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  1. Emerald Guitars Balor Acoustic Bass Monthly Special 08-17

    5 String, complete out of carbon graphite, with built in KK Purebass pickup.

    Extremely lightweight, only 2.7kgs

    Extremely loud and well defined sound. For sure the loudest acoustic bass on the market.
    You can play easily unamplified with two acoustic Guitars.
    The bass is seven weeks old and only played very lightly.
    Why selling again?
    Well I really don‘t get comfortable with the 5 string.
    I am a 4 string guy.

    The Bass is located in Germany and can be sent well packed by DHL or another service.

    Scale length

    34″, 865mm

    Nut Width

    1 7/8″, 47mm

    Bridge Spacing

    2 3/4″, 70mm

    Overall Length

    48 13/16″, 1240mm

    Max Body Width

    18 1/8″, 460mm

    Max Body Depth

    6 11/16″, 170mm

    Max Body Length

    25 3/16″, 640mm


    6lbs, 2.7kg


    24 medium stainless steel frets

    Tuners (Default)

    Gotoh Res-O-Lite GB350 Bass Machine Heads 20:1 ratio (cosmo black)


    Graphtech low friction nut and saddle


    Graphtech bridge pins with Paua shell inlay

    Pickup (Default)

    K&K Pure Bass


    High gloss finish on all surfaces


    Custom-padded Emerald gig bag

    New price was GBP 2950,00

  2. [quote name='Meddle' timestamp='1480199179' post='3182527']

    I think the Isle of Wight gig was maybe recorded oddly. There are times when Roger Daltrey is standing closer to Entwistle's amps and you can hear his treble signal bleeding into the vocal mics. It is possible that only the bass amp in his bi-amp rig was committed to tape for whatever reason. The second thought I've had is that Entwistle might have taken that black Precision bass along at the last minute, as we don't see it again onstage. It might not have been setup to his exacting low-action specifications. I do sometimes wonder if the 'Slab tone' is actually a conglomeration of newly introduced roundwound strings on a P bass, with the foam mute removed and the action lowered. This is combined with newly invented 100 watt amplifiers setup in a newly invented bi-amp setup. If, prior to that, the only P bass tone committed to tape was that created with stiff flatwound strings, foam mutes, high action and an Ampeg B15 rumbling away. I think that maybe a few different things happened to converge in one place, right at the time that the first Slabs hit the UK market.

    I think the following Move clip has a Slab-like grind to the bass tone, but it looks like a normal P bass.


    Also here, standard P, no Hybrid Slab.

  3. Guys,
    that Billington Bass in the photo Is definetely a normal P with a contoured body. Definetely no Slab body and also no Maple Cap neck.
    As for Entwistle:
    he did own only 3 Slabs!
    The First one, The famous Three Knob. Still existing nowadays.
    The Second one, that one was smashed at a gig in the US and it's parts went to become Frankenstein lateron.
    The Third one, that one was auctioned Off At The Sothebys auction.

    I Do own two Slabs. One beeing a Rosewood one.
    All I can say on extensive research for two upcoming Magazine articles, that many facts yet distributed about the Slabs, Need to be corrected!!


  4. Fender Precision Custom Shop 1966 Slab Body (Hybrid), Masterbuilt by Todd Krause.
    This is an exact replica of the extreme rare 1966 Slab Body Precision Basses
    This bass is a complete Custom order and the wait time was three years.
    Played a few times live. The bass is in very good near new condition but has some tiny laquer chips due to the very thin nitro finish.
    The bass is very aggressive sounding like the Originals.
    Take a hear at Live At Leeds of The Who and you hear this bass.
    Comes With Original case, Full paperwork and Tools.

    Asking GBP 3850,00 plus shipping
    Bass is located in Germany
    Contact by PM Only

  5. Fender Precision Custom Shop 1966 Slab Body (Hybrid), Masterbuilt by Todd Krause.
    Exact FCS recreation of the original Slab Hybrid.
    Very mean and aggressive sounding bass. Like new, only gigged 1, small laquer chip on the lower edge of body, see picture
    When you want to have the exact Live At Leeds sound, get this bass.
    Body: Esh
    Neck: Maple neck with separate maple cap
    Finish: See through blonde
    Weight: 4,2kgs
    With original Tweedcase, certificate and all accessories.
    Asking GBP 3500,00 plus shipping.
    Bass is located in Germany.

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