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    Hope the OP doesn't mind me, as a fellow WHU fan, crashing his party too much with my own first Spector! This one won't have the greatness of his, but for the price I'm hoping it will be a bit of a Legend. It was a little bit 'love at first sight' when I picked this one up earlier this evening from a fellow BCer on the other side of the Thames. Maple core with Bubinga outer layer which means the overall weight is substantial at 10.5 lbs, but it feels very well balanced and not 'heavy' to wear. Neck through and 3 band EQ. Been a bit a of a journey getting me here but, I have to admit, I'm really chuffed at finally having joined this particular club
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    Ordered some amber reflector knobs in anticipation of this arriving (hate the strat knobs...) looks loads better
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    It came from lots of frustrations of trying to make lots of wireless work. (I run 13 channels of wireless in my band). So sat down and read and read, learned about intermodulation and the like, then got interested in the tech out there... and of course having a massive passion from inears, it kind of goes hand in hand when trying to co-ordinate wireless inears without stuff dropping out, or being latency bound. I have been known to have gone to the industry days (people like Shure) on wireless... "for fun". I've helped more than a few people get their wireless together, including a couple of theatre shows who had bought all the gear but could never get them co-ordinated right. I guess that I also have a habit of swotting up on stuff that interests me... and then applying it in the real world to prove to myself I guess, that I can walk the walk. Sometimes I must come across a bit smart alec.... but I've seen too many times bands just buying wireless stuff and expecting it just to work (made worse by the fact that each band member turns up with their own complete random wireless gear)... which it can if you are staying with the same brand and model of wireless... but it's when you start running completely random stuff with fixed frequencies that co-ordinating becomes a lot, lot more troublesome. I guess what I am trying to say, is if you want to go wireless as a band, you need to have a strategy - and everybody subscribes to the same way of thinking.
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    This is the 00s version - I have a blueburst 90s one. A couple of differences to tell these apart is that you have to remove the neck to adjust the truss rod on the 90s version so it doesn't have a truss rod cover on the headstock. Also the stacked knobs are round on the 90s version without the pointy bit.
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    Hiho,happy Foundation day.I,ll put up pics of my pair-83 body,92 neck black n maple and 84 all original sunburst n maple with obligatory missing TRC.
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    If its this one, it doesn't appear to be raked at all. That one shouldn't have left the workshop without a retainer. The 'proper' raked headstocks are very obviously tilted back, and don't need a retainer.
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    Let me introduce myself, Envious, Very Envious
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    Jimmy quit, Jody got married, so i needed cheering up 🙂
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    Meh. Pick player with the musicality of a rock. And he wears a crap wig.
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    Selling this bass bought here on BC, comes with a padded gigbag and can be picked up or send (shipment included) A very funky and punchy bass with a variety of sounds (great Miller-ish slap for instance) and rather special to the eye. There used to be other pick up covers on the bass but now there are the more white ones (also made by the builder) I made a quick very crappy video but I guess you can filter your ears enough to get a grasp..(great view on two bikes !) Feel free to check my feedback here on BC and thx for looking.. Model: Chronos 4 Construction: Bolt On, 22 frets Body: European Ash Top: Quilted Maple Neck: 3pz Hard Maple Fingerboard: Bird's eye Maple Preamp: John East J retro (active/passive,Vol, Bal, 3 way vol + high treble + mid sweep, active/passive tone) PU: Kent Armstrong single coils
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    Gotcha 🙂 I took the 'resist' to mean a coating to resist tarnishing ie chrome, rather than something to mask/resist the chroming process. Making the whole post back to front. 🙂 Firstly any kind of chrome paint won't work, it's just paint and no matter how good it is the action of fitting strings and tensioning them will chip it off. In a similar way any oil, grease or other coating will just make your strings, and then your bass, messy. As far as I'm aware you won't be able to mask the bridge and only chrome the holes, but if it is possible to coat the bridge in something to stop the chrome salts being attracted to it then I'd guess it'll just be prohibitively expensive. Also a copper coat is often first applied before chrome (and nickel but that's standard so irrelevant), I think for better adhesion to certain metals, maybe to do with conductivity, and if this needs to be done then even more fiddly and time consuming. I would guess it's cheaper to just rechrome the whole thing which I'm sure can be done over the old chrome, but will need dipping to key it for the nickel and chrome plating. Hopefully someone who works with the stuff can confirm, or just ring your local platers and explain what you want and they'll advise you.
