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    Alright, I discovered that there are more photos on the Warwick Customshop website...
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    Schrödinger's bass: when it's in the basket but you haven't checked out yet. There is absolutely no way Basschat is ever going to have its own twelve-step programme. Even its harm-minimalisation efforts leave a lot to be desired. This place is utterly top. Merry Christmas, Stewblack.
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    Of course yes! The only debate was how much other stuff I might buy to take advantage of the free postage 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
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    BJ the prime minister; UK leaving Europe; Lozz not playing a precision, 'tis truly the end of days 😈
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    Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 3EQ I’m set on getting myself a Status (again) so I need to make room. I took this bass in a trade a couple of months back and although it is a stunning example of the breed, my Special can look after any future Stingray needs so last in first out. Original ad here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/359492-mm-stingray-ashflamed-maple-traded/?tab=comments#comment-3858282 It really is in beautiful condition and as someone who has had around a dozen or so Stingrays, this has one of the best necks/maple boards of any of them. As @desmondpot described it to me, it has that ‘spongy’ feel to it. Not at all harsh but lovely and smooth. Unlike many of the later unfinished necks this one has a beautiful satin sheen to it and some stunning markings in the maple both front and back. Manufactured Oct 1999 Natural gloss Maple neck Maple fretboard Matt black pickguard 3 EQ preamp Chrome hardware 43mm nut Weight approx. 9.5lbs Original G&G hard case (no keys) Collection preferred but would be willing to ship at buyers expense and to their insurance requirements. The only trade I may be interested in would be a Status 4 string plus cash your way (I have a wanted ad up at the moment so it would need to meet that spec: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/388760-status-4-headed-s2s3cw-please-read-required-spec/). New photographs to follow tomorrow (if the sun decides to come out). In the meantime here are the pics from the original ad. New pics added EDIT - The photos seem a little unflattering with the string shadows on the fretboard, but please be assured it does have a lovely low action! 😂
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    @MoJo I like your updated decal - looks great. However I won't be changing mine - and what a great Musicman it is - for those in the know it's a US made 'Sports Utility Bass' - hence SUB - classic 2 band EQ a basically a Stingray with cheaper finishes - it's fabulous!! 😏👍 @Stub Mandrel how very dare you - that's based on the original 1970s Musicman logo - definitely 70s but corny - I don't think so. That one looks a bit odd btw - here is the one on my Classic Stingray. Looks magnificent to me (as Stingrays always have as far as I'm concerned!!) 👍 Heres a modern one - Stingray Special.
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    Exactly, and the same can be done for 22. I know F is less common as a useful note for rock etc, but if you play jazz, big band etc then F is a pretty useful note. Certainly more so than F#.
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    collection only, wonder why it 'only' weighs 52Kg! 😣
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    Later with Jools gets some stick on this forum, but it's had some amazing moments?
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    Aahhh, what a doofus. I only saw the partial description on the ebay app. My bad. There are two others in amongst all that bric-a-brac. The centre laminates seem well made but the hardware looks like its just been eyeballed.
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    I can’t believe no one has mentioned this gem yet.... Not a hit, admittedly but, along with Greg Lake, one of my favourite Christmas songs.
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    21 for Rock. 22 for Muso's. 24 for show offs.
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    24 as a preference, but I do like at least 21. One of the few things that annoys me about my Sire V7 is that they stuck too closely to the J-bass recipe, and gave it a 20 fret neck. I have never understood why Leo designed them like that... what the hell is the point of a range of E to Eb..??
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    Bit of a bargain, I'd say - through neck, double split humbuckers with coil taps galore. clicky
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    WoW! A truly Boris bass 😉
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    Yes, I played a couple of Stanley’s at Bass Central and they were about the same weight, but with a smaller body shape and a lot of neck dive. I was pleasantly surprised by the Spyder, although I did fear the worst when I picked it up in it’s case for the first time. I had flashbacks off carrying my Trace Elliot V8 about 😬.
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    They had a Christmas Album called.................................."Christmas Album"! The song you may be thinking of was "Little Saint Nick" which got some air plays.
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    Very different basses. It really depends on what you are looking for in a bass. Do you need to sell the Warwick to buy the Vigier? Is there something about the Warwick you don't like? The Vigier quality is top notch in general (I have two Vigiers). Though with a 31 year old bass I would want to try the bass first before committing to a purchase. If you have a chance to try it then I would highly recommend it. The only thing I would say against Vigier basses is that they don't (at least to my ears) deliver a very vintage tone as a result of the carbon fibre neck (or even a 10/90 carbon/wood neck on the new ones). The tone is phenomenal for sure. However, if the ideal bass sound in your head is boutique version of a Fender Jazz bass design, then you might not like the Vigier.
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    Congratulations... probably the last remaining bass on my bucket list. A truly phenomenal instrument.
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    Good luck, that sounds promising, I hope all goes well Sam 🙂
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    I had to come up with a very short notice solution when the venue we turned up to play didn't have enough aux channels. I used an Alto zmx52 mixer that we keep for emergencies, took a signal from my bass into one channel, and ran a spare overhead mic into another channel. The overhead was placed on the other side of the stage between drummer and guitarist and pointing to the singers, and worked surprisingly well. I ran my Iem's on a 2 quid headphone extension cable from the Alto mixer as I'd already lent the drummer my behringer P2 for the night. I also dabbled with a stereo mix that night as a result, and now I'm itching to delve further into that, but with "proper" aux channels! The mixer was about 50 quid, and the condenser is a Thomann own brand I believe, in the region of 25 quid. That plus an xlr and you've a very compact and I think affordable option where the ideal aux setup isn't available, as I'd happily use it again. The one caveat I'd add is that I don't sing in this band, so the vocals were lower in the mix naturally as they weren't directly input to my mixer, but I would have them that way anyway. Hope this helps. Rick
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    Any good deals - buy it. You can use it for a year at least and then sell it for what you bought it for if needed. Thats the beauty of good gear - it pretty much guarantees getting a high percentage of your initial outlay back. Or look at it another way - its the cheapest way to rent good gear! If you buy something for £1000, use it for a year and sell it for £900 its cost you £2 a week to use it!
