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    So, I was 50 last Saturday... treated myself.
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    Wasn’t sure whether this should be in here or in Repairs & Technical but here goes…. The restoration of the electrics on my '83 SB-R150 is finally complete and I'm very pleased with the result. Huge thanks go to @Prostheta for his wizardry and patience and also to Rautia Pickups for the pair of MB-1E replacement pickups. This bass was originally listed for sale on here several years ago although I subsequently found it through an ad elsewhere (EDIT - I was actually given the heads up by @Fionn of the ad on FB). Turned out that the BC ad was indeed still live. I purchased it because it was in such beautiful condition, including the original case. The big (very big) and obvious issue was that the original pickups and electronics had long since been removed and disposed of. After conversations with Prostheta as to what was or wasn't possible I decided to push on with trying to get it restored to as close to stock as possible. The first pictures show the bass as I bought it, then with everything stripped out. Note the packers that had been fitted inside the pickup cavities to take the screws for the previously installed Armstrong pickups. Fortunately after some careful chipping away I managed to clear the old glue off to reveal the original pickup screw bushings. As you can see the loom (including 6-position Varitone and preamp) that Prostheta provided is a work of art and it seemed a shame to have to try and cram it into the seemingly tiny electronics cavity in the back of the bass. It was a squeeze but it went in and it is beautifully quiet running. No humming, no buzzing, even sat directly in front of the amp with the volume up to gigging levels it is uber quiet. Finally there are a couple of pics with this now complete bass taking its place alongside my R60 and R80. I may look out for a set of black or bronze pickup screws as the silver ones do stand out a little but all in all I'm thrilled with it. It sounds great with a powerful preamp and a huge range of tones and I know it’ll be good for years. I'm a happy chappy and I hope you enjoy the pics showing the seemingly simple but oh not so simple transformation. 😀
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    I've just dug out the debut album by The Police "Outlandos D'Amour' I havent heard it in years. Great simple bass lines by Sting before he became a monumental bellend. 😋
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    Very hard to find Parker Fly 5 Bass in excellent condition. A couple of marks to the body and a mark on the edge of the neck as per picture which you can't feel when playing. Recently strung with flats for a very 'upright' sound when using the Piezo pickup. Sitka Spruce body with Quilted Maple on the front and back. Neck is Mahogany wrapped in a skin of carbon fiber. Headstock is Curly Maple. Fretboard is glass and carbon fibre fretboard. Fretboard radius 10" - 15", 34" scale. 24 medium size, hardened stainless steel frets, Lightweight aluminum locking Sperzel® tuners. GraphTech®, width: 1.8", Mono-Rail II bridge with individual Fishman piezo pickups. 2 Custom DiMarzio Ultra Jazz™ hum-cancelling pickups with active Fishman EQ.Controls Master volume, magnetic pickup pan, magnetic pickup active 2 band EQ, piezo volume, piezo active tone. Comes with a Parker padded gig bag. For sale only, no trades thanks. Will delivery fully insured to you, the additional cost of which will vary depending on where you want it delivered to! Collection also welcome, happy to travel a reasonable distance to meet. Cash on collection or bank transfer.
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    Here is my recently purchased Fender US Highway One bass. It’s got the Leo Quan Badass Bridge and nitro finish. It’s nice and light at 9lbs. Very good functional condition with only a couple of dings and some bucklerash on the back. Neck is excellent just lemon-oiled and with a new set of Roto Swing bass 40-100. Will come with a spare set of flats and a gig-bag. I bought it very recently but I prefer the feel of maple boards these days so having gigged it I know it’s not for me. This is all original and sounds great. I can post in the UK. I’d only consider a trade on a US made Fender P bass with maple board (with cash top up from me) or a Markbass CMD 151 combo. Cash preferred.
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    Second one done and I know relic is marmite but I like it. Took a bit of inspiration from a relic CS P bass but toned it down a bit. I like it and sounds epic! Nice matching/non matching pair 😁 Roll on two festivals this weekend 🤘
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    Played a standard pub gig on Friday in Bicester then today at a family festival in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. What a startling view! Always nice to play outside but it does test your rig when there is no FOH support for the bass. The sound guy appeared to be suffering from sunstroke, he was certainly very red, I hope he's OK. Made for an interesting afternoon/early evening. Here's a snap shot of our view as we played
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    Actually it’s a 50/50 bass here’s a pic of what it ought to look like....
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    Alan Gorrie is borrowing my Overwater for the Average White Band gig in Cardiff tonight, as his bass was nicked last night! Glad I could help out though!
