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  1. A real gentleman. The jazzman was packed, sturdy as a tank with a ton of bubble wrap, and then shipped to Sweden. Arrived safe and sound and I am really happy. Pleasure doing business with you mate. Cheers, David (Rama)
  2. Rama

    Hondo Flash

    Bump. still for sale. :brow:
  3. Rama

    Hondo Flash

    today the flash visited a bass doctor for a diagnosis . the truss rod was oiled upp and now it was possible to tighten the truss a little more. it didn't solve the problem but it helped. the nut was filed on as well to lower the strings, since the nut was really high. the "doctor" thought that the bent neck occurs by a too short truss rod since the banana neck starts around the 3rd and 5th fret and is straight prior to that seen from the bridge. me myself also cleaned the fretboard and oiled it with lemon oil. obviously the truss rod works but i guess it is the construction of the bass that might be to weak or something. worth mentioning is that the bass is now stringed with warwick red labels stainless steels that are really stiff and quite high tension, so changing strings to something with lower tension might help even more. after oiling and doctor skills the bass looks like this... [attachment=53765:DSC01813.JPG] [attachment=53770:DSC01828.JPG] [attachment=53769:DSC01826.JPG] [attachment=53768:DSC01825.JPG] [attachment=53767:DSC01821.JPG] [attachment=53766:DSC01819.JPG] [attachment=53771:DSC01829.JPG] [attachment=53772:DSC01831.JPG] [attachment=53773:DSC01832.JPG] [attachment=53774:DSC01835.JPG] [attachment=53775:DSC01836.JPG] [attachment=53776:DSC01838.JPG] [attachment=53777:DSC01840.JPG] [attachment=53778:DSC01841.JPG] [attachment=53779:DSC01842.JPG] [attachment=53780:DSC01843.JPG] that's what i call many pictures of a bass, sorry for that, but pictures says more than a coulpe of words. some fellow bassplayers here have showed interest in the flash but it is still for sale. trades might be of interest. suggestions and offers are welcome BTW the shoulder strap with the text ACE on it comes with the bass. are you an ace of bass?
  4. Rama

    Hondo Flash

    I forgot to mention that some people think this is a travel bass, but it is not. here is a picture comparing sizes with my ibanez sr, compared "bridge to bridge" [attachment=53716:DSC01613.JPG]
  5. Rama

    Hondo Flash

    Thank's for the comments. regarding the bridge, it is original and as someone already said, it is not a badass bridge. it is schaller 3D. i've thought about putting it up on ebay but sweden does not have the possibility to do so, so i would have had to use ebay uk or germany instead but then the freight/shipping costs will be very wrong and i don't know how to do solve that with paypal and everything. this seemed much easier.
  6. Rama

    Hondo Flash

    Hi! I've been trying to sell this hideous creature of a bass back in sweden for a while but with minor success . Is it really that ugly? I would say yes but for a collector of odd basses it might be fun to own this "thing". I never use it and want to save some money for another bass so maybe someone out there is interested in buying the Flash. Model: Hondo Flash Bridge: Schaller Produced: sometime in the 80's by Hondo. Design by Harry Fleischman Mics: 1 piezo and 1 jazz 34'' passive electronics headless everything should be original except for the input jack which i switched for a new one since the old one was really noicy. i have also changed the screws and springs on the bridge saddles to new schaller ones since some where missing. the bass sounds pretty good and the condition is good whith some minor dings in the surface. the frets seems to be in good shape. BUT... there is one possible problem. the neck is a little bit bent, due to string tension (not twisted though) so the string height is a little high, at least for me. why, i don't know. i've tried to do some minor tuning with the truss rod but no success. if someone is good on handling truss rods and taking care of basses then this might not be a problem at all. except for the string height, it works fine. if you have a sore back then this bass might be good since it is really light, the scale just passes 2kg. i think this bass is kind of rare, so maybe sonething for the collector. the bass is located in Sweden, but can easily be sent within EU. the buyer pays the freight charge. and the price... how about £180, or give me and offer. some pics. body [attachment=53637:DSC01758.JPG] body [attachment=53638:DSC01760.JPG] body [attachment=53639:DSC01761.JPG] 1st fret (the measures is: inch to the left, cm to the right) [attachment=53640:1st_band_1_.jpg] 5th fret [attachment=53641:5th_band_1_.jpg] 12th fret [attachment=53642:12th_band_2_.jpg] 24th fret [attachment=53643:24th_band_1_.jpg] the bent neck you can see here [attachment=53644:andra_sidan1.jpg] [attachment=53645:sidan4.jpg] bridge view [attachment=53646:stall_vy2.jpg] backside [attachment=53647:DSC01624.JPG] i'll try to answer questions if there are any. EDIT: MANY MORE PICS IN A POST FURTHER DOWN Cheers /Rama (David) i'm new here BTW.
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