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  1. I've just had a look at this and if you use a Pan block at the beginning of a preset you can do this with one block. Thanks for the idea.
  2. This may be useful to anyone wondering about the Stomp’s versatility. I do a doubling gig with a function band where I have to change from double bass to bass guitar mid set. I use IEMs but still have my amp on stage. The way I use the Stomp is bass guitar into the mono input, double bass into effects return, Effects Send to my amp (with a send block just before the amp/cab sim at the end of the chain), the Left output to a radial JDI for front of house (with amp/cab block) and the Right output going to my IEM mixer using a TRS to XLR (though the headphone output would work too). I’ve found that I tend to have to use the ground lift on the JDI. My double bass patch has an effects return as first block (with no signal coming through it from main input) and a send at the end so it works the same as the bass guitar blocks in terms of front of house and stage amp. One problem with this setup is that I can’t use the Stomp’s tuner for the double bass without swapping over plugs. I do have a small Wee Lush A/B switch but I’m trying to keep the setup as simple as possible. I have a larger board with HX Effects and Mesa Subway DI on but found stage real estate enough of a problem with having the double bass and bass guitar. The Stomp and JDI fit nicely under the band music stand. I had thought about swapping over the Mesa with the Stomp and having the HX Effects in an effects loop from the Stomp. That way I could just take the Stomp on smaller footprint gigs but still have the amp sims when there was more room. To do this I’d have to change my doubling gig presets with the Amp/Cab block on path B at the end of the chain with it panned fully left and the dry path (without amp/cab) panned to the right side. Left output to FOH, right to stage Amp and the headphone output to IEMs.
  3. It sounds like the same as my ACG's preamp (SEQ). Coincidentally I just wrote to Alan today about this preamp as I wanted to try the version with the overshoot peak pots and was considering upgrading. He told me there was an adjustable trim pot inside that can alter the overshoot and sent me the diagram to show where they were as there are 2 trims on each of the filter boards. The other trim pots are to balance the level of each pickup. You may already know about this but I had been playing it for 3 years without realising. I boosted the trims today and absolutely love the sound. The bottom end has really come to life. It might be worth trying before selling. If not good luck with the sale. ACG_SEQ.pdf
  4. There is an export button on the top left (I think) of HX edit. I have my patches saved on my mac
  5. I'm interested but will have to wait for someone to buy my my Erhlund EAP first. (probably time to give it a bump)...no need it's still on first page
  6. I managed to find a free hour to go and visit Pierre. It turned out to be only a 12 minute cycle ride away from where I’m staying. It was good to actually get my hands on one of the basses I’d looked at and also try out some other great instruments. I highly recommend getting in touch with him if you find yourself in Brussels.
  7. Yes, there’s some great looking basses there. Unfortunately it’ll probably be too awkward to arrange a time as I’m unlikely to know in advance when I can excuse myself from parenting duties. I do have 3 days though so may drop them a line. This just the sort of info I was hoping to find here. Thanks everyone.
  8. Thanks. That’s a shame. I’ll have to default to my usual sifting through vinyl instead. ps I’m still enjoying the fretless Maruszczyk Frog though there’s a Wal on here that’s got my attention.
  9. I’ve just ordered a super midget but I’m still tempted by this. It depends on if I can be honest enough with myself to admit that I’m going to keep both rather than the partner ready line : “I need to try them both next to each other and keep the one I like best.” Manchester and Yeovil are too far away from each other so I’ll have to wait to make my decision once the post option appears.
  10. I’m in Brussels for a few days with family and was hoping to slope off at some point and have a look at some basses. Has anyone who knows the city got any recommendations? Time will be too short to just try the google top ten and hope to get lucky.
  11. Go to https://uk.line6.com/software/ click on Downloads at the top, then go to HX Stomp in the Hardware pulldown menu. the list of all effects is pages 19 to 27. You can bypass HX Effects (which I have) so I'm guessing you can on the Stomp.
  12. Double bass wooden endpin from Lando Music. http://www.kontrabass-atelier.de/teile_e.html#ep It's approx 16cm without rubber, approx 18cm with. For 10mm end pin socket £25 inc p&p I've recently increased the height I have my bass at by 7cm (finally sorting out my left shoulder problem in thumb position) so can no longer use this. There are a couple of small scratches on the metal ring (see photo, they're both pretty similar so didn't take 2 pictures) I did have a thin strip of paper inside the metal ring to keep it nice and tight but it seems fine at the moment. I guess this may be due to the wood reacting to temperature. If you're in Manchester you can pick it up and save yourself a fiver. I've tried to get a decent shot of the length but due to the angle when getting the whole thing in it looks out with the ruler. Did a close up on the last one.
  13. I promised my wife that I would sell it once I got my Helix HX but I'm such a hoarder I was tempted to keep it just in case I needed it in the future. There are more than a few things I have that also fit into that category (like spare emergency amps that don't really work that well anymore). Typical conversation with self...I might need it as a practice/headphone amp...but you have a Phil Jones Bass Buddy...well what if that breaks?...etc I now need to have a long hard look at my preamps. Marie Kondo has a lot to answer for.
  14. Thanks for the messages Al Know & songofthewind.
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