is missing - can just see it in the photo but does not affect playing. Rotosound Nickel strings fitted, with only around 8 hours playing time - tuners work well, electronics all sound, frets in very good condition. A good useable bass - not many of this type around - the ones I have seen have always had good reviews Comes in a gig bag which is more suited to a long scale and will be packed very securely. I am looking for [s]£280[/s] £260. I bought it 3 month ago in ebay about £365. Any questions, happy to answer. [attachment=84439:5.JPG] [attachment=84441:7.JPG] [attachment=84442:8.JPG] [attachment=84438:4.JPG] [attachment=84435:1.JPG] [attachment=84436:2.JPG] [attachment=84437:3.JPG] [attachment=84440:6.JPG]
  11. A very nice guy from France . He bought my Spector , very quick payment and good communications. A perfect deal I never made.
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