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    Due to financial reasons, up for sale is this rare USA Lakland Hollowbody. Specs are: - Mahogany body - quartersawn maple neck with ebony fretboard, no face dots (just side dots) - sonic blue finish - USA Hipshot tuners with original D-Tuner - Chi-Sonic pickups, passive - 3,7kg Bass comes with OHSC and is in excellent condition, has some player wear blemishes (not a mint bass). Bass is located in Czech Republic and I am happy to ship it within Europe. £1950 shipped.
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    Providing a facility for people to argue about planks of wood with strings on (Basschat)
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    Bannerman's in Edinburgh last night. Great venue but I really didn't like the sound. It seemed like everything was on the edge of feedback. It went well anyway, and I got a curry and a night in a hotel out of it
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    Played our album launch Thursday night at 229 in London. Put the night on ourselves and had a banger of a night. Went totally overkill on rig, but had a good crowd and played 4 tracks live we hadn't played before, 1 track we haven't done in about 4 years and 2 we were comfy with. Played reasonably and we're tight enough and importantly the crowd seemed to dig it. Took waaay too much rig with me though as there was foh. Band: Gévaudan https://gevaudan.bandcamp.com/album/iter
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    Seeing as Lennon had Clapton lined up as a potential replacement for Harrison, perhaps the opposite could now take place - reform Cream, but with Starkey on drums and McCartney on bass. A sort of semi skimmed Cream?
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    My once-a-year band had a weekend of debauchery 2 years ago and produced some ridiculous mobile phone footage, which I've finally edited together. Luckily The Weeds are never in a hurry!
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    If you missed this on Beeb 4 last night, it's on I Player, for once, a good look at the genre.......... 😎
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    I'll/We'll be interested/excited /inspired to hear/see /perceive the reply
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    I'll go with.. May you Never - John Martyn Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel ( and Kate Bush ) Hit me with your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury and the Blockheads But there's thousands more 🙂
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    Selling this unique instrument. A Sandberg California I VT Hard Core Ageded Reserve Roquefort Blue. This bass is not only made to look old by (by the world renowed specialists in aging in Sandberg), but is also made to sound old. The Hard core aged reserve series goes into a thermo treatment to age the wood so that it sounds like a real old instrument. Apart from that, the Reserve aging includes aged electronics and hardware. This bass also comes with abalone inlays on a beautiful rosewood fingerboard and Delano pickups. This is the older california body shape, which looks and feels more like traditional precision bass than the newer model, a really rare thing to find nowadays! Here are the specs (double-checked with Sandberg) - Model: California VT 4 string - Body: Alder - Neck: canarian rock maple - Fingerboard: Rosewood - Inlays: abalone dot inlays - Color: Roquefort Blue - Finish: Hard Core Aged Reserve - Pickups: Delano P (neck) and J (bridge) - Electronics: Sandberg 2 band eq with push-pull active/passive switch on the volume knob. - Bone nut - Plek'd frets - Includes Sandberg Gig bag, tool and documents. - Year: 2013, made in Germany. The bass is in perfect condition, plays and sounds amazing. The only flaw is it misses two lock screws for the string spacing adjustment - which does not alter playability, and can be easily replaced. New price for a bass like this is around 2700 euros. Ships with fresh Ernieball Slinky hybrid strings. Please check with me for exact shipping costs. Currently shipping only within EU due to Cities regulation on rosewood. Can consider trades for 5 string fender basses and foderas. Price is negotiable
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    Paul Weller's lost a lot of weight...
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    I applied for a job with the Government a few years ago when I was in my late 40s. The job was verifying COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) registered sites were complying with the requirements of their license. I've been involved in Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Pharmaceuticals since leaving school and visited my first major faciity at the age of 16. I'm a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years experience in this field. I thought I could make a contribution to society by doing this and I'd become disillusioned with the working methods of my clients anyway, The job was advertised with a salary about 60% of my last salaried position - although I'd been working on a self employed basis at more than double the salary for a few years. It took over 2 hours to do the online application. Within minutes of submission I got a rejection stating that I had insufficient experience. I did check that they'd read my application and CV and apparently they had. I got the distinct impression they had already selected an in house candidate and were advertising the role because they were obliged to. If they'd said I had insufficient experience of something in particular, or an element of the job that I'd misunderstood I'd have just accepted it, but the stated reason was so clearly incorrect I was gobsmacked. Their loss.