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    Just got my Thumpinator in the post. I don’t have a gig or rehearsal for a while to test properly, but had a play in the house. Banging all the strings lightly with the palm of my hand seems to demonstrate the inaudible effect of the Thumpinator - there is a lot less cone movement with the Thumpinator plugged in. I should think this will have a very positive effect on the compressor now too. Can’t wait for a gig now!
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    Well there’s always ChangesTwoBowie in Leigh next Saturday if you’re free?
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    Hi, I am selling my two year old Old Smoothie in mint green due to it not being used enough. It is in excellent condition and has been gigged only a couple of times. Here is the color and the specs: Specifications StingRay 40th (Old Smoothie) Model StingRay 40th (Old Smoothie) Size 13-1/2" wide x 1-5/8" thick x 44-7/8" long (34.3 cm wide, 4.1 cm thick, 114.0 cm long) Body Wood Alder Body Finish High gloss polyester Body Colors Mint & Butterscotch Bridge Music Man® chrome plated, hardened steel bridge plate with vintage stainless steel saddles and adjustable mute pads Pickguard White Scale Length 34" (86.4 cm) Neck Radius 7.5" (19.1 cm) Headstock Size Only 8-3/4" (22.2 cm) long Frets 21 - Low profile, narrow width Neck Width 1-5/8" (41.3 mm) at nut 2-1/2" (63.5 mm) at last fret Neck Wood Select maple neck Fingerboard Select maple Fret Markers 5/16" Black dots (no 21st marker) Neck Finish High gloss polyester Neck Colors Natural aged light yellow finish Tuning Machines Schaller BM, with tapered string posts Truss Rod Rear mounted adjustable - no component or string removal Neck Attachment 6 bolt neck plate Electronic Shielding Chrome plated brass control cover Controls Custom "Old Smoothie" 2-band active preamp; vol, treble, bass Pickups Custom "Old Smoothie" humbucking with 10 elongated Alnico magnets and split cover Left Handed No Strings 45w-65w-80w-100w (Super Slinky Bass #2834) Willing to post at buyers expense. I live in Exeter but work in Cardiff so willing to meet around these areas. Comes in the official Musicman hard case it arrived in. Thanks!
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    Sandberg VM5 in surf green. Typically been after a 5er and I now have two Sandberg 5’s so one has to go. This one I got in a trade and it is a beauty! Owned by a couple of guys on here so I am sure they’ll chip in. Plays and sounds excellent and one tiny ding on the body, that’s it. Comes with a gig bag. Welcome to come and try anytime. No trades thanks.
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    BC marketplace comes up trumps again and sorts me out with just what I was after, thanks to Bobby D. Fancied something a bit gnarlier and more straightforward than my J and, having already tried this out at a rehearsal, I think it could be just the ticket. I’m now sold on replacing the flats on my J (which were on it when I bought it) with rounds – I really like the feel but the amount of snap I want for the sort of things I’m playing just isn’t there. I’ve always preferred a Jazz neck, but I think a combination of this one not being too hefty and me being more comfortable with playing bass than I’ve ever been before mean this isn’t too bad at all. Also, it seems like the slightly smaller body than the J puts the neck in a marginally more comfortable position to reach the lower frets – has anyone else found this, or am I being a weirdo? Next steps for the P are: flip the pickup round, and while I’m at it get a black scratchplate. Anyway, here’s a picture of it with the J and a bonus, additional beast.
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    Up for sale is my superb 1999-2002 Crafted in Japan Fender Precision PB62 1962 reissue in a beautifully aged white body, nicely aged maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. It’s got virtually no fret wear, plays and sounds wonderful and is currently strung with new 45-105 rotosounds. There are one or two small surface marks, the worst near the upper strap pin but that’s very very minor for a 20 year old bass. It weighs in at a respectable 4.3kg and measures 42.5mm at the nut. The gloss on the back of the neck has been knocked back slightly with zero grade wire wool for a smoother feel. The fretboard has been treated with lemon oil and the bass has been fully set up. Comes in a padded gig bag. Will post anywhere or can deliver or meet up within 60 miles of Chester. No trades at the moment. Probably. Possibly........oh go on then, try me...... Thanks for looking.
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    Two whole decades after my last bass guitar purchase I've finally lashed out and increased my collection by 100%. But - you ask - what can it be? A classy Fodera? A Wal? An original stack-knob Jazz with OHSC?
