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    Absolutely mint conditions It's a 2015 NOS Custom Shop Postmodern Jazz bass neck on Precision body Compound radius 64 CS pickups Olympic white The bass is absolutely like new. Perfect in every detail It's a great sounding bass, but I'm definitely not a P guy. All goodies in perfect, like new, never used conditions. 2200 euro plus shipping from Italy
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    Well many congrats to young @Leonard Smalls and myself ( ah shucks)who managed to scupper Douglas's hat trick. A picture then , chosen by Lenny himself in his usual eclectic taste, and offers a little insight into the image. A Zulu delegation who came over to the UK to honour those who'd fought at Rourke's Drift, one of whom was my great grandfather (whose grave you can see in the pic).. . Usual rules apply. You know the drill: ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples, copyright infringements or other snide goings-on ❌ Bagpipes. ( Christmas truce now expired) . Also on thin ice with panpipes, to be perfectly honest. ❌ No voting for your own entry. We'll know. And we'll shame you. A line or two offering an insight to your inspiration will be good as well , I think it works nicely on the voting thread. Deadline wise , we will call midnight on the feast day of St George ( and yes, you probably have till about 19.00 on the 24th, but don't bank on it though, the 24th is a Saturday and I might not be at work all day , I might sneak half a day off and get the post up early! ) Dive In , enjoy
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    Well, just under 90 minutes to go and I think I'm a fairly safe bet to finish Q1 with ZERO bass purchases . The rest of the year is looking a bit dodgy as I've just finalised the spec on a custom build. Deposit to be paid next week. I did try 😂.
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    So the OP doesn't believe Larry Graham invented slap bass, and wants to find the true originator. I can only assume this is because they've invented a time machine, and are planning to go back and prevent slap from ever existing. I fully support them in their mission to create a future devoid of Level 42 👍
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    Something about the all black 80s jazz that just looks so cool. Lemme go get my chorus!
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    The Bronx / Mariachi El Bronx.
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    Regarding the presto lathe.it is owned and operated by the Lathe Revival Company in the northeast.my bluegrass trio recorded "ill fly away" into a single mic while the operator brushed the cuttings away with a paintbrush.You start with a blank disc with no grooves.At around 2.5 minutes the lathe develops a whistling noise so you are limited as to the length of the song.its an experience i would highly recommend if you get the chance.the resulting record really has the 78rpm 30s sound but without the scratches developed over the years.im sure they have a site where you can hear their recordings done at various festivals and events.cheers.
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    PRICE DROP - = £1100 For sale is my Xotic XJPro - 01. Purchased in March this year, not the bass for me though mainly playing double bass these days and my other work calls more a P bass, so on the hunt for one of those It is a wonderfully easy bass to play, the neck in particular feels super nice. It has a really nice set up as it so fresh from the shop! It is strung with a set of DR Pure Blues strings. Condition is as new. Here's a link to the Xotic website - http://xoticbasses.com These models were only available for a limited and are discontinued now, so do not expect to see therm come up very often! Such a high quality bass particularly at this price point. Comes with a very stylish case. Pickup or meet up in London preferred but can arrange postage within UK. Would be interested in trades for Fender P's (preferably early 70's).
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    It's time to thin the heard and I'll be selling quite a lot of stuff now that I've settled on my rig. Theres some amazing stuff, including this beauty: Spector Legend 4 in Black Cherry. Superb playing bass. Build quality is amazing. Beautifully built and put together. Great active circuitry (tonepump jr) allowing a lovely mix and active bass and treble and selective pickups for extra smoothness or bite. It has the cut out back to perfectly fit your body. Immaculate unused, ungigged condition. These are around £800 new. Collection Leyland Lancashire.
