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    That Russian P I bought from @Beedster now with Badass II and 1972 tort and pick ups. CTS pots and switchcraft Jack. Man she growl!!! Look how pretty she is.
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    Update by Jan 1st: Buyer‘s from within UK should be aware that for imports from EU to UK since Jan 1st the UK VAT will be applicable. This VAT has to be paid by the UK buyer once the goods are crossing the borders. Note: As a private seller in EU I can not reduce the price for second hand goods as VAT has never been included in the price. This is the original Matt Garrison Signature 5 model in top condition ! Specs: Amazing Chestnut Burl Top 5pc Ash Neck, 33" Walnut Body Chestnut Tone Block Chestnut Ramp (curved) Ebony Board 19mm spacing Newer (post 2009) Pope preamp with all the jumpers Aguilar DCB5 pickups (original Seymour Duncan Duals shown in the pics will come with the bass !) Weight 4.9 kg Original Fodera HC Everything works fine, technically and aesthetically top ! The Aguilars provide a more aggressive timbre compared to the Duncans. I personally like that Aguilar sound - consider Janek Gwizdalas Fodera which is also a 33" with Aguilars. The Aguilars are not splittable so the Single/Parallel Switch is now a kill switch. The other switches are active/passive and a frequency selector for the EQ. Asking 7900 EUR (approx. 7100 GBP today) plus shipping from Duesseldorf/Germany.
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    Apparently the story of the Fabulous Wealthy Tarts name was that they (along with Pino) were playing with Jools Holland (before Paul Young). Jools wanted to have a name for the band and especially the backing singers. They agreed as long as it didn’t make them “sound cheap”! Over to Jools...
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    Hartke VXL, first edition, built like a tank, spend the other 80-100 notes on bar snacks and mince pies
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    I’ve had an idea - the claimed “just one guy” at sandberg who does relics should quit, go and work for Fender CS and then there’ll be no relic sandbergs, CS relic fenders will look half-decent @Beedster AND they’ll have a fender logo neatly satisfying @wateroftyne as well i know ... so simple, such genius ...
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    more seriously- I imagine there's a part of this pedal which is @alexclaber coming up with something cool with a mate and wanting to release it - just cos it's cool and exciting for him. If they are made to order then there's no real biggie if they don't sell crazy well - worst happens is nobody buys them and he just ends up designing his own pedal for himself... Cos it's fun and interesting is a reason people do things sometimes - I guess at some point Crazy Kiwi and Ped thought it would be fun to start a forum to chat about bass in the uk...
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    Thank you. It’s probably best to leave it as it is, it’s more honest. I think a lot of people have a very different idea of Barefaced to what it actually is. For better or worse, I’m not really financially driven, I just want to make the best possible products in the way that I believe is right. I want to make things that people use for years and years and years, I don’t want to make things that are at all disposable. From a business perceptive I am horribly cursed by a desire to not screw up this planet any more than possible - I know making speakers (the actual drivers, especially the magnets) is not environmentally friendly so I want those speakers to be really valued items that people cherish and thar even outlast me. And I also strongly believe in trying to manufacture here, creating jobs where you get to use your hands, not just poke at a computer. So because of those decisions, everything we make costs a hell of a lot to make. Everything we design takes a really long time to design (I can’t tell you how long we’ve spent on the amp so far...) We operate from an almost comically tiny factory and no-one here, me included, makes much money. Thankfully I’m not a big spender, my wife is very frugal and you can get an awful lot of things free (hurrah for sharing/freecycle groups) or cheap secondhand, and the children don’t seem to mind (yet). Last year I bought a new car because the front wheel snapped off the 15 year old one as the suspension had rusted through - and I really like cars. Well, I say new, it’s almost five years old but that’s new to me! I need to do an official announcement updating customers etc on what Barefaced is up to, but with the massive fall in orders due to the lack of live music, I now have half as many staff as in March, and the staff who are still here are only part-time and mostly furloughed. It’s really hard. I know it’s even worse for all the pro musicians who’ve lost their entire income, the events companies, the list goes on. And of course those who’ve been seriously ill, or had close friends or relatives suffer, or even die from this. I don’t know where I’m rambling with this but I guess I’m trying to say that I’m not sitting in some ivory tower making fancy products, I’m just trying to do something I believe in and earn enough to live. And because margins are fine and right now turnover is much lower than normal, I’m spread very thin trying to wear too many hats so that I can pay the rent and my mortgage and payroll and feed my family and not have to lay off more staff.
