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    Four strings; one p/up; no batteries!!
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    This my problem with these comments. You're all sounding like my Dad. He was wrong and so are you. We should be fighting intolerance not adding to it.
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    Surely it's more likely you would gravitate to an object with a greater mass? This said I am not a scientist
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    +1 In fact the only people who are going to read his descriptions and think they are anything other than pseudo-tech guff written by someone who really doesn't know what he is doing are total novices, probably the exact type of player who thinks it's the size of their fingers which is stopping them from fretting chords and not their technique. A lot of people don't even know guitars can be setup easily, they just think that some play terribly and some are decent. When MDP writes about how it has taken a number of days to get string height down (seriously, he actually says that) the buyer is going to think it has been influenced by some magical guitar builders's touch that they can't get anywhere else abd takes days of work, MDP even disparages guitar shop setups in his listings to reinforce this. Here's a really good way to figure out whether you should be defending him or not - imagine you have a friend who is wanting to learn guitar/bass after trying and failing previously. They send you a message with a link to one of his listings, could be the hacked together Legacy/Grabber copy bass, could be a 12>6 string acoustic conversion which rattles like hell due to the nut slots being cut too low, could be one of his basses which has electrical hum every time he takes his hands off the strings. Any one of his listings. The price is £350 and your friend thinks it would be ideal for them as he sounds trustworthy, has good feedback and talks about how much work he has put in to getting it playing well. What is your reply?
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    1977 Fender Precision All original Olympic white, Black Pickguard and Maple neck 41.2mm Nut - Type B neck, I believe. 9.76 lbs Original Fender case No trades I'm afraid. Pics with Case, pickup covers and original swing tag added Thanks for looking Simon
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    Got some heavy la Bella flats on there. This is a vista series Musicmaster bass with matching headstock, an actual bass pickup (unlike the original fenders and current bronco basses) AND string through body. There's some cosmetic damage (few chips and dings). But everything is working and playing brilliant. Competition stripe is just a sticker. Between my 2 Mustangs and Gibson and impending bass VI, I've got enough short scale basses to deal with for now, so this and one of the Mustangs have to go. One of these (in surf green) went for £560 on eBay in September (with collection only from bath). posted in UK payment via PayPal gift friends and family please or cash on collection. Questions or if you want more photos, just let me know.
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    Due to financial reasons, up for sale is this rare USA Lakland Hollowbody. Specs are: - Mahogany body - quartersawn maple neck with ebony fretboard, no face dots (just side dots) - sonic blue finish - USA Hipshot tuners with original D-Tuner - Chi-Sonic pickups, passive - 3,7kg Bass comes with OHSC and is in excellent condition, has some player wear blemishes (not a mint bass). Bass is located in Czech Republic and I am happy to ship it within Europe. £1950 shipped.
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    Nope, the 310As are our PA speakers. For pub gigs where we are providing the PA, I just use my BF cab as both audience and stage cab - no monitor for the bass. The BF SC has excellent dispersion though, so relatively easy to hear myself.
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    Aye, he was good with the Jam but meh since then. The Jam were young and angry now he is going through the motions.
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    My first Stingray although it is a Sterling.
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    Yes, that's definitely similar to ours.☝
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    Not my experience regarding the B string on my 1805. It feels ‘right’ & sounds focused.
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    It could be a respray. Though I’ve seen that colour a few times before, a quick Google search found these. If you ever take the neck off, one day, you may see some signs? Wonder if that the MM database is accurate from back then? Like you said, it’s loving it that counts.
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    The album, A Song for Paul, is well worth a listen - if you like that track then I reckon it’d be right up your street. I can’t think of an album I’ve liked so much for a long time...
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    Someone recommended this lot to me recently, and I’m forever in their debt. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ghost Funk Orchestra...
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    I find the GAS monster usually rears it's ugly head and goes berserk when I'm not playing so much. If I'm busy and happy my SX P bass is just fab.