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    only spotted them last week because some nicey smashy deejay on radiocaroline.co.uk has played this recently a few times
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    loads on the yewtewbs - heres on for starters
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    For sale, no trades please: HH Studio 60 Bass Combo Mosfet-powered bass combo from the '80's with 15" speaker. 3-band parametric EQ with bright boost and built-in compressor, headphone socket and speaker extension jack for 4Ohm minimum extension speaker. Headphone socket, line-out, effects loop and a pair of sockets labelled 'Bi-Amp', no idea what they do and I don't have a manual. Although nominally 60W, these appear to be old-school watts. I've used this combo with a trio of loud drummer and Fender-twin powered guitarist, and it quite happily kept up. Only thing against it is the weight - 22 kgs. Happy to ship to the UK at cost but collection is probably the best option. Pictures (happy to take more on request):
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    79 Peavey T40 Absolutely immaculate, I've had a handful of these basses and this is the best one I've seen by a mile, it's even got the thumb rest and bridge mute with untouched adhesive strip Beautiful maple board, great player , resonant and even Period hardcase No trades I'm afraid I'm in Crystal Palace but I travel loads for gigs and am up for a detour
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    Yup. Winch all day and not flag.
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    Seems a lot more reasonable, still not cheap but the quality of Tech 21 is well known, and quality doesn’t often come cheap.
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    Well I've never seen a more stupid way of fitting a cap.! If the long leg, earth side of that cap. ain't touching the 'unused' tag on the tone pot when fiited to the scratch plate, I don't know! Should have gone to specsavers
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    That some signal at all reaches the amp means that you *have* a signal path, but something is 'attenuating' it, which is what the variable resistors do anyway, the couple the signal to ground through some magic bits of tat. that the signal is not GONE means there isn't a hard short to ground, but something like the dielectric breaking down in a cap or in the jack socket MIGHT create a resistive path to ground. I'm new to this forum and I don't think anyone's twigged that I'm an idiot yet
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    Had a bit of time over the last few days to A/B the AO900 with the M900. My focus was on the drive tones plus the EQ. Drive comparison This mainly boils down to whether you prefer the AO over the B3K and VMT, or not. If you don't, stick with the M900 v1 or get the v2 for the additional bells and whistles noted in my OP which are, without doubt, a nice addition. I've A/B'd the drive with 3 basses: a Yammy PJ (passive) and two active basses: Ibby SR Premium and a Spector Euro 5LX - at pretty decent volumes but at home rather than in a band mix. Fortunately for me(!) I do prefer the AO over both the B3K and VMT with all three basses, although the VMT ran the AO close with my Spector. The AO has a cleaner drive tone and less top end 'mush' (VMT) or fizz (B3K) and it's good to be able to blend A & O and add bite (boosting at 2.8kHz) / growl (shelving bass boost for a fatter low end) to taste. My current AO setting of choice is a 60% alpha 40% omega blend, with bite engaged combined with a slight EQ boost at 250Hz for added mid punch plus a slight boost at 3kHz and 5kHz for added bite. This may well change in a band mix, but I suspect this is going to cut through a fair bit more than either B3K or VMT has done on my v1. EQ Bass is all about the mids right? The M900 v1 has 6 EQ mid centre points to choose from which is two more than on either the M900v2 or the AO900. However on the v1 having chosen your preferred centre points you then have two mid dials you can simultaneously engage. Whereas on the v2 and AO900 you can vary four EQ mid points simultaneously. This really does give a lot of sonic flexibility and more than offsets the loss of the 750 Hz and 1kHz EQ centre points in my books. Conclusion If you're a fan of the AO drive, the AO900 is undoubtedly an improvement on an already very good amp, both in relation to the drive and the EQ; and the additional bells and whistles are all welcome additions on top. I've got a few gigs in the diary at the end of the month so will be able to try the AO900 out in the mix then, but I think that's me done in terms of comparison and I'll put my trusty v1 up in the FS shortly.
