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    When an Englishman greets you with a cheery 'Hello, you fat bastard' you know you've a friend for life. I tested this theory (almost) to destruction when one Christmas our office did the 'Secret Santa' thing. I drew a colleague who had recently discovered his house was under threat of compulsory purchase for a road-widening scheme so I bought him a small Corgi toy bulldozer.
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    God knows this is just...yeah. Well, needs must (might) and some building work needs paying - the chap in question was very courteous when I offered to pay him “in kind” but declined... Anyhow, one of (if not the) last Japan Metro HPJ’s in the UK. It’s a doll, weight is a lovely shade under 9lbs. Dark lake placid blue with a morado fingerboard, alder body. comes in lightweight sadowsky case. 2 tiny impressions on treble horn and I’ve spotted a little scratch on the rear near the strap button. otherwise, perfect. wearing an NYC pearloid pickguard sent by Rog himself during the first lockdown...cost an inordinate amount for what it is... Also has the original mint green which is...well, green. I don’t want to trade as I need to have funds. I will pack for shipping but you’d have to do insured and cover the cost. Sounds awesome, feels superb.
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    Welcome to our TalkBass Pals I for one am desolated to hear of TalkBass's travails. Were the same to happen to BC (perish the thought) I would be so entirely mortified that I would literally shed body weight until service was resumed. To which end I echo our glorious leader @ped in extending a welcome to those orphans of the storm, where ere they hail, who wash ashore upon our modest strand, blameless victims of a catastrophic failure beyond their control. In a very real sense, their plight is BassChat's to assuage, however fleeting may be the acquaintance. Practical Assistance for Visitors Feel free to interact with the locals; only a vanishingly small number of them will be comprehensible; just nod and smile. Suffering from GAS? Why not take something home as a souvenir of your stay? Equipment sales are in the BC Marketplace. Those who find themselves in a state of tempest-related undress may source clean, pre-loved clothing from the BassChat Quartermaster in the basement, no chit required. Fancy a slice of local culture? Get thee to Off Topic (some adjustment may be required) Those wishing to sample our local cuisine should hie themselves to the Food Court in the west atrium where succulent, traditional delicacies abound. Enjoy! Today's Special: Mr Skinnyman's Lincolnshire Delight (£5.99 / $8.23) Enjoy your visit. Stick around, even. There's usually someone here until quite late.
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    After a long(ish) search & after exhausting all other options including getting Ernie ball to make a new one, BFR's & five strings I finally got my hands on this exquisite bass. Via a private sale & at a decent price I've finally got one! Plays absolutely beautifully & weighs a tonne too! Fretboard was swapped a few years ago by a studio in London & new bound ebony fretboard installed. At first I wasn't really keen on the binding, but it's growing on me. Hipshot D Tuner installed (I have the OG tuner) but alas no original hardcore. This is my second ever vintage bass after my 72 Jazz & I've fallen in love! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be using her for every gig I'm hired for, but I will try my dammed hardest! Serial starts No. B00. Neck signed by "Andy" IMG_3658.heic IMG_3659.heic IMG_3660.HEIC IMG_3656.heic
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    A 1973 Jazz I bought in 1981 and have gigged it regularly ever since. It will probably never be sold in my lifetime. The Ibanez is a recent acquisition. Very nice instrument taking a bit of getting used to, if I’m honest. Might be a keeper.
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    Like in Me for a Me and tooth for a tooth? That rages I as well
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    Errrm, it's a sexy bass and all but this is taking it a bit far
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    Thanks EBS, I'm going to make it through all this health stuff. My youngest brother is a Physician, he's been a great help. It's nice to have a family member with a second set of eyes on everything. Daryl
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    Nowt wrong with Salford (tongue firmly in cheek) I should know...born raised and continue to live in Salford... I’m about to start working with young people in Little Hulton. look it up...a real place...REALLY REAL. Looking forward to it, done Rochdale, Wigan and now I’m into the thick of it closer to home.
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    What do you mean "going"?
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    I hope you're not on the tube, cos that would be just weird.
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    We could work out a timeshare agreement
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    I hear Darrin Huff has offered to build the new server.
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    As the other posters have stated, the only way that's coming out is to jam something into the nut. Filing/sanding a slight taper on the flats of a allen key can work. If you can get enough reach with a Dremel and a 'dentist' bit you could cut a couple of slots in the nut (doesn't have to be tidy) and use a large, flat blade screwdriver.
