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    I wasn't thinking about him then, just trying to construct a sentence without spilling my wine.
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    Some years ago I was in a guitar shop where a young lad was explaining to his Obviously Very Well-Heeled Father that the Marshall DSL full-stack on display was the ideal home practice amp. To his eternal credit, the salesman tried to dissuade OVWHF from this course of action, suggesting a smaller and less expensive option. 'No, if that's what he wants then that's what he'll have,' harrumphed OVWHF, oblivious to the hideous fate that awaited him.
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    And yet people here still claim they can't play a Precision because they've got small hands
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    Yeah, it would need to be wedged in there, rather than the delicate balance for usual sustain and overtone control.
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    For sale is this bitza Fretless Jazz Bass. The body is 70's Columbus with original pu's etc all working ok. It's had a few knocks and bangs over the years so would make a great relic project J Bass. Scratchplate has been badly cut around control plate. Another bridge fitted as the old one was seized up. The Rosewood fingerboard neck is from a later 90's? Hohner Precision Fretless Bass. Plays well and sounds great, currently with flats, and a cheap Bass for trying out Fretless. I can throw in a cheap soft case. Collection from Poole or can courier at cost. No trades please. Thanks.
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    I think foam under the strings might still produce a bit of noise unless the foam is REALLY thick or solid. Worth a try though!
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    For me as a 12-year-old metal fan back in 1986, it was Steve Harris and Gene Simmons at first, followed by Duff McKagan, and Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith. Started off playing finger-style (thanks to watching Maiden videos) but then got into using a pick too thanks to Kiss and G'n'R. Still use both, and still trying to be as cool as any of them....
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    +1 A Precision is a one trick pony. The magic is that the trick encompasses everything from James Jamerson to JJ Burnell.
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    Lovely 5 string TUNE twx 5-string made in japan. Neck thru, 34 Scale, active/passive, 3-way p/up switch, Ebony fretboard, body top macassar ebony, body made out of mahogany, 5-piece maple neck with 2 walnut stripes. Abt. 4,5 kgs, very well balanced, currently strung with d'addario nickels 145 (!!!) to 45 - great bass for fusion and funk. Cuts thru very nicely in the mix. Will be prepared to pack it well and send it to europe/uK out of germany since I live close to the border - enjoy the photos - any questions please feel free to get in touch with me thru basschat. best regards from a Swiss bass fellow. PS: Even the photos were made in February 2019 - the bass looks still breathtanking today, no abuse here, well kept for studio and home use - let the pictures speak.
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    Been thinking about downsizing for a while. Need to accept reality that most of my basses live in their cases for most of their lives. They need to be used so I'm putting up a number of my basses which other basses cover the ground for. Here is my Yamaha BB414 - only had it a few months - it's sat in the living room rack for most of that time alongside basses that I will generally pick up instead. Plays lovely - really nice action, strings feel like new. The former owner (a drummer) had bought it to learn on but never did. Andy Travis is a big fan and will know lots more about these than I do - I bought it because of his love for all things Yamaha. What they say: For more than 20 years, the Yamaha BB Series basses have been the workhorse for great bass players like Nathan East, Tony Kanal, and Michael Anthony. Now Yamaha has reinvented the bass that started it all. The BB series basses boast all the classic characteristics of the original BB's, from the distinctive big body design and bolt-on neck to vintage-style hardware and soapbar and split-coil pickups. YAMAHA BB414 FEATURES: Construction: Bolt-on. Scale Length: 864mm (34"). Fingerboard: Rosewood. Frets: 21. Neck Radius: 250mm (10"). Body: Alder. Neck: Maple. Tuners: Diecast. Bridge: Vintage Style. Pickups: 2 split coil neck pickups, 1 soapbar single coil bridge pickup. Pickup Switch: 3 position. Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone. Collection from Hatfield, Herts preferred - really easy access from M25 and A1M - I'm 2 minutes from the local Police Station, The Galleria and Uni of Herts. Feel free to ask questions. Details here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/348217-nbd-yamaha-bb414/?do=findComment&comment=3825070
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    1977 Fender Precision All original Olympic white, Black Pickguard and Maple neck 41.2mm Nut - Type B neck, I believe. 9.76 lbs Original Fender case No trades I'm afraid. Pics with Case, pickup covers and original swing tag added Thanks for looking Simon
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    Literally. Maybe those of you in a Grateful Dead tribute... I've seen worse designs.
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    My lovely Chrome finish Ashdown ABM 500 head -Perfect fit in a quality SKB Shallow Rack Case. Everything works perfectly apart from the mute button which is a common fault and has never bothered me! 1 x Speakon and 1 x Jack speaker outlets Any trial more than welcome I am in Leeds very close to M1 and M62 Motorways and A1
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    So I know you guys all want an update on progress... Primer is on, rubbed down lightly and on Sunday the satin coat went on all the skirting and door surrounds. Looks good. Then tue eve I finished fitting the bottom bit of the banister and filling the gaps between the bottom bit and the spindles. So far so good. So just the spindles and bottom bit left to paint in gloss work and then touching up a few bits on the walls. The boiler man can't come for three weeks to put the radiators on which is a pain as it's getting cold. We'll survive. In other news all the wooden bits that Stevie sent me are now glued together into one thing object - and I've started experimenting with TuffCab on bits of wood.