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    IExcellent bass amp. (Italy) Plenty of power depth and tone. First class working order with carry case. There's no need to take it out of the case when gigging, zip up and good night lads. Welcome to trial here through my Vans or bring your own cab, observing Covid rules. Can post/ship. Geoff Ive copied some light reading from elsewhere about this model (goes on a bit): To celebrate this great honor, Marco De Virgiliis has created the Markbass Little Mark II Marco Limited Edition 08. Only 500 will be produced, and each one will be tested, approved, and signed by Marco personally. This collector's item will not last. The Markbass Little Mark II is a stunning bass amp head that combines great sound, compact size, and light weight. Its small size makes the Little Mark II easy to transport, yet with a 4-band EQ, VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter), its tone is nothing short of professional. The I/O includes an input that can handle both passive and active basses and an extra XLR balanced input for double bass pickups. Its Neutrik Speakon Combo out jacks work with 1/4" or Speakon speaker cables. A tuner out jack sends unbalanced signals to a tuner, amp, or recording equipment. Send and return effect jacks maintain your main signal even if something dies in your effects chain. FEATURES Solid state preamp analog bass head Provides 300W RMS at 8 ohms, 500W RMS at 4 ohms 1/4" input jack works with active or passive basses Balanced XLR on front for double bass pickups Gain and Master volume controls Clip warning light EQ includes controls for Low, Mid Low, MId High, and High VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) filters Neutrik Speakon Combo out jacks for use with 1/4" or Speakon speaker cables Balanced XLR out Ground lift switch to eliminate hum Tuner out sends unbalanced signal sent to a tuner, amp or recording equipment not needing a balanced signal Effect Send and Return maintain signal even when effects fail Dual-sided fiberglass PC boards with lined perforations for high-quality solder connections Surface-mount components are silicon-sealed to isolate vibrations Computer-grade pre-assembled ribbon connector cable harnesses and ribbons for noise-free operation Integrated threaded posts for easy assembly/disassembly and added durability Rigid 2mm thick aluminium chassis SPECIFICATIONS Power Input impedance: 500Kohm, max. voltage: 15 Vpp Balanced Output (XLR): 22Kohm, max. voltage 25 Vpp Effect Return impedance: 22Kohm, max. voltage: 25 Vpp Output Power: 300W RMS at 8 ohm, 500W RMS at 4 ohm Voltage is factory preset for the U.S. Controls GAIN -80 dB to +23 dB range MASTER VOLUME GROUND LIFT: switch on rear panel Equalization LOW Center frequency: 40Hz; level ±16dB LOW MID Center frequency 360Hz, level ±16dB HIGH MID Center frequency 800Hz, level ±16dB HIGH 10kHz shelf; level ±16dB VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) center frequency 380Hz (cut) VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) frequency range 250Hz-20kHz (cut) Outputs EFFECT SEND Unbalanced, max. voltage 20 Vpp (pre-EQ) TUNER OUT Unbalanced, max. voltage 25 Vpp LINE OUT Balanced XLR, max. voltage 10 Vpp SPEAKER OUT Speakon, 1/4" Other Dimensions: 10.87"W x 2.8"H x 10.1"D Weight: 6.39 lbs
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    Hi there, greetings from Devon. My name is Ben and ive played guitar for 25 years now. I write and record my own stuff, in a wide range of styles, but mainly Punk, Psych stuff. I also have an incurable Fuzz pedal addiction and a healthy appetite for Rum tiki cocktails. Ive owned a bass (Squier Jazz) for around 5 years, got it for recording/pc interface purposes , but have only just got around to getting an amplifier to play it through. Its only a Rumble 25, but its really great hearing the bass properly and not through headphones. Anyway, ive really started to enjoy bass a lot more, and want to push on and improve my bass knowledge and technique, and i know that this forum will help with that. Plus i’ll be haunting the marketplace frequently no doubt! i already have a massive FX pedal collection, but zero strictly ‘bass’ pedals yet. Cant wait to hop on the bass pedal merry-go-round! Many thanks, Ben.
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    Great to have you around!
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    Welcome Ben 👍
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    Great tune - I'm not sure that the Metallica version is better than the original, but they're both great. I used to be in a band that did a version of this - completely different to either Bob or Metallica's versions.
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    Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed - Thin Lizzy
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    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / Grinderman
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    £15 car boot trash, on a very good day. Doubt it's MIJ, has what looks like a mahogany neck which on instruments like this (mid 70s or later, at an educated guess) is typical of Korean manufacture, as is the wonky, half-formed headstock shape. The missing/broken tuner could be a hint at that too - Korean versions of this style (originally Gotohs) have chromed plastic keys which crack & fall off, which is likely what happened to the original. It's in an awful state, original finish stripped & badly Ronsealed, showing the cheap & nasty plywood build, random, broken components. Not even any use for firewood as plywood burns really badly. "Don't bother chucking that on the fire".
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    Cheers Ped. I dont to come across as a CHIS (sorry, got that stuck in my head at the moment lol). I’m talking about those who buy to sell, then sell on here and other places. Definitely not a just gear head’s with high pass though. I thought one or two might be so obvious it was just allowed for a certain reason, thats really why I’m asking. Ive no idea if they have web based shops or not. Wouldn't surprise me if they did though.
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    Ahhhh.... I had literally no idea what date it was
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    Spector's are great, but the ergonomics don't suit everyone. I am besotted with my rebop visually, but I can NOT get it to sit comfortably on a strap due to the smaller top horn and off centre bottom strap peg. Sandberg's are built phenomenally, but I ended up ripping all the pick ups and electronics out of mine as they just didn't cut it, their PJ pick up placement in particular creates a huge inherent mid scoop. Personally for your budget, I'd suggest a Yamaha 734A. It'll leave you with a good chunk of change, and the build quality and tonal coverage is tremendous! I pick mine up over my Sandberg and Spector every time. The build quality is comfortably up there with basses twice its cost, and it has great features like a battery indicator. Side note, I've just gotten an ibanez EHB1005ms... While the aesthetics may not be for everyone, quality, tonally and playability wise I'm blown away, and it's within your budget with change. It'd cover all the ground you need as well.
