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    Been furloughed for a week now and finding I’ve adapted to it far too easily. I’m not a social creature in normal life and stay in unless I’m gigging. I’m also quite lazy and have no trouble doing nothing for most of the day, if I’m allowed
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    An absolutely fantastic condition Premier Dealer Network Classic Stingray IV in Gilded White complete with MM hard case. There were only 200 of these IV string basses manufactured, so reasonably scarce. Although it has four pots, it is the Classic 2EQ configuration. The fourth one becomes a tone pot when passive mode is selected. The finish is lush. It looks flat white at first glance, but it is in fact sparkly (gilded). You can see it in the photo of the rear. No trades thank you. The price includes shipping to mainland UK only. This is a seriously nice bass that I'm trying not to put too much thought into writing about 'cos I know I'll end up pulling it if I do. Weight = 10lbs 5oz. Payment via bank transfer.
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    Blimey, like @AndyTravis said, it needs a wipe but a wipe would probably sort it all out. I'd bite their hands off at £350 or £375, mind you, that's because I've owned one.
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    We have a winner. ELO (and Thin Lizzy) are by far my favourite band. And have been since the late 70s but I’ve never seen them live. ☹️ I was too young and lived too far from civilisation to see them in the 70s or early 80s. And then it seemed like Jeff would never tour again. I did see ELO Part II in the early 2000s which featured most of the band except Jeff.... Bev, Mik, Kelly, Hugh... which was an absolute treat. One of my fave ever gigs. Down near the front at a decent sized venue for it still to be intimate (Guildford Civic Hall) and singing along to all those great tunes. Wonderful. Since the Hyde Park gig our little boy has been too young to take to gigs but last year we took him out to his first ever “real gig” - The ELO Experience featuring our very own @casapete. Wonderful open air gig with a Blondie tribute band supporting. He loved it. So, we thought “Well next time they tour...” but when the tickets came out this spring took one look and thought “£450 - £600 quid for tickets for the three of us... And no guarantee he won’t get overwhelmed by being in an enormodome and we’ll have to leave part way through... I really don’t think so!” So for now I think we’ll just keep it to The ELO Experience for our ELO live fixes! Irony is I now know no less than 2 members of ELO. One of my little boy’s friends in his class, his Grandad was in the band on cello for a couple of albums in the early years. And a guy I know, Jo, has been playing keys for them for the last couple of tours. Still don’t think I’ll ever see then, though...
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    Blimey at this rate Andertons are going to have to pay to have this bass taken off their hands! PLUS a free gig bag and not to mention a lead. Did anyone say "strap" yet? 😁
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    Plus a free strap and lead!
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    If I didn’t have the Sadowsky bug I think it would fit right in with my band. Very Larry Graham esque.
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    That’s a good point, Chris. I remember reading an interview with Bruce Foxton - he who plays a 57 style Precision, the ones with the wide necks - and he said he had small hands. Given the rather quick up & down riffing that The Jams work entails that would support the theory of technique being most important rather well.
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    I know what you mean , the new stuff has gone to the wall.
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    Thought I would share my latest new bass day, it’s a bit late as I actually picked this up in late November ... but it’s taken me a while to get used to it... my first ever five string a Lakland 55-94 classic from 1999 I think in candy apple red you know when Facebook shows you adverts for basses and you see one that’s at a great price which get snapped up straight away... well then imagine it’s still there three weeks later, and in the next village from where you work... so you explain you probably aren’t interested but can you try it please... and it’s pretty well played and beat up, but it’s as light as a four string, and the neck is just a natural feel and effortless, even with that extra string ... ... and later that week the fella comes over and money is exchanged ... new strings and knobs come from Lakland in the US (hence newer style knobs) and I practice with it and gig it once so far. Mentally harder to play 5 compared to 4 ... but fun oh it can kinda sound like a jazz, or it can kinda sound like a musicman, or it’s own sound with both. The preamp is very very coloured, I need to test out the different mid options and the whole thing is kinda on the darker end of the spectrum... sounds a bit rubbish actually, till you hear it in the mix and it just *fits* perfectly so learning curvd having a fiver, but lots of fun!