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    I don't think much of this Oasis tribute 😐
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    On this video those guys from Padalka shows how he did it:
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    isso é incrível ha ! Take that, profanity filter
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    Going to make a concerted effort to down size...I'll be advertising some gear next week. If there's anything that you might be interested in, send me a PM.
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    Wow, that’s stunning! You have to talk us through how you achieved that finish!!!
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    There’s no reduction in bass, if that’s what you meant. I am expecting that at gig volume the only difference will be a clearer sound. The secondary positive is also the effect on the compression I’m using - imagine previously all that high energy low frequency plosive-type of thump a that would affect the volume at all frequencies that compressor is working on, so whack the stings and you’d have a volume dip in reaction. Now that high energy low frequency is taken out of the equation, the compressor will only react to the frequencies I can actually hear, leading to a smoother overall sound.
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    Caught a bit of George Ezra and was quite impressed with the bass sound and playing. Not so much the songs. Bit of Hozier on now, surprised to see the bass player with a Skold 5 string sounds good too. On a different topic, anyone catch Goat Girl? Interesting outfit choice by the drummer 😂
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    And already has your name on the headstock, so no need to change your name by deed poll. Win win.
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    Have a look on here for the thread on SBL where scott explains it. No, youre not!
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    Instead of saying definitely I’ll stick with hopefully attending this time.
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    Only seen Michael Kiwanuka's set but thought the sound in general was a world better than anything I've heard on the Glastonbury TV broadcasts for many years.
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    I've been using Cubase since before it was invented... If you do decide to go down the Cubase route, I would consider NickD's advice above. The UR 22 (and the mk11) are excellent. Also drivers for the device are updated regularly, quite often after a big windows update as well. For the DAW software, the upgrade path is pretty decent as well. It's a shame really, because Steinberg had a big 50% sale on all software recently (70% for Nuendo 8). It only ended a couple of weeks ago.
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    Restring him with cat-wounds!
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    Nearly any piezo would work well (K&K or similar). Sizewise the frequency response is a bit different with smaller or bigger disks. But there are two things you should consider: the placement and the preamp. Preamp is the easier one, piezo has so high output impedance that it should be tamed with an active buffer. This high impedance may cut bass response drastically in an amp input. You can tinker one by yourself (like something FET-based) or buy one. Placement is another story. If your bass has a place for the piezo, fine, but you may need to make few trials. Bridge area is very common but as the piezo is sensitive to vibrations only, you may try any surface that vibrates. Thinner may be different (like the control cavity - remember, that both sides are fine) than the neck pocket. You can not bend a piezo (it is ceramics), but as it likes vibrations, tape or glue it very well. A tin or copper foil/tape can be used to cover the disk to prevent hum. Insulation is naturally needed in between. If you want to study a bit of acoustics, check Chladni patterns.
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    I think they want to keep that version free to lure Peuple into buying the latest versions. Still has everything you needed to record
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    I liked his show; a lot of thought and planning, and he engaged well.
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    Leschirons I was exactly where you are now about 3 months ago in terms of recording knowledge etc. Mcgiver69 gave me some great advice, in particular to use Tracktion 7. His advice was spot on for what I (and you) will need to get results quickly and simply. I beleive Tracktion 7 has been taken over very recently, so I'm guessing it won't be available free for too long
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    May not be everyone’s cup of tea, I happen to like it, but Stormzy put on one heck of a show. People underestimate him I feel, he is a clever chap, with good values and a decent artist
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    Tim’s autocorrect brother created by a guy with tired eyes and sausage thumbs
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    I use this, it’s only a 10 but the amp sits on the top. Virtually eliminates feedback from DB.
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    My band is going to be touring in Norway (probably) and I am keen to hear any advice people have. It's too far to go over in the van with our gear so how do others deal with it? Maybe it is better to do the drive with others flying over but I am keen to hear others experience. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Maybe it would be more accurate to say high-price... since any bass over about £500 is an expensive one to me! I would still consider a 'correct' vintage Fender or ealrly Warwick etc. to be extremely desirable though - in fact I'd take them over most of the high-end basses by your definition, although it's all academic - I was only window shopping 😉
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    I found it really bland-sounding, with none of the grind of the original. Obviously others may have had different experiences. The reissue horseshoe sounded miles better. I did once play a ‘73 that had an SD in that was really, really thick, but again had no bite; I assume that was wired differently. Re the Grovers, I think the main issue is that all 4 look like they’re for the same side, hence why 2 are upside down. You can pick Titans up relatively cheaply, unlike the Wavy Grovers. In fact a set of Titans will set you back less than a single Wavy G. And the Wavy Gs can fall apart, although they are fixable.
