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  1. 1 minute ago, dave_bass5 said:

    No problem. I was going to get a BB802 but when I saw the BB800 for this price it was a no brainier. Not worried if it's got a few marks on it, and it still has full 12 month warranty. 

    Absolutely. I’m all in on this

  2. Soooooooo,

    Sorted the cab from some lovely chap on here. 

    I’m looking at this ashdown rm500 which people think would pair nicely with the BC super compact. But the spec states the head being 4ohm and the cab is 8ohm. I don’t understand how they merge?

  3. 1 minute ago, T-Bay said:

    Another vote for the supercompact, coupled with a midget it makes a very versatile setup, I use an orange terror 1000w amp which is probably overkill for anywhere I am likely to play but the whole rig can be carried by one person in one go.


  4. 13 minutes ago, pmjos said:

    starting out again....... I did that 6 years ago. I suggest Bergantino 12's  light, powerful and stunning tone. Get yourself a sadowsky pre amp pedal and it barely matters what amp you use. get something light. 

    I’ve got the BDDI. Is the sadowsky a better option?

  5. 3 minutes ago, la bam said:

    Quilter bass block and a laney n410.

    More power than you could believe. Whole package weighs just over 20kg.

    I've done big gigs and indoor and outdoor festivals with that rig and didnt even come close to half way on the volume.

    I used to have a barefaced super compact. I sold it as it struggled at larger gigs. The laney n410 doesnt even break a sweat.

    Probably get both for around 1000 if you're lucky.

    LOVE the look of that quilter. No fuss. Thinking maybe 4x10 may be a little too large for my spec currently. Thanks tho!!!🤘

  6. 14 minutes ago, JohnDaBass said:

    Agree with those previous posts recommending Barefaced Super Compact it's a great cab. I would suggest you look at Mesa Subway D800 amp, built-in HPF and a simple EQ setup with the ' Character ' control providing easy access to a range of familiar amp sounds. The new Fender Rumble 800HD is also a real workhorse. 

    Cool. Sooooooo many options🤦‍♂️

  7. 6 minutes ago, TheGreek said:

    Lots of good lightweight cabs out there, Barefaced and Vanderkley will get lots of mentions. However finding a "good" lightweight Class D head is a different ball game IMO. I've tried loads and I've yet to try anything that really comes up to scratch.

    Don't be fooled by the Trace Elliot stickers on the Elf - it doesn't have the same heft that you experienced from the classic stuff. The company is now based in the US so you won't get the same easy to access customer service that you got when they were based in the UK.

    I wasn't impressed with the TC gear. The Genz Benz gear which everybody was talking about a few years ago has seemingly fallen from grace since the company was bought out by Gibson (I believe). You'll undoubtedly get recommendations for the Genzler.

    I didn't get any inspiration from the Darkglass but I do know that some people swear blind by them, especially if you like a heavy modern, rock tone..

    Ashdown are coming back into popularity - dirt cheap, excellent customer service, a presence on this forum and good products mean you get a lot for your buck. 

    If it were my money and I had to buy a Class D head I'd certainly think about a EBS - general consensus that the Customer Service is excellent.


    Thanks for this! 

  8. Hi, been a while

    Gonna start playing the bass again. Need to get an amp/cab but needs to be lightweight but killer sounding. Rock genre, simple setup (bddi, fuzz, oc-2).

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated

    Ta very much

  9. Had this amp a couple of years. Used minimally. Recently sold it to a friend and he used it a couple of times and told me it now doesn't work. He's not trying it on, it really doesn't.

    The orange light turns on and the fan seems to be working. There's just no sound coming out. I've tried several cabs, same with all.

    Did a wee bit of research and figured I'd switch the valves out and see if maybe they'd died or had become faulty. Bought some new uns from the lovely folk at Watford valves and they glow and seem fine. NB the previous/original ones glowed too.

    Im a total leyman at this. Any ideas??

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