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    If it's a 5mm hex, you could try using a T27 Torx on it as it's 5mm point to point. This worked for me once, the star shape managed to find something to push against and turned the nut
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    FYI.................. Thank you for your email and I'm so sorry to hear what's happened. I'd like to assure you that we are treating this as a formal complaint. One of my colleagues from the Customer Advocacy Team will be reaching out to you within the next four business days to discuss your complaint in more detail and talk you through the next steps. Due to data protection regulations, I’m not able to give you any details about our investigation into your case. However, if you have shared any account/card details with a scammer or sent a payment to them, please inform your bank about this and they can contact us directly. If you haven’t already done so, I’d also suggest reporting this scam to Action Fraud, who are the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre for the UK. You can find their website by clicking on this link, or you can call them on 0300 123 2040. They may be able to look into your case further for you. Please do reach out if you have any further questions - we're happy to help. Kind regards, Megan Jones Customer Advocacy Team, Monzo Bank
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    I've played a couple of small club venues in the last several years that routinely mic bass amps, which surprised me as I never used to see it in those venues. I wonder if the change is because many bassists on that scene are using distorted or fuzzed up bass sounds these days, which often sound horrible without a speaker rolling off highs, so that's just the quickest way to make it work. For myself, using a valve amp and occasional fuzz, I'm reassured if the sound guy offers to take a mic and DI, but if they don't offer, then pushing for it has never been productive and in practice it's usually workable with just the DI.
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    I was a bit hesitant at first, but I think it "classes" it up a little bit haha!
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    I have tried to contact Jon Letts but the website doesn't work. A search reveals some horror stories regarding customer service and business practices so I haven't pursued further.
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    Brilliant - good to see you round these parts again
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    and chicken that smells of swimming pools.
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    Be careful now, in the states, that's also rule number one in some pickup joints. ....so I've heard.
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    I personally think you should open up a new part of the forum. "Talkbass refugees"
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    And in some cases the sound guy will put up a mic just to keep a bass player happy and not even plug it into the console, or if they do, send it foh. The less open mics on stage, the more gain before feedback. And losing headroom for a bass where a DI will do the job, isn't worth it, or the additional subby frequencies that bleed brings. It doesn't matter what a soloed channel sounds like. It's what it sounds like in the mix that counts. I hate the sound of an isolated P bass. In the mix however, it's glorious.
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    Same, I find on my set up that the DI gives better clarity & presence but the cab adds in greater depth.
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    OMG, what can I sell............stunning and I imagine it sounds "the dogs"
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    Armchair diagnosis practically impossible, other than dry joints I dunno! Have you got a illuminated magnifier or microscope? Good luck
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    Sorry, je n'avais pas vu ta question. Non, je ne suis pas sur le groupe de BT, en revanche je suis sur le site OnlyBass sous le même nom.
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    Absolutely stunning ,est tu sur Fb page de Bruno tout sur la basse, je suis Jean Marie le ..... @Larko Glitchmann
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    Fascinating isn't it? We spend literally 1000s on effects and very few of us would be happy with this sound. And yet, as you say, it's exactly perfect. Context is all.
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    The first question to answer is this : single or double action truss rod ? If it's a double action truss rod, the nut is non removable, so the only solution is to replace the truss rod, which means going to a luthier or politely ask @Andyjr1515. If it's a single action then the nut can be removed. As the nut is already dead, what I always do is cut the long part of an Allen key then glue it with two components glue in the nut and then remove it using the correct standard key to unscrew the whole assembly.
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    paging @Andyjr1515 the torx suggestion is a good one too, the traditional solution is to find an imperial hex key that is a smidge bigger and hammer it in. whatever happens you will need a new nut for the truss rod anyway so slightly damaging the old one won't matter much as long as it comes out. I'm hoping this is down to user error on the part of a previous owner and not down to the parts themselves as i have a 5 string Letts bass myself, i've never touched the truss rod (It was tweaked 6 months after i got it wen i had it set up and not at all since) Matt
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    I love his background on the video and it’s a nice lesson. I agree that Blues is a great style to use to learn bass. It has a lot of transferable musical ideas and techniques.
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    Great, they are both particular favourites of mine too. Saw Roscoe Back with the Blue Line back in the late 90’s and I was blown away by his tone and lines. As for Tommy Shannon, he’s such a powerhouse and love his ‘Texas Shuffle’ line on ‘Pride and Joy’! Solid suggestion to study the playing styles of Blues bass players 👍
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    I think looking at the style of particular players is a good way to go. My two favourite, blues centric bass players (at least they have been in the past) are Roscoe Beck and Tommy Shannon. Roscoe’s work with Robben Ford and Tommy’s with SRV are worth a look.
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    £91 inc postage, good reviews, J & D - J Bass https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/J-D-Bass-guitar-JB-3TS-4-String-3-Tone-Sunburst/art-BAS0000913-002
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    I'd rather be sharing an event with drummers than with (lead) guitarists! 🤣
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    How about £120 for the box and I'll throw in an M87 FOC
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    'Someone'..? Mark Steyn. Enough said.
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    So you found a solution, and have tested it, AND it worked. That's a result in anyone's book.
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    I stood next to you during Henrik Linder's session at the last London Bass Show. You dug me in the ribs so you could have more wall space. I haven't washed my ribs since.
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    Tony, you are forgetting she also feeds you well

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