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    Gibson G3 1976 Nice old black Gibson G3. This bass was made in 1976, of course in the USA. It's just a terrific playing and sounding bass with a voice of its own. Action goes low on this one, so it is really easy playing. The G3 has a rather clear and aggressive sound, which can be great for various styles. I've played it with rounds as well as flats, and it sounds great with both. It's a pretty light bass; my kitchen scale tells me it's weighing 3,65kg. A few more pics: As you can see, the G3 is in a good shape for its age. It has a few small damages and some wear on the back of the neck, but overall it looks pretty clean. I've had people thinking it to be some kind of reissue a few times 😄 This bass plays really well and allows low action. The neck is straight and adjustable, and all hardware and electronics work like they should. Fretwork is good too. Apart from the strap buttons, all should be original. The intonation screws have been changed for shorter ones by the previous owner, but I've got the originals included in a little bag. This bass comes with it's original case, which is in very good shape too. Also some original paperwork is included. New Dean Markley strings have been fitted last week. As much as I love the playability and sounds of this bass, I rarely play it due to other sound preferences band-wise. I think it left the house about 5 times since I got it a year ago... So let's see if I can swap it for something different that I'll be using more. Asking €1.500 The bass is located in the Netherlands, but could be shipped insured at buyers risk/expense. Trades/partial trades are welcome. I would be mainly interested in a good 2eq Stingray with lacquered full maple neck (like early 90s, would love a honeyburst). Some other example of what I may like; a good precision (Squier jv/sq, quality copy), jazz bass special, early 80s precision special, good "lawsuit" era stuff, fretless 70s fender precision, effects... I am into 4 string basses, fretted or fretless. Usually I like traditionally styled stuff. Pm if you have any questions or an interesting proposal.
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    Been playing ‘Like a Prayer’ this afternoon. Never really listened to it before but great fun.
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    Any strap will be fine to start with. As you progress you will find what suits you with all sorts of gear. Too much info to deal with at the start could be off putting as it'll distract from actually playing the bass. It's only us old farts with heavy basses that need all the help we can get over a two hour gig. 😁 If you get this Sire and the Orange amp you mention at the beginning you will have a great start to bass playing, regardless of what strap, lead, etc.
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    Thank you! I've asked for a cable and a random strap, so hopefully the strap is ok, if not can always treat myself later down the line
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    OK this takes too long.... Any Trades?
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    I’ve never used one. Straps are very personal imo. I use Levi’s and have a Status strap on the Status. They vary in width and length (all are adjustable), some are leather (my preference) some are material. Personally I prefer the adjustable levy’s notch type, rather than the plastic slide buckle type. It won’t matter to much at the outset. 👍🏻
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    Beautiful! That neck grain is something else! Out of curiosity, what is the ‘Flea’ bridge? ☺️
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    Al Krow speaks wisely.....
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    Just don’t sell basses. Ever.
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    Nice. I do love a Legacy...
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    ^^^ This, with great big bells on.
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    Oooof, I don't know... ex-display, if you really want it and don't mind it being played...? I assume the full warranty would be in place. You could tell them that you're a young struggling musician, and offer £350 all in!? (mentioning David Byrne would be optional)! 😃
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    With pleasure - just pulling you onto this thread for that. Hopefully you fine with downloading the patches themselves via the ToneLib or Zoom editing software. You're very welcome. And FWIW I've been making the most of my B1X-4 as a headphone amp (as well as a multifx with my rig) this past lockdown week!
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    Just to say thanks to @Al Krow for starting this thread, and to the posters putting up their patches. 👍 I'm sure they're about to go out of fashion, but I've just bought a used B3N from somebody on fleabay (with the optional FP02M expression pedal), to be hopefully delivered some time next week! Was waiting for something suitable (B1, B3) to be listed on BC, and typical, just after I bought one -- I see somebody has now put a B3 up for sale on here (which would have been ideal). Anyway -- Primary reason for purchase is to allow #1 son to use it as a headphone amp with 'all the toys', but I'm damned well going to have a play with it myself first! 😃
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    I've got the Squier version with the normal Tele headstock and 2 humbuckers. Absolutely wicked little thing.
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    Found it. Nice one.
