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  1. just worked through this whole thread, impressive stuff
  2. from what i can gather it appears to be somewhere between a Jazz & Pbass profile
  3. i couldn't decide between the vintage and non vintage either but that price on thomann for the V7 5 Ash has sealed it for me....the M7 is also on the wish list for me PBasses don't do it for me or i'd be having one of those too😁
  4. yep, from my digging about that seems to be the general opinion
  5. i'm seriously looking at a lefty V7 on thomann at the moment...can't really justify another bass...but its so tempting
  6. Welcome dude, I was also told to play right handed but it just didn't take, I'm not sure I agree with that teachers opinion on progress, there's much more instruments available now guitar wise, but the bass market is still a bit hit and miss, I do wish I could play righty though, so much more choice
  7. I think that was mine originally think I sold it to you?, There's one on ebay, previously mine I reckon, I recognise some of the dings, glad to see she's still around [url="http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warwick-Corvette-Standard-4-String-Active-Left-handed-Made-In-Germany-/292152401435?hash=item4405a3de1b%3Ag%3A3cAAAOSwgv5ZQs9g&_trkparms=pageci%253A85f6508d-56b9-11e7-9c44-74dbd180ad1d%257Cparentrq%253Acc2be3b415c0ab6730980824fff847c3%257Ciid%253A1"]http://m.ebay.co.uk/...3%257Ciid%253A1[/url]
  8. [quote name='Bonin-in-the boneyard' timestamp='1375628666' post='2163603'] My new Headless Shuker [attachment=140706:901.JPG][attachment=140705:907.JPG] [/quote] woo another lefty!
  9. is it just me or are warwick also making less lefties in there range
  10. I honestly never had any problems with the neck width on any of the wicks i owned suited me too
  11. i'll take the lot of you on and anyone else for that streamer
  12. corvette now sold, shuker and the other 2 still up for grabs
  13. [quote name='throwoff' timestamp='1319632882' post='1416638'] Somone put a Streamer LX or Thumb Bolt on up for sale. please. EDIT - 4 String! [/quote] wow you really have wick GAS
  14. [quote name='throwoff' timestamp='1319465431' post='1414376'] im getting the one off bassmonster, might get the one from gumtree too! [/quote]
  15. [quote name='throwoff' timestamp='1319442645' post='1413996'] What colour is the active vette? [/quote] French Violet
  16. so as well as one of my shukers being up for sale i've also decided to sell the following Warwick Corvette 4 ash body (active), my main gigging bass since 2005, a few dings but in good condition, £400 or there abouts Warwick Rockbass Corvertte 5 (passive) one of the older ones, needs a bit done on the electronics but apart from that in otherwise excellent condition £200 Ibanez GSR200 (passive), not be much to be said here cheap reliable bass, £50 i will post pics
  17. [quote name='throwoff' timestamp='1319324173' post='1412811'] I need a lefty German wick 4 string and have 600 quid to spend? Whats going on? [/quote] interested in a corvette?
  18. [quote name='wildus' timestamp='1318177012' post='1398867'] Very nice if only it was a 5 string [/quote] [quote name='whynot' timestamp='1318279606' post='1400110'] Always liked the look of this bass. Shame I've no spare cash and have decided to go back to playing 5 string for most gigs. Best of luck with the sale. [/quote] Thanks guys, hopefully it will find a good home, should also be on leftybass.com shortly
  19. ok, so alot of thinking has been done on this one but i am putting one of my Shuker Jazz's up for sale, need the cash and not playing a much these days so looking to move it on, its a superb bass looking for round about £900, will get more pics done, but you get the idea with this one [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/coldera/4761594202/in/set-72157624420877656"]http://www.flickr.co...157624420877656[/url] Build Dairy, and more pics [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/9921-lefty-shuker-number-2/"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/9921-lefty-shuker-number-2/[/url]
  20. always good to hear of another lefty shuker being born
  21. ooo, liking the look of those jazzes, dare i ask if any lefties will be available....prob already know the answer though
  22. [quote name='Fat Rich' post='1034218' date='Nov 23 2010, 06:54 PM']Yup, I agree. It looks gorgeous![/quote] indeed
  23. [quote name='eude' post='1024814' date='Nov 15 2010, 04:26 PM']I'm loving that buckeye burl Jazz Bass-esque 4 string on the left hand side of the Bolt-On page, very nice shape... Eude[/quote] mmm was thinking the same thing........tis rather lovelly.........slaps self round face. NO MORE BASSES
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