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    Just to show the difference, first image the headstock from the bass in the listing. It's not poorly done but not remarkable.Tthe 'wear' was clearly sandpaper/buffing compound. Looks like no clear-coat. Again, I could do similar as a weekend project in a garage. The pink one is my '66 refinished by Bravewood (no issue on the decal as the bass is a genuine '66 Fender).
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    Yeah, I wasn't sure about the layered body either. The owner actually said it seemed to have been kept in moist conditions for a long time, so he refurbished the neck and scraped off the name. He said on one side it said "Maple" and on the other "made in japan". And he doesn't have a picture from before, so it seems a bit sketchy. Also mentioned that the potenciometer, jack input and strings need changing. Anyways, thank you for the replys, can't wait to dive into this community!
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    73 this July. 1st picked up a bass at 50. Retired as a weekend warrior at 65 from a 50s/60s/70s cover band. I now help run the Quarry Bank Music Club at the community centre with the remnants of the band. Club members are all ages though mostly has-beens amongst a few wannabes. We have been zooming since Feb 2020. Club members perform locally and have done local charity gigs. Some would regularly entertain around the old folks homes in the Black Country. The youngsters just starting out get encouragement and advice from us oldies. People come and go but in the main it serves as a focal point and keeps folk in touch providing valued friendship and a bit of fun for many of us in our dotage. Most are lovely people from the local amateur music circuit which we can't wait to get up and running again hopefully later this year. At 65 I joined a Jazz quartet + female singer. Practice once a week before lockdown. Not a busy band regarding gigs. Audiences can be all ages at clubs, pubs, functions, fetes, etc. As an amateur I enjoy my music more than ever.
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    Gold hardware looks absolutely belting on the right colour instrument. Exhibit A:
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    It never happened, and if it had the timing would have been all wrong, but I was planning to buy a white one and then see if anyone wanted to swap the tort scratchplate for the white pearl from their red Mustang. I'm sorry that our paths didn't cross as they should have!
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    It the fabulous Mothman, of course. It's passed hands through a few Talkbass guys over the last decade or so, I think one or two may still be alive.
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    Just fitted D'Addario EXL170BT balanced tension 45 - 107 set plus a D'Addario 145 B string (which gives the same tension as the others) to my 34" G&L L1505. This has considerably improved the B string feel / response. Using flats on just about every other bass I find the 145 B quite responsive and easy to play. The string tension calculators show why many B strings are 'floppy', they have significantly lower tension due to insufficient mass per unit length for the given scale length. Although the calculated tensions will not be exact you can't beat the underlying Physics (spoken as a now retired Physicist ).
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    All done! Basses now correctly spaced... I had to get a bit creative with what little foam I had, literally nothing could go to waste. I might get a big block of neoprene and do a neater job one day but for now this is solid.
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    So I tried the plexi nameplate from my 4001... Looks good from this distance, but annoyingly it sits about 2mm away from the nut - makes it look like a fake with the wrong nameplate! I’ll see how good the Far Eastern replacement is when it turns up, hopefully in a few days
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    Did make me smile that when you stipulated a bass for around £500, in typical BC fashion we managed to recommend one for £1,650! Sometimes sticking to a budget is not our strongest point 😁
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    Thanks as always guys!! @Simon., ill have to see if theres a "Bowyerchat" somewhere in the bowells of the internet so this week ive started attacking it with a router... scary times. first off i routed the recess for the bridge. the neck is very flat and very straight, and the graphite saddles are fairly tall, so this should give me the adjustability needed to get a nice low action on day 1: and then i started routing the pickup cavities. this is a tough job, the pickups are pretty tall compared to most normal pickups, but thankfully because of the internal height adjustment per string, i dont need to leave a whole lot of room underneath them for springs or foam. here you can see how high the pickup sits at its lowest point, with the "window" that shows the current mode just sitting proud of the body: with both pickups in it gives you an idea of how this is going to end up looking, and just how much space these pickups take up: and, with a little bit of gold enamel paint and a steady hand: nice gold logos! i like these a lot more with the gold logos, it'll really help them stand out. and the gold mounting screws round the edge give just the look i was going for. just enough gold to not be over the top! time for a gratuitous mockup with artsy lighting: this is a pretty good representation of the control layout. the knobs are some aluminium shadowsky style knobs, 4 smaller ones for the filter controls, and 2 larger ones for the volume and blend. there will also be 2 switches for the premap modes on there as well. quite busy, but hopefully not too "mission control" the next step is routing out the control cavitites: the main control cavity is pretty huge, but it will have to be to accomodate the preamps. thankfully the batteries will be on the other