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    The above is a great bass
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    Utterly brilliant basses - everything about these is premium. IMO a real and positive departure from some of the shoddy practices that had dogged some (not all) production in the previous period. My favourite Fenders. This is a reasonable weight for an early one - some are nuts. They seemed to get a lot lighter in ‘82. Both the ‘82s I’ve played were just under 9lbs including the brass bridge. This one looks to be in really good condition for its age too - the metallic LPB often turns green (mine was on its way). Again, IMO an excellent price for a fantastic vintage Fender
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    Pretty much, yes. If you've got fret-buzz it's 99.999% a set-up issue You're right that strings need to break over the nut at an angle. But the Fender approach (headstock parallel to fretboard) resolves this by setting the headstock behind the line of the fretboard. If you re-string in a way that the string exits the tuner from it's lowest point the break angle will suffice. If the Mustang is set up correctly you won't get intrusive fret buzz, so you won't need to look at other options. Buy one and enjoy it. But if you really want to explore the market then the little Ibanez Talmans and the short-scale Gretschs get some love round here
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    I came across a cracker just today... far from famous, mind. It’s a lovely Staples Singers cut of an old gospel tune, recorded in the mid 60s, and it's obvious the bassist (who can certainly play) has pretty much NO CLUE when Pops Staples is going to go to the IV chord. Assuming it was one take and live in the studio, I suspect Pop's open tuning and lack of conventional chord shapes may have thrown the poor bass player off. Anyway, they couldn't be arsed to do a re-take, not even one. Amazing. Fab groove though...
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    My '2 cents worth' as they say- There's some tremendous outstanding double bass'ists out there, every one has something to offer. For me the guy who 'lays it down' is Ray Brown--solid as a rock.
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    Manring is so far removed from everyone else. True genius.
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    The obvious switch is to the standard guage white nylons by La Bella. They are higher tension, but not by much. Other than that, I would say d'Addario nylon flats are higher tension than La Bella, but not so sure about other brands.
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    When you get the bass you want, I recommend learning to set the action up on it. For decades I struggled with badly set up basses, until I found basschat and realised how easy it is to set them up properly to make them easier to play. Oh.....and buy secondhand if you can. As when you upgrade you won't lose money when you sell it on (basses and guitars are one of the very few things that don't depreciate if you buy them secondhand).
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    Is that their default hard core ageing..... or DeWalt?
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    I was looking at this and thinking exactly the same - in fact, I think it's still my Google profile picture. I should never have sold it, loads of fun
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    well I live on my own and my partner who, being a slavish follower of the rules is saying we shouldn't see each other, which, to be honest, is better than being cooped up together 24/7, there may be a bit of a baby boom in 9 months, but I suspect, the divorce courts will be busier than the maternity wards
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    CBS at the peak of their love. Nineteen hundred quid too. 8ollock$.
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    As I always say: people don't know how to use Stingrays and then get surprised they "sound bad". Seriously, everytime I listen to a demo like this, the bloke who plays it has to go and boost the EQ all the way up (creating that sizzly, mid-scoop tone that NO ONE uses) and call it a day. I don't see him boosting the EQ all the way up on the other basses, why did he have to do it on the Stingray? Anyhow, rant over, for this type of 50s/Motown music obviously the Fenders will sound amazing because that's what our ears are used to. Instant Jamerson vibes as soon as he started playing. Maybe a more neutral genre would have made more sense. Thanks for sharing.
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    I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck with your results. Hope all works out for you and GLWS.
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    Strictly speaking the EMGs are not active. True there is some battery driven circuitry inside the housing, but it doesn't have anything to do with the actual pick-up which is still conventional wire wrapped around a magnet. What it is there for is to match the output/impedance of the pickup to values that the rest of the signal chain would normally expect.
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    I forgot to mention the scale length - it's 900mm to 850mm - so roughly 35.5 - 33.5 inches. For my current band I tune, low to high Ab, F, Ab, Eb. -so the low string is a semitone lower than standard and the others are a semitone higher. I think, if I string it .135, .100, .080, .060 (or maybe .065) - I should get a good consistent tension, but it might take some trial and error. I've never played a bass longer than 34" before, so it might take some getting used to. Oh, and the perpendicular fret will be the 7th. Just copying Dingwall because they seem to know what they're doing - nothing more scientific than that!
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    Is it possible to boil the whole neck?
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    Hi! Selling my ungigged and mint (for a roadworn anyway!) Fender JMJ Mustang. It just doesn't get used enough and I know someone will get a lot more out of it than I. It's a great little bass and makes a lot of noise for sch a small thing! Is very fat and round too. It comes with a gig bag. I live in Exeter but work weekly in Cardiff so can meet anywhere between or around the two if something can be organised. Thanks! UPDATE - looking for a trade for a nice 410 cab. Preferably an Aguilar 410 but open to ideas!

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