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  1. i believe it could be interesting defreting the bass, but that wouldn't be an answer to your wrist
  2. I'll put for sale this bass for excess of instruments, therefore not really into trades, but you can try me. This bass is a war machine, with almost 30 years and it's ready to much more. It has some dings, most of them in the body, normal for the use. I can send some more detailed pics under different lights to see the dings, just ask. Bass construction: graphite compost Fretboard: phenolic Pickups: hyperactive Preamp: 2eq + mid switch 1600£ 1500£ 1400£ Not much more to say about it, the brand says it all. Plays really well, and sounds unique!! Full of lows, the mids cut through a band like no other and the highs are really clear.
  3. bump!!! wishing you all the luck with the sale, hoping that after that you will pick up my status! 😂
  4. For sale this great instrument. For those that are not familiarized with this basses, they are made in Korea under some specifications of Ken Smith himself. They are great basses, well constructed, and cool sound. Usually, we add an active preamp to this basses, as this one, with a demeter preamp (3eq). Other changes made to the bass is the pickguard, battery cover and bridge, that add that charm to the bass. Open to offers. Bass is located at Portugal
  5. For sale/trade this awesome bass. It has some wear in the maple fretboard, as usual in this kind of wood. The only thing i would change if i wanted to keep it is the bridge, as this is a standard model from Benavente they put some cheap hardware (bridge and tuners, but actually the tuners do the job), everything else is like being a custom bass from them. It has a walnut top, the body is alder and maple neck (D shape 35" scale lenght with 24 frets) the action can be set really low with no buzz. The electronics and pickups are benavente. It weight only 4kg for those with back problems, or that just want lightweight basses, like me It can be shipped without problem as the bass is located in Portugal. With a straight sale i will pay the costs for ship.
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