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  1. Well, that's a first for me: being offered money NOT to play a gig!

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Yes @Rich, they're a great bunch of lads with a good reputation. To be honest, I was quite chuffed that they asked me in the first place. They must have been really desperate 🤣

    3. Cat Burrito

      Cat Burrito

      I struggle to get paid for the ones that I actually do on occasions! If you want me to not do it for you, I can send bank details! 

    4. Daz39


      Cor - getting paid for not doing your job. You should run for Parliament!

  2. Paul Carrack gig halted half way through tonight. Hope he gets better soon. Gutted as we were really enjoying it.

    1. pete.young


      Hope he's OK. We saw him in Ipswich last back end and he was brilliant.

    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      We were with our singer who saw him in Ipswich in October, presumably the same gig. He said it was a great night. From what his team said on stage afterwards, it will likely get rescheduled, but no idea when.

  3. Fairly clear in the south, but moderate to dense cover in the Midlands and North. Thus concludes todays Stratus Update.

    1. ead


      Will this become a regular feature as I find it hard to get cloud formation updates these days?

  4. Any Genesis tribute band bass players here that could help with a couple of songs?

    1. Muppet


      @doctor_of_the_bass Mr Nick Smith is your man, but I know he's a busy fella and hasn't visited for a while....

  5. Has Tom Jones lost the plot? The tracks I’ve heard from his new album (currently Radio 2’s album of the week) are dreadful. I though Hole In My Head was bad, but Popstar is worse.

    1. skidder652003


      His voice has been poor for years and I think his management are trying to keep him in the spotlight with an odd choice of material that suits the constraints of his ability these days. If you listen to his live stuff in the early 70's with Jim Sullivan on guitar and his voice was at it's peak, it's like night and day.

    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      You would expect his voice not to be as it was in the 70’s, but the song choices are terrible and they sound poorly mixed IMHO. Just sound empty 🤷‍♂️

  6. Oldman UPDATE - One of our own is in ICU. For those that have been following Brian's thread (and for those that haven't) spare a moment to drop in on his thread and send him best wishes.

    1. bassfan


      Brian’s thread has been a bit of an inspirational read some days... the humour never stops despite the gravity of the situation. I really do hope he’s out soon   

  7. Received positive feedback on eBay with 'Yeah, that's sick' as the comment. Does that mean he wants to return it? 🤷‍♂️

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      At least he took the time to feed back. More than I can say for the majority of the others I’ve sold to.

    3. Cliff Edge

      Cliff Edge

      Kids these days. Ya know?

    4. TheGreek


      Were you selling Vomit??

  8. I'm not sure what's worse, trying to remember a song that you haven't played for over a year, or trying to work out a new song that you've never played.

    1. AinsleyWalker


      worse? I do both for fun haha...

    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      I definitely play for fun. I don’t get an awful lot out of going over the same sections repeatedly whilst trying to work out what’s going on, especially when it’s buried in a horrible mix. I got to the end of the set in the end. It’s surprising how much comes back with ‘muscle memory’.

    3. AinsleyWalker


      Yeah it can be a real slog, but the eureka moments hopefully make up for it at times!


  9. Struggling to think of a way that New Order’s new single could be any more crap. Truly dreadful.

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      That is almost exactly word for word what I said out loud when DJ said what it was after playing it. Glad I’m not the only one.

    3. ZilchWoolham


      Not great, but if you don't listen to the lyrics it's at least not that far off from Electronic. 

    4. ProfJames


      Saw them twice...crap.......Joy Division however...superb

  10. Just letting you all know that I volunteered for the Russian vaccine trials.

    I  received my first shot at 8pm on Wednesday and it’s completely safe with иo side effects whatsoeveя. I feelshκι χoρoshό я  чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши.

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Very good. I didn’t think of doing that 😂

    3. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Excellent news comrade  .....

    4. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Lerman me know when you've finished the course comrade,   I can help in all sorts of ways  !!


  11. ChangesTwoBowie made a lock down video as a thank you to all NHS and First Responders. Please share to let them know we care.

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    2. Teebs
    3. SpondonBassed


      Third morning in a row (yesterday).  Great response and, again, thanks to the band!

      I've started telling the carers to look for the band by name so they can thank you all themselves.

      PS:  It sounds and looks great on the surround system and big screen.

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Thanks to everyone who has viewed and liked it. It’s very much appreciated :hi:

  12. Anyone had a £1 max selling offer from eBay this weekend?

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    2. Reggaebass


      Yeah, I’m sure they used to do it at Easter 

    3. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      I was expecting one too. I think they've realised that a) people are using Ebay to sell a lot more because of lockdown and collection only-friendly options are a no no (such as Gumtree) at the moment, and b) people are wanting/needing to sell more. 

      Possibly a bit disingenuous but clever commercial sense 

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Yes, that was my first thought. I've ended everything above £10. They can wait.

  13. Currently waiting for Tesco to open (as they’re no longer 24/7 🙄). Arrived early to avoid most of the mouth breathers. Let’s see how this goes. I just wanna do a normal shop FFS!

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    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      We were going to have a Paella tonight, but no fish pie mix or prawns, so that was that (my wife doesn’t eat meat).

      Next door (who pay a monthly fee for home delivery) can’t even get a slot this month, so click and collect customers don’t have a chance. Your area may be different. I hope.

    3. SpondonBassed


      We have a carer, a key worker, visiting every morning to wash and dress our Jack (73).  She's trying to keep it all together with an eleven y/o daughter who she is keeping home from school because she does not want to have to stop working if the young one brings Covid home one day.  She works 'till ten or eleven on some rotas and has to do home delivery.  She couldn't get a delivery slot for this week so she's booked two later ones to ensure she can get a delivery at all.

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      “A VULNERABLE couple who are self-isolating to protect themselves from coronavirus ordered £50 worth of vital supplies for home delivery – but were shocked when just five items arrived.

      Finn, 70, and Tina Teigen, 66, from Lewisham in South London, have been following the government advice to stay at home because of the coronavirus outbreak that has left 72 Brits dead.


      The elderly couple, who have underlying health conditions, placed a home food order with Co-op to help them through the quarantine period but were left disappointed when only five items were delivered.

      The measly delivery contained carrots, gravy granules, squash, margarine and fish sticks – even though they had paid more than £50.

      Finn said: “We are old age pensioners. We were depending on the delivery. It’s going to be carrots and gravy for the next three days.

      “It’s going to be carrots and gravy for the next three days.

      “Our kids live about 50 miles away – hopefully one of them is going to come up. I’m one of those people who see the funny side of everything.

      “But, underlying it all, I do worry about our food. We haven’t been refunded yet. At least my pension went in today.”

      The total sum of the goods that actually arrived was around £7.

      Co-op has been contacted for comment.”

  14. Little Wonder, Hallo Spaceboy & Station to Station all in the set for this year. Really looking forward to playing S2S again - such a great song. I think we did Little wonder a couple of times a few years ago, but Hallo Spaceboy is new. Gonna be fun.

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    2. Teebs
    3. SpondonBassed


      Excellent work that man!

    4. Teebs


      It's a png file, so you can right click, copy & paste :)

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