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    Interesting as Bass Guitar Mag features this and says product street price to be $289. Maybe they’re gonna be flown here First Class?
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    Hi, what's the neck width at the nut on this bass? Also, is it a "C" shape / profile neck? I had a P bass from that era with RW board, which had a C profile neck, and it was lovely.... Wish I'd kept it! Lol
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    I have been considering piano lessons to help me learn to read and generally improve my theory. This is with the aim of breaking through the walls that are stopping me from becoming a jazz bassist. Learning piano in my mind gives me a clean slate to learn from the beginning and hopefully be able to transfer those skills back to the bass. I too taught myself at a young age by tabs. It's really limited me as my mind does not approach the bass in a way which I can improvise or play melodically. I see the bass as a paint by numbers instrument. I've came a long way and I am slowly picking up theory and reading (I'm only a hobbyist). If I could start again, I would definitley have opted for lessons and reading .... providing i could inforce it on my 13 year old self!
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    Ive have both the Xvive and WL-20L. I like the Xvive for its on/off button, but much prefer the Boss overall, especially as the Boss has a more standard jack plug. The Xvive seems to have issues with some basses, my Yamaha BB425 being one of them. Heres a strange thing. When I got my new Fearless F122 I was trying it out at home, and noticed a buzzing (thought at first it was the cab grill) when I played the low F#-G lightly. It was coming in as the notes were dying off. Plucking louder and it disappeared. I swapped over the Boss and couldn’t replicate it. Back to the Xvive and there it was again. Now I’ve heard that I can just about hear it in headphones as well. My guitarist uses the Xvive and it seems to work ok for him, so I don’t think there is too much in it.
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    Let's bring it into this century with a funky up to date name. All this burst this and burst that is so twentieth century. How about 'Colon Squeeze' or 'Evacuation Splash'.
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    The tuners in the first and second photo are different?
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    Something you can do very inexpensively as a temporary measure, so she can keep going for now.. put a guitar capo on the 1st or 2nd fret of the Squier then return down to normal. Gives her easier stretch but still the same notes. If she has a definite preference for one of the capo positions, aim for a short scale as close as possible to that length.
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    It looks as though it's still damp to me. But yeah, tortoise shell scratch plates are another abomination that should be erased from existence. They really are offensive. Paired with a turdburst bass, two wrongs don't make a right, they make wrong squared.
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    +1 for the srm450s - kaeep an eye out in the usual places and a pair will pop up for sale soon enough they are fairly popular the thumps are usable as PA but the 450 have more power and much more clarity - we used 450s with mackie ipad mixer depends how many inputs you need you might get away with 8 - we started with an 8 but being 5/6 piece we needed to swap it out to the 16channel model- plus if anybody in the band decides they want to use in-ears with the mackie ipad mixer they will be able to control their own monitor feed from an iphone/ipad app
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    Should you be interested I have a Yamaha EMX5 posted for sale on here.
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    Ahhhh, THAT one! Nice to see something a bit legendary pop up now and then.
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    Eee, us old ones had it bad.
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    Cool mate, feel free to PM me if you want to discuss further
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    They are also pretty good for setting your mates bedroom on fire! I had one and sold it to a mate when I brough a Carlsboro Cobra 90 bass amp, he had it for about 3 weeks, apparently he left it on, went downstairs to grab a drink and by the time he got back it was burning away nicely!
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    Yes fall of or fall away is a good idea.
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    Waist strap https://slingerstraps.com/products/hip-strap-guitar-strap
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    Boss of Ryan Air, the airline that charges you extra for everything. In case of an emergency a mask drops down and a sign lights up saying 'Insert 1 euro in slot for 5 minutes oxygen'.
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    My old bass! Glad it's still in service.
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    Didn't buy anything from Andrew however I posted in General discussion about mono straps as my bass was causing me shoulder pain. he then said he had a strap that would help it and offered to send it to me. I then traded said heavy bass and got a lighter one. messaged saying I didn't need the strap anymore but thanks for the offer. he sent it anyway! I have to say, my Warwick streamer now feel weightless! Thanks again!
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    Traded my Read NAMM bass for Andy's warwick and fender. Was a really smooth trade, he rocks every day and twice on tuesdays!

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