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    Ordered some amber reflector knobs in anticipation of this arriving (hate the strat knobs...) looks loads better
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    If its this one, it doesn't appear to be raked at all. That one shouldn't have left the workshop without a retainer. The 'proper' raked headstocks are very obviously tilted back, and don't need a retainer.
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    Let me introduce myself, Envious, Very Envious
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    Now that is very nice! They don't seem to be that common either, especially in that nick.
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    A Euro is a great bass to go for. As for the finish I’ve seen a clear matt in stained black or gloss finish in most other colours. The Matt finish seems more rare on the Euro though and was mostly used on the now discontinued Rebop bolt on neck basses. 👍
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    I have just boughta new SM58 mic i weighed it too,330g,i messaged seller,no reply,i've scoured the net and checked out every detail,including on box made in mexico,so hopefully not a fake.
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    Yep - me too.. Mine had a lovely neck on it as I recall and sounded just like a Jazz bass should.. Looked the business too, just like this one! Anyway, that's enough of my reminiscing.. GLWTS
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    Well, I found a use for half of it...long story... Family was away for a long weekend, 14 of us in a big house in Troon, South Ayrshire, as my brother in law over from Oz and it was the wee boys 2nd birthday on Saturday, so a full day of presents, cards, cake, drink etc... We got packed up yesterday and drove home, getting everything unpacked and opened up all the wee boys cards which hadn't been touched since Saturday afternoon...only to find around £300 of birthday money given to the wee boy was missing, completely disappeared into thin air... After chatting with family, we now strongly suspect that the rental house we were in has been burgled as the wife's sister said she heard a bang in the middle of the night, like a door shut, but thought someone was up at the loo or kitchen, also bro-in-law saw a guy running about the street outside on a bike late at night, thought it strange at the time, but never mentioned to anyone... We've logged a police report and they're coming out tomorrow morning to take statements and I've filed a travel insurance claim, but I'm highly doubtful of getting anything back, as we've no way of proving the amount, nor can we actually prove the theft. There was no broken glass, damaged doors etc., no obvious point of entry. We are suspecting that the house would be known in the area as a holiday rental and that it could then be a copied key that's been used to enter. It all sounds a bit far fetched, but there's too many people in the house for no-one to have heard any forced entry. Anyway, upshot is I'm not having my wee boy lose out on some scumbag bastard stealing from a two year old...!!
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    I've bought Body and neck blanks from www.reidtimber.co.uk. Prices and quality are great in my experience.
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