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  1. Just bought a DeGier BeBop jazz bass. What a fabulous instrument; beautifully made and an incredibly good sound. 35 years as a player had convinced me that I would never find better than my Fodera, but this is outstanding. Look him up online!
  2. I always take a back-up, just in case. I think it's a case of not wanting to let the other guys in the band down of something should go wrong. I know this happens very infrequently, but sod's law says it will be the gig that's 100 miles away from home, on a Sunday night! An extra bass doesn't take up too much room in the van and gives you peace-of-mind.
  3. I've just sold one of my Yin-Yangs - heartbroken to see it go, but needs must. These basses are definitely an acquired taste and the visuals are subjective, but they are beautifully put-together and the guys at Fodera seem to have a passion for what they do. I waited over two years for my maple-board example and was knocked out by the quality. The ebony-boarded variant that I'm using daily has a thicker tone than the maple and is a tad heavier but Ive got used to it now. I would recommend giving one of these a try if you're after a high-end bass.
  4. It's me - have a look at the following: www.theprognosis.com I have three other GB basses if anyone's interested - I'm fed up with ebay's greed!! The Spitfire went to a good home in the Midlands.
  5. Looking to hear from any fellow prog-rockers out there, who are into the wierd and wonderful world of 70's progressive rock. If you're one of the lost souls, have a look here: www.theprognosis.co.uk We are keen to find gig anywhere in the UK - just let us know!
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