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    A song i wrote. the video quality is bad but the idea is there. The drums is a sample from Marc Giuliana.
  2. Forgot to say, i am a good sight reader also here you see me fooling around with a latin tune [url="https://www.facebook.com/peter.gheysen/videos/10153876233560772/"]https://www.facebook...53876233560772/[/url]
  3. Hi I am a Belgian bassplayer with more than 30 year of experience in Jazz,funk, brazilian, afro-cuban, Congolese( I lived for years in Brussels and played a lot of soukous with the Congolese musicians) and Angolan music. My wife is British so we are often in the UK. Mostly Bradford. I would enjoy jammin a bit when i am there. Can anybody help me? next time I am there is between 25 februari and 2 mars.
  4. Don't trade it for a 15" cab if you want more dept.You will be dissapointed. You better trade it for a 4x10 if you want more dept! I made that mistake years ago.
  5. I am a bassplayer based in Holland. My wife is from Yorkshire and every year we celebrate christmas in the UK. I was wondering if i could gig a bit while I'm there. I am 52,playing professional for around 30 years now.Played all over Europe, Africa, US. I can read notes and chords I am experienced in jazz, latin (cuban and brazilian) RnB, soul, funk(fingerstyle or slap),Hip hop, african(congolese), caribbean( zouk). I come to the UK by plane so i don't have an amp with me. I am staying in Bradford from the 23 december till 2 of januari. So if you want to jam a bit in a small club or bar with an ok bassplayer contact me. The money is not important. I just love playing and i did't play that much in the UK but i always loved the atmosphere over there. here are some links u wonder how i play [url="http://youtu.be/L82roghsiiU"]http://youtu.be/L82roghsiiU[/url] [url="http://youtu.be/82khQGD21q8"]http://youtu.be/82khQGD21q8[/url] [url="http://youtu.be/82khQGD21q8"]http://youtu.be/82khQGD21q8[/url]
  6. [quote name='michabass' post='1167298' date='Mar 18 2011, 04:37 PM']yes.for 1700 it could be yours........[/quote] Waar is de bas? kan ze uitgeprobeerd worden
  7. Hi, I'm intersted still for sale?
  8. Its not that cheap! they normaly go for around 500-600 euro!
  9. Wonderfull drummer. I jammed with him years ago. Its always a pleasure as a bassplayer to play with a drummer like that.
  10. A very good excercise is stick control for drums For the R's you use your tumb and the L's pull. And do it like is recommended for the drummers ; each excercise 20 times. You can also vary on the L's When there is more than one L you can pull with two fingers or pull and tumb or double tumb. Example; RLLL or RLLL or RLLL TPPP TPTP TPT tumb under the string T= tumb P= pull
  11. [quote name='EssentialTension' post='836692' date='May 13 2010, 11:32 PM']Are you seriously saying that before Mark King nobody wanted to play bass? What a load of nonsense. [/quote] Off course people wanted to play the bass before MK. What I'm saying is that when he came around the bass became suddenly very very popular. Before hem everybody wanted to play the guitar or the drums but not the bass. It was already happening in jazz and other less popular styles because of Jaco and Stanley and others but he brought it to popular music and really, I remember this very well, he really changed the bassworld.There is really a time before and after Mark King. But to be honest, I personally like the basslines of Flea more than the ones of Mark King. But you have to give Mark King credit for what he did to the bassworld. Flea also inspired al lot of young kids to pick up the bass like many musicians from popular bands do. But Mark King changed the musicworld completely.(My native language is not English so I hope I don't make to many mistakes)
  12. It is a strange comparison. Flea is just a good bassplayer in one off the most popular bands but as a bassplayer he doesn't do anything special; he is just a very good bassplayer and his basslines are nice but nothing special. When i heard him first I did not understand the excitement. All the bassplayers in the 80's , including me, were already playing things like that. Mark King is a complete different story. I was not really in to him(I was into Marcus miller and Jaco) but he created a style that maybe already existed but not at that level. He really brought something new to the bassworld. And he made bass so popular.Before him nobody wanted to play the bass, after him everybody including Flea wanted to play the bass. His style is a bit dated these days and nobody listens to him anymore but he is one of the most influencial bassplayers of all time. Flea will never reach that status. RHCP brought a new sound to the musicworld but not to the bassworld. Mark King did!
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