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    I've done it several times without any problems. The neck can also be taken from the body for compact and riskless shipping. Done it this way also a lot of times. Never had any trouble. But if a buyer sorts out a case that accommodates this 35" Scale bass, I'm happy to arrange something together to have it shipped cased. Cheers
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    She was involved in drugs before BB. Think it was a cousin who started her off.
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    This is just a feeler at the moment. Basically I bought a loaded mim Mustang pj body, replaced the p-pickup and pickguard with the pickup off my pawnshop Mustang and stuck a bronco neck on it (perfect fit, however it did force it a bit which led it a slight crack by the pocket). It's not been wired together well at all and although the selector switch has been upgraded by the previous owner, I did a bad job with the wiring and consequentially it's not always switching correctly. I will say that I freaking love the humbucker in there. Its fat and deep without being muddy and a great compliment to the short scale.
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    Robot bass tuners maybe?
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    I think the finish is called Burnt Apple.....its pretty rare
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    I think so and it really is a beauty - hardly a mark on it and it really sounds fabulous and so versatile. I've got my eye on a 4 string version (that i can actually play!) but i need to sell this to get the funds. Problem is that i keep thinking about persevering with it because its so nice and i'm not trying hard enough to sell it! Any trial welcome :-)
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    Played a 29-year anniversary/reunion gig with an originals band which split, erm, 29 years ago. We'd all got chatting at a wedding a year or so ago and decided to do it, so we had half a dozen rehearsals and went for it. Great venue - well, soundwise, anyway (great house PA and engineer), but the stairs were a bit of a trial - Gullivers in Manchester. We'd shifted tickets and it was busy. Had a ball, the crowd loved it, it was great to play the songs live again, and good fun to take the full rig (Walkabout, Super Twin and Compact) for once. I played my white BB414 (I had a white BB3000 back in the day), which is the best sub-£200 bass I've ever owned. All in all a terrific night
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    and someone will get a great bass, I've had one and wanted one but unfortunately the one in rule applies (thank the missus)
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    Today I discovered Marc Cerrone. One of the most influential disco drummers to have ever lived. And I'm wondering how the hell had I not heard of him before now...he's a groove beast!
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    +1. Awesome instrument, without even mentioning how little it cost. Unless I was just lucky and got a gem.
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    Ouch! Oh man, must they? A job's a job, but Jeez...
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    Nice rambling review, @Bleat good effort 😀 But in defence of the Ibanez Talman, I get that the design is a bit marmite, indeed it's a strong contender for the most ridiculous head stock design of all time, but it's a huge amount of bass for very little money. At least mine is! The neck is a chunky P like affair but feels great, and I say that as someone who prefers something slimmer. The body too is reassuringly sturdy but admittedly weighs as much as a housing estate. Mine has had around £50 in upgrades spent on it; New pickups (the stock P wasn't bad but the bridge was weak, I swapped them out for a matched set I had in my box of odds and sods, no idea where they originated), New pots and Jack, New bridge as the stock was a bent bit of tin foil, really it was very flimsy. Shielded the cavity and rolled the fret board edges and job done . The bass as a whole is very well made, no sharp fret ends, no gap in the neck pocket, the paint job is flawless, the scratch plate fits perfectly and doesn't look like it was cut by a porpoise. I've seen basses that cost many times more that are not as well built. A few £ and a couple of hours work and I have a bass that I regularly gig alongside a couple of others that each cost 10 times as much. But it sounds like I need to check out a Bronco all the same 😀
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    The question will come down to weight. If you do not mind a bit of grunting when you move your rig then there are all manner of old school Crest CA type amps you can get for peanuts. Headroom and <insert favourite adjective for amplification joy here> are go.
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    This has run its course.
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    There's been a lot of that in this thread, or put another way, folks starting to clutch at straws as they realise that yes, to all intents and despite their sense of injustice, this is just another example of internet bullying, albeit by a bunch of middle-aged blokes with not much else to do apparently (I'm assuming they're all middle-aged with nothing else to do using the same logic by which they assumed age and inexperience of the buyers). If they are that angry with this guy, why don't they they contact eBay, or trading standards, or the guy himself. Given they're all so knowledgable, they could perhaps offer him some friendly advice?
