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  1. You're right! The electronics were designed by Kubicki for this bass, and should be very similar to the Kubiki one Stu Hamm used back in the days!
  2. Hi, I'm selling this bass I purchased some months ago because I do not really use it as it should be. Fender Urge I - Stu Hamm signature Made in USA in 1989 and in pretty good shape for its age. 32" Scale / 24 frets with very thin and comfortable neck The passive/active electronics were made by Phil Kubibki for this specific model. Vol/Vol - bass/high - 4 position switch (Passive - Active - Active with Mid boost - Mute) and a switch for Pu selection. Original Hardshell case included. I found this video that maybe can help someone better understanding the bass different sounds Asking price 900 GBP
  3. NIce Bass! Seriously considering it as a nice post-Christmas present !
  4. That was formerly mine, the bass is very nice to play, gorgeous sound and Owen is a nice person to deal with.
  5. Hi, I'm not the original owner but, according to what I found on Rob Allen website, these should be: neck woods- black walnut body woods- swamp ash fingerboard woods - Indian Rosewood top woods- walnut Hope this helps,
  6. I'm selling my Rob Allen Mouse now 1750 GBP Fretted 30" 5 Strings with High C. Very Good Conditions (9.5/10) For specs have a look here: https://www.roballenguitars.com/m30specsphotos-2/ The bass is incrediby light and comfortable to play. Protec case included. Extra string set (Labella Black Nylon) included
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. New Year's Eve Reduction, I've spotted another bass for sale and need cash to buy that one [b]1600 £ - 1850 €[/b]
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