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    If all of her gigs have PA support, the solution is undoubtedly a HX Stomp. That’s it. She can practise at home through whatever rig she has. Headphones if she has no rig. Spend a little time making presets at home either on the hardware itself or through the excellent PC/Mac editor. When heading off to rehearsals or the gig just sling it in the front pocket of the gig bag and hook it straight up to the desk when you get there. Job done. Perhaps slightly more technical than lugging an amp up the stairs and turning it on but in the long run it offers the best price-to-versatility-to-power-to-weight ratio.
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    + 1 on the matt finish! 👍🏻
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    I too had to Google Rachel Bolan to find out who she is. Does the bass come with a nose ring and earring linked by a chain? 😂 I'm not a big fan of the red inlays but I guess Rachel is. I think the idea of applying stickers is worse than the inlays, especially if they're not 100% perfectly applied, you'll see tiny bits of red, or a the wonkiness again the parallel frets and it will drive you nuts.
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    Yes, I was a bit uninspired by the red, but the more I look at it, the more I dig it.
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    Looks pretty cool to me. I think the colours tie in well
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    On second thought I would just leave it as it is.
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    The pub gigs I've done in North Devon have never seen a band paid over £200. There are pubs that don't pay anything. It's part of the reason I wasn't much fussed when the last band packed up, and as a result I jacked it all in. Lugging gear around, playing music I wasn't interested in for £35 a night wasn't my idea of fun.
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    Yeh he's a great player but I really didn't like it. I had to stop it half way through Also if you're going to title your video "DESTROYS" it might be an idea to do another take after you fluff the first few bars
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    Now that is very nice! They don't seem to be that common either, especially in that nick.
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    He can afford to buy another!
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    Scary Pockets vids are good. Not seen any of that, so some good has come out of his indulgence I guess!
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    It’s simply an exercise in facility, so why not. Fantastic player, has done some of the Scary Pockets vids and is always super musical. Si
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    Aye ok i'll submit..red it is...i think
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    See, red, it's the only choice 🤩
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    The Best of Rush
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    A Euro is a great bass to go for. As for the finish I’ve seen a clear matt in stained black or gloss finish in most other colours. The Matt finish seems more rare on the Euro though and was mostly used on the now discontinued Rebop bolt on neck basses. 👍
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    I've had it repaired Roger. It is the nuts. I love it. Japan Axe lent me his Big Bang for a couple of days and it sounded great. Well happy, I am........!!!
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    I have just boughta new SM58 mic i weighed it too,330g,i messaged seller,no reply,i've scoured the net and checked out every detail,including on box made in mexico,so hopefully not a fake.
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    When weight, size and volume matters at a gig, I use a Barefaced Super Midget and a Quilter BB800. I've tried guitar through this too and it sounds fine. This mini-rig will handle any pub gig I'm ever likely to play and any bigger gig with PA support. The Super Midget isn't cheap but you only buy once. The Quilter is cheap for what it does compared to other big name USA amps. Frank.
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    I'd go for red too!
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    Yep - me too.. Mine had a lovely neck on it as I recall and sounded just like a Jazz bass should.. Looked the business too, just like this one! Anyway, that's enough of my reminiscing.. GLWTS
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    Lovely sunburst. Hindsight can be a cruel thing when you, regret letting something go only to want it back.
