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  1. how do these valuable bits of kit get so f***ing rusty? Ok hand up,i admit i know nothing about bass but even ive the sense to forward think that one day im gonna want to sell this so better to keep it ship shape rather than let it rust to death!vintage cars are kept pristine,as is bikes,each to their own but class,aged call it what you wish............id be embarassed to play that in public,
  2. [quote name='dood' post='1211346' date='Apr 26 2011, 12:27 AM']Vehicle and camera equipment are not musically related and I have removed them from your advert![/quote] So where does he advertise it,its not a bass,amp,effect other muso thingie? i suppose erm yes,rules are rules.......strange but rules all the same
  3. I know jack sh*t about bands,however you overall tone in the post sounds like your on a total downer,for once i`ll agree with SR Pete,chill over the weekend,without patronising you im sure your good on the bass or surely you wouldnt have been in the band in the first place......have a break,come back better and ready to rock til you drop m8,you wont give up,im crap,no im really abismal,fed up hearing mates etc heckling me but ive accepted im a rookie,i get a stiffy when i eventually grasp something new andd it keeps me happy,at last aged 46 ive found a hobby that occupies the few unhinged brain cells i have left and thats what bass is to me....enjoyment.point im making is before you played in a band you must have felt the same,when the fun goes out it thats when you pack it in. ps if your that down you can give me lessons if you like,you feckin will quit then
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  7. [quote name='geoffbyrne' post='1206952' date='Apr 21 2011, 11:59 AM']Failed to sell on Ebay - you're welcome to it for postage. 3 x CDROM drives. 1 x Iomega Clik! Drive with Dock, Power converter & 3 x 40Meg disks in caddy. 1 x Thinkpad 56W DC Power Adapter (runs your Thinkpad off the car Cigarette Lighter/power socket). This was useful when I had a Thinkpad. 1 x Xbox RF Adapter. 1 x PC box to Apple Monitor Adapter. 1 x Original Pentium MMX 233 with cooler & 4 x 16Mb pieces appropriate RAM 1 x slightly grotty Grundig Microphone with 3-pin DIN for ancient reel-to-reel. 1 x Canon Ixus (original) with 'floppy' flash. Needs battery. 2 x Oldtimer User Manuals (reprints) for Nikon F-601 (don't ask!!) As I said, you are welcome to any (or all) of these for postage. G.[/quote] Have you dug up the Blue Peter box you Cad ??? Actually a couple of things here you would find difficult to find if you needed them
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  9. I`d get off with the charge,when yer as sh*t as me the worse charge would be impersonating a bass player n i`d walk due to lack of evidence.
  10. Interpreted into laymans terms this act of barbarianism reads"Fed up with that mint P Bass you dont finish paying for til July 2012?,dont replace it....send it to us and for a mere £129 we will attack it with anything B and Q has in their bargain bin turning it into worthless piece of sh!te giving your mates hours of endless laughter making w***er gestures behind your back an and telling folk the only reason your in the band is cos you get your works Transit for moving the gear about" Honestly i first seen this "relicing"thing when i was looking for my first bass just over a yr ago and even then thought it was the most insane idea i`d heard of,could take it further in all products,buy a new car n get the salesman to take it ram raiding a couple of times or park it in Wester Hailes overnight prior to delivery.Im tempted to send them an old Strat i have in the cupboard to relic slightly altered so when they remove the scratchplate it blows up giving them the"vintage 70s Willy Coyote relic`d look".f***in fannies.
  11. [quote name='thatgrantboy' post='1207133' date='Apr 21 2011, 02:50 PM']Alls sorted now, massive thanks to bremen from earlier, who's sent me two, very kindly! As I explained to him, it seems any kettle leads that are laying around are getting taken from where our band prac! Thus I have a serious scarcity of kettle leads :/ Thanks for the offer adledman [/quote] For some reason ive actually got a (white)kettle lead on my amp and the kettle at my work has the black Marshall one,doesnt affect the amp but the kettle has really clear tones and with that distinct unemulated Marshall"sound" when it boils.
  12. [quote name='Ou7shined' post='1207636' date='Apr 21 2011, 10:30 PM']Sperzel tuners and Sandberg knobs and string tree please.[/quote] Typical Aberdonian.............in faster than a tramp chasing a chip van
  13. [quote name='waltsdog' post='1206854' date='Apr 21 2011, 11:01 AM']Neck from my Sue Ryder, rosewood board comes with plate and screws. Pick up from SW London.[/quote] if the receiver arranges a courier himself would that be acceptable??
  14. [quote name='speedtriple' post='1205761' date='Apr 20 2011, 01:04 PM']Any ideas? unfortunately, Samuel is not an honest seller. I've recieved a neck that he assured had fender sizes and no issue... it was unusable, damaged and sizes were far away from fender Samuel, it's time you stop mate [/quote] Go into his profile,the comments left doesnt suggest your correct on this,not my place either but dont think you should be mud slinging in a persons advert.
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  17. dougie

    Uploading Pictures!

    [url="http://img64.imageshack.us/i/1000957c.jpg/"][/url] Uploaded with [url="http://imageshack.us"]ImageShack.us[/url] Testing.....Testing.....hey m8 top class i wanted to know this too
  18. dougie

    Rep for Fitz666

    Done a deal with Fitz666 yesterday,despite being from Fife this guy is excellent to deal with and i`d recommend him without hesitation,hes also built like a brick shithouse so be nice to him
  19. [quote name='Fitz666' post='1203953' date='Apr 18 2011, 07:10 PM']Good to meet you today m8. The cab works a treat and I already have the new handles already on order. £15 the lot. Thanks again[/quote] Glad it worked,first thing i thought when you approached the van was"f*** gettin a smack round the head off him" ,yup same here m8,was cool meeting you,i`ll leave the business bit and post it in the rep thread bit,ive now found the Hartke badge if you want it btw...
  20. dougie


    1990 SR800le,love it,bought from a well known Jap bass prophet from this site,could honestly say £500 wouldnt part me with it,not that im suggesting they`re worth anywhere near that.
  21. [But remember though - A collector does not a player make [/quote] You made that up!!!
  22. Its maybe a newbie thing as im the same,played for just over a yr and have had/got Peavey T40,Ibby 800sr,Shecter Diamond,2 P copies,and another 3 oddball ones i experiment with parts,amp/cabs ive hd/got peavey mk111,a sh*te KMD 130w thingy,Marshall HDFX,peavey 1820,celestion 1x15,hartke vx210,and now using Hartke HA3500 + 2xVX410 ....using different bass`s hasnt affected my playing as im still consistent,albeit consistently rank rotten.it is strangely addictive though when a rookie and i find i even try to justify buying things to myself,you experienced players surely can assure us there urges go away with time surely???
  23. Since i stole the dining room and put (im my opinion)a cab or 2 in it and lobbed her 500 quid table/chairs in the garage ,(only reason you see a chest freezer is cos i can fit 3 bass`s on stand high enough to stop the mutt knocking them over,)she says i can put an amp in the living room if i can find one that resembles the 2nd pic....f***in women...
  24. [quote name='LiamPodmore' post='1202207' date='Apr 16 2011, 10:29 PM']I have a battered squire jazz body and a decent condition neck that i don't need if you have a way to get to Manchester? As i have no boxes to post anything with. Liam[/quote] pity you cant post m8 since Manchesters a-3 hrs by bike,b-4 hrs by car
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