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    Merry Xmas Basschatters! Thought I'd share a quick arrangement of "Christmas Time Is Here" by Vince Guaraldi Trio, taken from the incredible "A Charlie Brown Christmas" album. Always loved Guaraldi's contrast of sweet melodies against unusual harmonies so thought I'd have a go at transcribing a piece finally! Have a great Xmas when it comes, all!
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    Great news and another good reason for a Covid vaccine to be released soon. One of my favourite bands, Karnivool, is touring the UK in September. Sep 25 2021, Sat 18:00 - O2 Institute Birmingham - Birmingham Sep 26 2021, Sun 19:00, Stylus – Leeds Sep 27, 2021, Mon 19:00, Glasgow Garage – Glasgow Sep 29 2021, Wed 19:30, Manchester Academy 2 – Manchester Sep 30 2021, Thu 19:00, O2 Forum Kentish Town – London Oct 01 2021, Fri 18:30, SWX – Bristol Tickets are available here: https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/artist/1409361 I got a ticket for the show in London! Last time I went to the o2 Forum KT, back in June last year, I saw STP. Happy days 😎 Yes, that's why the Darkglass pedal is called Alpha Omega (Ultra) 🙂
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    For sale or trade jerzy drozd obsession of 1999 in perfect condition! Body : Walnut Neck : Maple three-piece Fingerboard : Wenge Preamp : Bartolini NTCT Pickups : Bartolini Machine Heads : Gotoh Bridge : Jerzy drozd Scale : 34 Weight : 3.9kg String spacing : 19mm Suitcase : Gator Price 1600£ or 1700€ It has some marks in pickups.
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    As part of a gear clear-out I'm looking to sell my Novation Bass Station II! This is a fully-featured analogue monosynth with a two oscillators and a sub oscillator, a great choice of filters and a nice arpeggiator, amongst other things I'm the original owner and it's been stored in it's blue Novation soft case for several years, with only the occasional use! I also have the original power supply and instruction manual! Happy to offer to you for £250 plus postage, or I can drive a short way for a safe delivery/hand-off. Thanks for looking
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    Been a while since I saw one for sale. Looks clean - currently well priced but expect late action. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaydee-Bass/114543059896?hash=item1aab4c63b8:g:fqgAAOSwk4tfwAzF
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    Some sound samples : soundcloud.com/patrick-stefanovic/fender-jb62-ri-2007-japan
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    No. Others disagree, but any changes I've made have been made for fun, not necessity.
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    But I want it nooooooooow!! 😫
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    That looks like a great and handy gigging rig. I loved the AER amp one (1 x 10) that I owned all too briefly. If the TE combo comes near the AER, I think I'll end up with one. Frank.
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    And you now have the option of a two Elf stereo rig!
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    I am all for the NHS in a way the government really aren't, and yes, some people are doing it better as they are not ideologically opposed to it. We have a 'free at the point of delivery' NHS despite the governments best attempts and hope it stays that way although it is being sliced up and sold to private companies, some of that is justified, some isn't, not all of it is in the interest of the NHS. But yes, we aren't america yet despite them wanting that, because they haven't managed to persuade the public it is in their interest to pay yet (like the rest of our services that have been whittled away) so there are reasons to be cheerful on that front.
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    Well I'm very glad I'm a citizen of this country with a free NHS, is all I can say. If you feel most other nations and governments are doing it better with their health systems...some of you really are a miserable, whiny bunch! Lol! I guess having spent time in the 2/3 poorer part of the world, gives me a clear appreciation of just how fortunate we all are in the UK.
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    The first lockdown hit me hard, I lost pretty much all my work overnight, amidst this panic and uncertainty I did what any self respecting working bass player would do... panic-bought a 6 string bass! I’ve always loved this track ‘The Mirror’ by Brian Bromberg (who by the way is an incredible musician!) and the 6 string allows me the range to play it. So here’s my version of this track - I hope you enjoy it! For the gear nerds: Cort C6 DR Sunbeams Gruv gear fret wrap Apollo Twin MKII
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    That's in good condition for it's age.
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    I've always found ACG's single cut like this: https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/028recurveclassic5-2/ to be the most pleasing design as it gets away from the sperm whale look, and is more sleek.