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    Well, that depends doesn't it. If you don't want to see different perspectives in a debate so that your views don't risk being changed, then it's absolutely fine. Doesn't change the facts though.
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    Do you not think his listings will automatically filter out anybody who knows about how guitars should be constructed or even those with basic woodworking knowledge? Surely you don't think anybody other than a total novice would browse what he has for sale and do anything other than laugh their b0ll0cks off? We have a guy in my local neighbourhood who sells old laptops at carboot sales, I see him every time I have a stroll around so he's probably there every week. Big table full of old consumer grade Pentium M and Core 2 Duos from XP to Vista eras, nothing you'd pay more than £35 for if you needed a basic laptop and you were skint. His strategy is remarkably similar to MDP's - massively inflated price tag (£140 for an old HP Core 2 Duo and £69 for a Celeron M Compaq last time I looked) and a label attached with sales guff proclaiming the programs he's installed and the effort put into setting it up. His customers seem to be mainly older folk who have no issue paying well over the odds as they trust the local computer expert and his sales patter over a faceless online store front. Literally nobody who knows what they are looking at would even consider buying one and would instantly recognise it as someone trying to gouge money by misrepresenting a product, thus any knowledgeable buyers are instantly filtered out. MDP's listings have the same effect IMO, nobody who has been playing in any sort of semi-serious capacity and has gained even the tiniest bit of knowledge would think those instruments were worth more than 20% of the asking price. The only people clicking BIN are novices.
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    Just concerning his feedback, as eBay buyers are now anonymous, what's to say the guy isn't getting his missus to buy his stuff and put positive feedback up? Also I'm uncertain whether there's any speedy way to ascertain whether he's relisted previously sold stuff, if at all.
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    He's had 164 sales in the past 12 months. I presume at least some of them would be buying from an informed position. I'm not interested in buying anything he has for sale, and that doesn't change the fact that he has 100% positive feedback. I haven't mentioned anything about mental health. With 164 happy customers in the last 12 months. I don't understand how this effects you or anyone else on this forum unless they've bought something from him and are unhappy. I agree. I also think the opinion of how actual customers is just as, if not more, valid and should be taken into account. I appreciate it doesn't suit the general tone of this thread, but that doesn't change the facts.
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    Two slow songs with great bass line, both played by the legendary Tommy Cogbill
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    Agreed. If I saw this thread and I wasn't a member, I'd not join the forum. As it is it makes me wonder if I want to be associated with a place where such playground behaviour is tolerated, so if you don't see me around for a while....well, you know why I've gone.
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    To honour all the under-the-radar NBDs I've had in the past, the signature on the headstock would be the same rapid squiggle I give UPS/Parcelforce etc. before rushing the box inside to hide it...
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    I actually quite like that finish. I'm sure the audience will hear the difference 😁
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    Welcome and we’ll have none of that conchie talk around here, little old, good grief, most of us are older than you and we are having a time so keep going, it’s more addictive than crack.
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    Is that what you get now instead of the NME's current favourite landfill indie haircut band? Not watched it for about 4 years - my, how times change. Used to force myself to sit through it as it was the only live music on TV. In recent years I appear to have exhausted my supply of giveafuk.
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    Even the sexiest looking bass ever produced can't make a geography teacher look cool.
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    Then don't read or follow the thread instead of pissing and moaning about it and trying to control the content of this forum. This isn't Mumsnet. Nobody cares what does or doesn't bore you.
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    Nobody is 'picking' on Mark D Phillips. If anyone appears to be 'picking' on Mark D Phillips, it is because he promotes himself as one of that rare cadre of people known as 'we who build guitars', yet he is nothing more than a hack, a bodger who has persisted in spraying his hack-jobs and snake-oil across instrument fora for at least six years. And in that period, Mark D Phillips has learned sweet flip all! Ok, he managed to do some OTT cavity screening and claimed to have invented a coil-split circuit! I will not apologise for ripping MarK D Phillips to shreds, for he deserves every criticism that is levelled against him!

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