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    Contact EBS and they can ship you a replacement bulb directly. Any lamp of the same type will work though, it just won’t have that red/orange glow. In terms of the amp cutting out, the valve and the lamp should not be causing this. The lamp is purely cosmetic, the valve is only inserted into the drive system so if it blows the rest of the amp should still work. I kept my Fafner stored in an unheated rehearsal space for nearly three years. It is still working. So I don’t think that the environment you are storing the amp in is hurting it. It might be worth taking the amp to a tech to have a look. The Fafner I amps are great but they have been discontinued for years. Some parts to the existing amps will eventually start to wear out. I would agree though that the gain control is finicky. Changing the EQ setting or adding or cutting drive generally has a big impact on the signal so you have to add to reduce the gain to suit. Of course once you change the gain level this again changes the character of the drive signal... Great amp though!
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    You all need to man up. I used to have a tenor banjo that weighed 12.5 Kg.
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    Yeah, it's definitely sharp looking. I can see why you'd be pleased.
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    Ha! Yes, my original request was for black pickups... I literally said, "Tell those Germans, 'Alles schwarz. Sehr, sehr schwarz!'" and somehow the brushed metal ones snuck into the spec sheet. In retrospect, I think that was for the best... it looks really sharp like this. I'm very pleased.
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    The golden age of pause / interjection was the 1950's, perhaps the best-known example being the spoken interludes in Mr Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues. My favourite, however, is Mr Peanuts Wilson's Cast Iron Arm a song of 2'26" duration which pre-dates Summertime Blues by four months. The space at the end of a verse where a turnaround would go is occupied by a voice which says, first, 'Siddown, boy' then, later at 1:37 'So I hit him in the head'. The song concludes with the voice saying 'That'll teach you to mess with me, boy' followed by a cymbal crash. Frankly, I'd like to see Ms Eilish pull off something like this without introducing the currently ubiquitous ennui which would undoubtedly be fatal to the enterprise.
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    I've now got a list of 9 numbers that I intend to play overhand tomorrow. The band are leaving the set list to me this time. Usually it's our vocalists job. I've borrowed a 4 string for the gig as my 5 string basses feel too much of a stretch over the width.
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    Help is at Hand !!! Go ahead and buy it / them ...... Then sell it on to me for a 90% discount. That way both sides of your brain will be back in equilibrium. You bought it but you didn't. I'll be happy, you'll be happy and the repetitive posting will cease. Light up a cigar and relax ......... your finances will be so much healthier. See; it feels better already, doesn't it!
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    I had it. It took many months of resting it, wearing a splinted wrist support for the first few weeks. No surgery required thankfully but I couldn't play bass for ages though.
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    You need to ask youself one very important thing............ .....Is it any good for metal?
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    Even better, if it is a lightweight skinny necked 80s MIJ Rick copy. Buy it then, when you don't like it, sell it to me at a huge loss
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    If you really don't need it, just buy it. Gas works that way. Don't let common sense win, do it. NOW !
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    No lighter than 8.5lbs, no heavier than 9.5lbs. Preferably about 8lbs10 - 9lbs tho.
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    I was just thinking yesterday that maybe an upside to the current state of our country and the tough times no doubt ahead, will hopefully be that we'll get some great new meaningful bands arising from the debris.
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    Depends how bad your back is. I had to sell my custom Alembic and Wal Pro which both came in around 10lbs. I simply couldn’t play them standing up, my legs went numb. I can do 9lbs though, but that’s my limit. Lighter the better for me, I have no interest in substantial for substantial’s sake.
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    Well definitely veteran at my age - if I was my 20 yr old bass playing self still, someone my current age would have been positively archaic and largely irrelevant - such is the march of time!! But this Basschat fixation - we've debated this before - Rickenbacker at the time was suffering from shops full of fakers in London - I remember asking a well known retailer in the guitar touristy part of London if they had any real ones and was figuratively grabbed by the lapel and wheeled out of the shop - not quite a slap round the face with a leather glove but not far off........ such was the Wild West nature of the market place and counterfeiting/ fakery then. So various manufacturers took strong action to protect their brands - all very reasonable in my book. However th Basschat grandees were dealt with by Rickenbacker, it fitted the same process - in response Basschat implemented a complete selling ban - decent response and move on, I'd have thought. Was this 10 or 15 yrs back? Some members have thought this a tiny bit heavy handed from time to time but it is no doubt backed with sound legal advice. However, I do think (and have expressed this several times before) that some members here, and possibly the underlying tone of the forum, is in danger of being consumed by a quantity of long out of date and stale vitriol. About time we moved on from that surely 👍 most of us seem to like the bloody things after all!!! Grudge holding is surely the stuff of the more odious of our politicians, leading businessmen, criminals and ex partners 😬
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    Try posting in bassists available forum.
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    It’s certainly a deal with no strings attached!
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    Bought a Digitech Bass Synth Wah from Colin. Well packaged and sent quickly. Lots of fun, can't wait to annoy band-mates with it.
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    My two, Shuker Singlecut fanned fret 6 and Warwick Thumb Bolt-on fretless 4.
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    It's a Rickenbacker, isn't it? In which case, buy it just to annoy Young Teebs.

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