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    Cheers Neil, One of the few benefits of practice! 😀 It's one of those that needs to be bob on, and I'm not quite there with it yet... quite interesting, when I picked it up the other day - I can't play the main bit across the strings without it sounding rough, so I played it just on the D string... I assume that's how the original was played, but with the addition of a little palm damping. Funky little line, though. 👍
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    Well, three gigs and several rehearsals later and I’m very much enjoying my 4003, I’m glad to say. I’ve read so many tales of people getting them, not really gelling with them and moving them on, usually quite quickly. Having wanted one for so long it would’ve been very disappointing if I’d found myself in the same boat. It’s obviously very different to anything else I’ve played but I’m accustoming to it, and have come to the conclusion that if you want to play a Rick you’ve just got to embrace the quirkiness, at least that’s how I see it. I play in an alt rock covers band. I’m playing my usual EB Super Slinky’s through my Genz Benz rig with the gain pushed almost to breaking point, so when I dig in it really crunches up. That’s the tone I’ve always used in this band, and it always worked well with my Jazz basses. It works equally well with the Rick but the mids really poke through and have more punch. I’ve found that the bridge pickup at 100% volume / tone at 60%, and front pickup at 50% volume / 100% tone gives me what I’m looking for (everything flat on the amp). Weight wise it’s fine, I’ve got a wide padded strap which distributes weight well and is comfortable. The bridge... well, the set up is great, intonation is perfect and tuning is very stable, so do I need to change it? Well maybe, as the mute screws get in the way. I’m considering unscrewing and removing the screws, as I won’t use the mutes and don’t mind them being disabled. Do any of the experienced Rick players amongst you know if it’s safe to just remove the screws? Will it destabilise anything?
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    The ‘heft’ of the ABM 600 never fails to make us smile. 😉
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    @AinsleyWalker, see the first post.
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    I would concur with this amp. I only sold mine because I found it difficult to dial in my chosen sound at lower volume levels! For some big old MOSFET/Hybrid heft I would also heartily recommend: - EBS Fafner/TD 650 - highly flexible EQ sections, great for all styles of music. I own a Fafner. Very little fan noise or hum compared to Ashdowns I have used (and I have used Ashdown amps a lot over the years and do rate them as well). The only con for me with the EBS, is that I think that they are voiced a bit high and they don't really deliver a lot of big subs compared to a Mesa. In terms of stage sound though this is actually a benefit as your bass sound cuts through. - Mesa Big Block 750. Less sophisticated EQ section compared to the EBS amps or the Mesa M6. It does big rock heft and not really much else. Overdrive channel on it is glorious (way ahead of Darkglass in my opinion and I own the Duality, B3K and Alpha Omega pedals). If you want clean headroom and a 'flat' hi-fi tone look elsewhere though. Tough to find used for sensible prices. - Gallien Krueger RB heads: The RB 700 is a real classic. I really like them. - Fender 800 Pro - big heavy MOSFET sleds but very nice EQ systems. Nobody really bought them so you could probably get one fairly cheap. - old Eden World Tour amps: get one second hand. Pretty uncool these days (about as associated with 1990s as watching old episodes of Friends). Cracking amps though. Will any of the above amps be any better than the Darkglass head? That is subjective. Will the above amps be much heavier and thus automatically give the illusion of additional heft? Absolutely!
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    Hi all. Mark here introducing myself. I last played with anything like regularity back in the late eighties. R&B, pub rock, some ska influenced stuff. All for fun and nothing very serious. I hung up my bass when kids and family and work took over. i started out with a short scale Burns bass dating back to the early sixties. It was a dreadful thing with very high action. Scarey what it would be worth now. Sold it and bought a Shergold Marathon in 79 which had a great neck if a bit neck heavy. Now I am on the verge of retiring and the nest is almost empty I am thinking of having another go. i was always a bit of a trial and error bluffer. Maybe this time I’ll try and learn to play properly.
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    Frankly, I think it's time that the estate of the late Mr Paul Bigsby (1899–1968) sued both Fender and Gibson. Below: From 1947-1948 (four years before the Les Paul and six years before the Strat). Nice headstock and body shape, eh? and this two pup Bigsby: It is a fact that both Leo Fender and Les Paul knew Bigsby, sat around and discussed guitars, saw his work, etc. Suck on that, Gibson bread-head dudes.
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    CAB HAS SOLD - just CTM 100 left. Just!
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    Does that mean if I get enough I become a Basschat Overlord?

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