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    Well, until I get gigging, this is what it looks like for testing (and until I get a cover for it). Apologies for the overhang for people who are triggered by that, but it actually fits better than the TC450, that doesn't clear the handle. There is actually a little cut in the tolex on the side, but if that is the price for shaving over £300 off the list price then I am happy with that. I suppose, yes, it is an 8 ohm so it is going to be lower powered into that. And like all things, your ears are a better sign of overload than figures.
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    Thanks, hope a nice BC'er with some money to spend sees it that way
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    I saw them at the Derngate Theatre in Northampton on the No Parlez tour, I was absolutely blown away by quality of the band but especially Pino and some 37 years on I am "pleased" to say I still can't play like Pino!!
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    Current noodling tunes - BLUE SKIES, Irving Berlin & LA VIE EN ROSE, Lois Armstrong & ON THE ROAD AGAIN, Willie Nelson. All for no apparent reason and then I expect It'll be something else next week.
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    I have to make do with the sense of satisfaction I get hearing bands I once auditioned for on the radio
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    Trees. Yes, deadly beauty. I’ve been crown-lifting a large silver birch. It’s always a surprise how heavy the branches are when they start coming down. I guess it’s the water inside that adds to the weight. Interestingly, I was recently talking to an acquaintance who is a hand surgeon (our kids socialise). He told me that one of the commonest non-trauma related injuries he deals with is related to dog walking. The dogs lurching and pulling on the lead causes chronic hand and wrist injuries. I must say I’ve noticed a recent trend for people to buy one (or more) expensive dog and seemingly not do any training whatsoever. That’s a different topic though. Hope the drummer comes back strong. Not rushing it will be important.
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    Be patient!!! Those crisis times open a few collections Very nice bass!!!
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    I ordered mine in August but have assured they will be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I've had the original big footprint one since it came out and I've not found an octave a like better. Very excited to get a smaller version with the Tim tuning and independent volumes.
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    ...untold and unseen 😁
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    I think you’re right Guy, my experience from working in vintage shops and playing a fair few is that there can be quiet a difference. The necks were made and finished by hand after alL edit - and not to Lull or Sadowsky highly skilled and expected exact measurements!
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    Good stuff. It’s still the one on my avatar.
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    Whatever I write that needs fuzz. But if you're asking that because you're thinking this is a fuzz pedal - you can get a Jamerson Motown sound from the overdrive section, or Roger Glover with Deep Purple, or Geezer in Sabbath, or Krist in Nirvana, etc etc. And the fuzz pedal can do all the worlds of fuzz, like the synth thing, or the Larry Graham double-tracked thing, or the Ben Folds Five thing, or Geezer again, etc etc. There's far more dirty bass sounds on recordings that many bassists realise.
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    Have to agree with @Machines on this one. Brand identity is everything, and a logo is a huge part of that. Not many people here are suspecting the basses themselves will be poor. There are a ton of people who are put off Sire basses - in spite of their generally positive reputation - because of the look of the headstock.
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    GAK.CO.UK smashing the left handed Black Friday bargains out of the park...
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    Personally, I love single cut designs, so much so now that I actually find non single cuts a little funny looking As mentioned above by a few folks, the extended shape comes from accommodating the additional scale length you get with a bass, when compared to a Les Paul or a Tele. All of that is moot is you play seated of course, but on a strap it REALLY matters, especially for us shorter bassists. You can get single cut basses, with more guitar proportioned bodies, Gibson make, or made a Les Paul bass for a while, with a marginally oversized Les Paull guitar shape, but it didn't sell well at all, like most Gibson basses sadly. I think in part that flopped due to the neck dive and extended reach for first position. Ultimately, I think single cut basses, esepcially modern style ones will forever be THE martime of the bass world. I love them, but oddly I hate martmite... The offset thing, the original marketing for the Jazz Bass noted that it was "offset" as one of the main USPs, so I have no idea why Fender seem to omit it from their more recent offset marketing strategy... Eude
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    Agreed! When I win the Euromillions on Tuesday I’ll buy both companies and make it happen 😂
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    The above video explains it all. It sounds fantastic! Bringing in a swell of Mellotron behind your bass note is a joy to hear. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it, but going down the synth route means it's not getting used. It's in as new condition, bedroom use only, and comes with it's own power supply
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    IMG_20190926_175033_resized_20190926_071035433 by VTypeV4, on Flickr IMG_20190926_175046_resized_20190926_071036084 by VTypeV4, on Flickr This was a laugh last Thursday - vintage! 😀 At 'The Cluny' in Newcastle upon Tyne..
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    Wow, the 4 string one states 12-15 weeks now! 😄

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