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    Ironically the only thing I have is a bag of corners
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    I'll be down in Essex for Christmas if you want Santa to bring you a present* *obviously Santa would prefer payment in money rather than sherry and mince pies to the same value...
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    If it's just sticky keys it's dead easy just be careful. Most synths of this age used two silver coated rails to determine notes using control voltage which is then sent to the oscillators. You can clean them easily with isopropyl alcohol or switch cleaner and gently rub with cotton buds. Put switch cleaner into knobs and faders as well and twiddle them back and fourth to stop dead spots and crackles. I build analog modules from schematics and these synths are tougher than you think.
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    £20, plus £4 I haven’t used mine yet. If you’re really after one?
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    Ahhh - I thought B sounded the nicest. I got the precision and two jazzes thing too. I went with B as the cheapest as thought, P, J and then one of the Squier fretless jazzes.... should have realised by the fact it was really well played that the fretless wasn’t your cheap instrument!
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    I'm pretty sure this is a Vintage Modified 70s Jazz by Squier made in Indonesia that has had the knobs replaced. Nice bass and a great buy for £150
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    Ah, reminds me of the days when active basses were petrol-powered; none of that namby-pamby 9V battery stuff you get these days...
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    You know, I was just coming back to correct my diabolical choice of word.
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    LS bought my ACG Recurve. Despite UPS trying their best to screw the pooch, LS was a pleasure to deal with in every regard and very understanding of the (beyond my control) shipping delay. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again! UPS however...
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    Reminds me of the Jumping Jews of Jerusalem from Blackadder.
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    Killing Joke were the second band I saw live (The Damned were the first). Youth, Paul Raven and Paul Gray all helped me to understand better how to make my guitar playing work organically and dynamically with a bassist's playing.Their bass playing, and their judgement, taught me a lot about collaborating with bassists and others in a band. Punk girls weren't the reason I picked up the bass, but they were the reason I went from looking like Ben Elton to looking like Tom Verlaine in less than a week.
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    Suzi certainly introduced my ten year old self to something, but it wasn’t the bass! I remember sitting there kind of speechless the first time I saw her. She was HOT and kind of badass, which made it even better. Fab voice and great records too.
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    Ordered yet another loom off John, extremely quick service and great price. Cheers Jeff
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    I'd imagine that if the back is solid then so are the sides. Hybrid usually means laminate back and sides.
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    Glad to hear it that the software and manual are more user-friendly, that was certainly the aim. The program button is exactly the same. There were always two modes for it, we just swapped them round so that direct mode is the default setting, which is the mode which steps over the bank borders. The EDIT button steps through banks and always has.
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    v3 is rather good, now is a good time to buy!
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    Loved mine - only sold it to pay for a mixing console.. GLWS. 😀
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    I find it really hard to understand why he didn't whack the idiot interviewer around the head with his bass at the earliest possible opportunity.
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    I 3D printed a housing for a computer fan, which holds a couple of squares of cooker-hood carbon filter and runs off a wall wart.
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    Looks like it’s been left everywhere 🤭
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    I have to agree with @KevB about Blind Faith, they could have been great, but I found/find them decidedly meh. Another contender is The Firm. They were OK but should've been so much more.
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    Owners manual now on line http://www.tech21nyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/SteveHarris_OM.pdf
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    Holy crap, that is a GAS explosion waiting to happen. GLWTS my friend ... if you get a message from me about a courier please tell me to take a cold shower 🤣
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    I’m going back to my caravan (Burger King Wi-fi is rubbish anyway)
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    No one. I'm not even really a fan of the bass per Se. To me it's part of the overall sound of a band, not a standalone instrument. So there have been many bands I've liked over the years, and many a bass riff I've liked as part of the overall sound of those bands, but I've never been attracted to, or particularly inspired by the bass alone. In fact the opposite is probably true. I can't stand over the top Jacko type bass noodling. It just sounds like a load of pointless noise. For me the bass should be the solid underpinning of a band. A foundation which the whole band builds on. Maybe that's not very exciting, but most none muso's wouldn't, and probably even shouldn't notice a good bass player.
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    As someone said earlier, these days you need to pay relatively much to buy a basic instrument (like jazz) but you can get a high end instruments like this incredible Pedulla for a very decent price. I wish she finds a caring home soon. Yes, the specs and the looks are tempting, but I just got something else with 5 strings and 19 mm spacing. A long-term dream come true. She sings for me.
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    Another nice Goodfellows bass, suddenly like buses..
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    That’s nice,it’s the same as my spare one👍,one I sold had no Trace Elliot badge in the middle
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    Well, it's not Roquette science; how Chard can it be..? I'll do a Big Beet for this month, Cos I can. S'gonna be a Little Gem. Lettuce see at the endive I win, eh..? ...
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    Sadly, in the UK, with success comes the negativity! We've seen it with others and now it's Scott's turn. Most of us come and go and leave no impression on bass playing. I think its a no-brainer that the bass world is a far better place for Scott Devine being in it. He isn't always to my taste but as he isn't always talking to me, I wouldn't expect everything to be relevant. SBL is a quality product that I guess is designed to reach and help the widest range of bass players who are at many levels of development and have many interests. A tough task and I don't see anyone even half as good at it as Scott.

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