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  1. keeptrying

    Any bassists in East Yorkshire?

    Hi blackhippo and cyrene, thanks for the interest. We rehearse at shed4 on Tuesday evening between 6:30 and 9:30 ,as for the music, we don't have songs as such things generally start with a riff or rhythm and we jam around and see where it takes us,I've got a few recordings if you're interested or just turn up and see what you think.
  2. keeptrying

    Any bassists in East Yorkshire?

    Hi Mickyk cheers for the reply,hope Derbyshire is looking after you. all the best.
  3. Guitarist and drummer in Bridlington looking for someone to bring the bottom end to our noodlings, you don't have to be experienced, just keen to turn up join in and see if we can get something that sounds like a band going.
  4. keeptrying

    Newish bass player available

    Hello, where abouts on our fine planet are you?
  5. keeptrying

    New band name.

    le grand fromage
  6. keeptrying

    Good music autobiographies

    If you like Guns 'n' Roses, Slash and Duff Mckagan's autobiography's are both a good read. I wasn't overly keen on with Steve Adler's book, found it a little depressing.
  7. keeptrying

    SOLD 1972 Fender Jazz 100% original

    A bass as old as me but in much better condition than I am, good luck, wish I was a rich man.
  8. keeptrying


    ok, good luck for monday, hope it all goes smoothly.
  9. keeptrying


    is this still for sale?
  10. keeptrying

    I bought a double bass!

    Hi Burg, The evolving bassist by Rufus Reid has quite a bit about DB playing techniques and exercises to get both hands working. I'm not a double bass player but it keeps me busy.
  11. now re listed for a mere £99:99p + £28 postage, if it plays like poo it might make a reasonable paddle for a canoe.
  12. keeptrying

    New from Farnborough UK

    Hello,and welcome, its pretty good round here, so long as you keep off the GAS
  13. Dyslexic Kid is looking for a guitarist to join the band to share lead and rhythm parts. we're mostly playing our own rock based music but also do a few covers. send me a pm if you're interested.
  14. I wonder if it was his shouting or the massive 6mm of movement in his loud speakers that kept me awake the other night.
  15. keeptrying

    New member asking for advice

    Hi and welcome to the forum, The best bass is the one that you can't walk past without giving it a smile and wanting to pick it up and play, and if the sound it makes when it's plugged into whatever amp/cab/combo you have gives you a warm happy feeling then you've got the best gear, good luck with your quest and happy playing.