side of the body so i dont need to worry about them. the volume control meanwhile will be up on the lower horn, so i simply drilled a hole for that with a large forstner bit and then drilled an acces hole between them the hole for the battery board on the other side is a whopper as well. this is going to be a snug fit. thankfully it all lines up with the lower pickup cavity, which will let me run the power wires through with no problems. last job at this stage is the two holes for the jack sockets. these are slightly recessed, and will accomodate a single mono 1/4" jack, just like a normal bass, that will operate the two preamps blended normally and running on 12v battery power, and the other will accomodate the 4 pin Mini XLR socket that will carry power, ground and the two pickup signals seperately. the plan then is to have an outboard pedal that provides the power, but also has a switchable mono/stereo jack so that i can run to either a stereo preamp / power amp setup, or to a normal bass amp if needed. the body shaping is getting close to being finsihed at this point, and so is the back of the neck. it feels super comfy to hold, and the weight with the pickups, batteries and all of the hardware is sitting aroundabout 9Lbs 10oz. not exactly a featherweight, but not too bad for an artsy fartsy bass like this
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    "Andy I love that you've booked a holiday, Northern Ireland by ferry is an er, unexpected choice ... and why is our search history all about smugglers building secret compartments in cars??"
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    They don't seem to have a history of that. Look at their Caprice and new Cutlass models, for example. They looked very attractive, a Precision style bass with the MusicMan build quality? I could be persuaded... erm, how much? rather than adjusting their prices they concluded there was not enough interest and discontinued it, preferring instead to bring yet more colours, with glitter! yay!, of their usual models. I suspect, if anything, they'd restrict their options even more by offering just a handful of colours/combinations. A used SR5 looks like a very good alternative to buying new now, and if I want a specific colour I can get it refinished and still have a LOT of cash in my pocket.
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    Actually I do wonder why so many basses are churned out in the default Fender shapes, I suppose the majority of players are just used to them. I’ve not (so far) found one I liked enough to keep. I bought a Sandberg late last year but haven’t had the chance to pick it up yet, I can’t imagine it will drag me away from my Rob Allens for long! We disagree (at least me with you) on very little in reality.
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    Are you sure this is bass related?
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    Love the fact that it has variable HPF - that would be great in itself, but as an alternative it offers a variable frequency notch filter to deal with specific frequency resonance: you don't get to see that on your average EQ pedal. These are available on both channels - so you could have classic HPF on Channel A and notch filter on Channel B (or vice versa). And all that is in addition to semi-para mids. Very very neat! Parallel loop for the rest of your pedal board if you're using, and then it seems to me to offer two separate outputs - one to go into your amp plus an additional DI out (with speaker sim) to simultaneously(?) run straight to the PA. Oh and the inputs can be blended A+B as well as being alternative A OR B. And it's all analogue which should virtually eliminate both latency and any potential comb filtering that you could encounter with digital pedals when combining two channels. For good measure it doubles up as a headphone amp. Running out of reasons not to get one of these as and when I start gigging my EUB alongside my electric!
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    The Ska & Mod revival period brought with it some great covers of original scene. The Specials and The Jam are right up there but The Beat, and later Fine Young Cannibals, did some fantastic covers of pop songs. This is a favourite. I prefer The Slits version of 'Heard It Through The Grapevine' to Marvin Gaye's. The little known UK Renegades did a little known version of the little known Bill Haley track '13 Women' which one of my favourites songs ever. If The Beatles had tried harder they could've been this good 😉. This is where I first the The Slits' Grapevine, loved this album when I was younger but lent it to a mate and never saw it again. I used to love that an unknown local band (Golant Pistons) were on there. I think the whole album of covers will play on that link, apart from Devo's Satisfaction, which is missing, copyright I presume.
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    The punk police will probably exile me for this, but Guns N Roses version of Down on The Farm was far superior to the UK Subs original.
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    I’ll be working my way through this -
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    I suspect we may have tumbled ( ) onto an untapped market for bass combos that can do a quick wash rinse and spin during a gig. Go home with the warm afterglow of a gig well played, and a enough clean clothes to see you through the coming week.
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    [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1474560142' post='3138839'] ....an HH Combo the size of a washing machine... [/quote] That'll be an HH VS Bassamp 1x15 combo, or I'll be very surprised. My first "serious" amp in the early 80s, certainly looked awesome and the light-up green control panel more than made up for any limitations it might have had. What's interesting is that I now have a washing machine that resembles an HH VS Bassamp. It even has a light-up green front panel. Well, sort of.

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