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    People are being far too pessimistic. The RCF is a good quality PA speaker designed to have as flat a response as they could get. It will use the same drivers as the powered version and peole have had good results with RCF speakers. The point about your bass amp not being flat is valid. Room problems apply the same to any speaker and by 'flat' we simply mean it tracks the output from the bass pickups, whatever that is. you are talking about small gigs so output below 59Hz is usually little more than a nuisance to be filtered out. the only other issue is whether the speakers can handle bass without damage, that shouldn't be an issue with a 15" RCF driver, PA drivers are designed to have similar heat dispersion to bass speakers and the bass only driver is likely to have better excursion than a bass instrument speaker if there is indeed any difference. The advantage of an active speaker is that the matching of amp to speaker is done for you and it is easy to build in protection for the speaker. There are plenty of old PA cabs around, borrow one and see if you like the sound. The RCF is probably going to be an upgrade on most PA speakers but just check you like the cleaned up sound before you spend any money. It won't be exactly like the RCF but it's better than just a leap into the dark.
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    I bought one a couple of years ago - lives in the front room under my AH150 and Elf - swap between the two as the mood suits. Great little cab - just as you'd expect from TE. I don't expect to pick the next one up at a silly price - I think that TE are back on the up.
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    Well, I found a use for half of it...long story... Family was away for a long weekend, 14 of us in a big house in Troon, South Ayrshire, as my brother in law over from Oz and it was the wee boys 2nd birthday on Saturday, so a full day of presents, cards, cake, drink etc... We got packed up yesterday and drove home, getting everything unpacked and opened up all the wee boys cards which hadn't been touched since Saturday afternoon...only to find around £300 of birthday money given to the wee boy was missing, completely disappeared into thin air... After chatting with family, we now strongly suspect that the rental house we were in has been burgled as the wife's sister said she heard a bang in the middle of the night, like a door shut, but thought someone was up at the loo or kitchen, also bro-in-law saw a guy running about the street outside on a bike late at night, thought it strange at the time, but never mentioned to anyone... We've logged a police report and they're coming out tomorrow morning to take statements and I've filed a travel insurance claim, but I'm highly doubtful of getting anything back, as we've no way of proving the amount, nor can we actually prove the theft. There was no broken glass, damaged doors etc., no obvious point of entry. We are suspecting that the house would be known in the area as a holiday rental and that it could then be a copied key that's been used to enter. It all sounds a bit far fetched, but there's too many people in the house for no-one to have heard any forced entry. Anyway, upshot is I'm not having my wee boy lose out on some scumbag bastard stealing from a two year old...!!
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    I've bought Body and neck blanks from www.reidtimber.co.uk. Prices and quality are great in my experience.
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    Easy. Test For Echo. Hard to find a single redeeming feature - leaden, Rush-by-numbers instrumentation, awful, cringeworthy lyrics, Geddy mumbling away, sounding bored to death. The whole thing (uniquely in their career) stinks of contractual obligation. I suppose the artwork's quite nice.
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    Obviously colour choice is highly subjective so I won't make any recommendations on that, but to help choose a colour, assuming that you're not changing the neck, I'd personally look for something which is complementary to yellow of the fretboard & headstock. A good place to start is to look at a colour wheel and see what's opposite yellow (which are blues and maybe violets). Then, get yourself to a paint store (like b&q) and pick up different samples of your chosen colour and see what works best with the neck. Keep in mind that colour changes dependant on the light, so that needs to be kept in mind when you're doing the matching.
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    Hemispheres..1st Rush album bought through saving up when i was a paper boy..& no i didn't blow away
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    I think this comment explains a lot. You are looking at how some one else has transcribed it and tabbed it out. This doesn’t mean it’s correct to the recording. Also I have seen the best advice you can get about 5 string playing said several times on this thread and I will repeat. Don’t be looking for songs with the 4 extra low notes, use the B string where you would usually use open E or or F (1st fret E string). The main reason for the B is efficiency and not having to move up and down the neck to get notes you want as they can be under your fingers.
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    <Sound of 5-string bass being cut into small pieces for firewood>
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    But I've not been banging on about how good the compressors are like you have over the filters and synths! And we all know that talking to you about compression is like clapping with one hand 👐🖐️ 😀 So you keep saying. But what you don't say is how or why, or provide any evidence (sound samples, videos etc) to support that claim. You know me well enough to know that I don't take anything at face value. We're back to Hitchens Razor; That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Or is it time to revive what was the best thread ever on any internet forum, despite its original ephemeral life span;
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