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    WoT Snr is far, far handier on the tools than I am. He's just built me a stand, and it's marvellous. Have a look...
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    Well obviously those awful foreigners keep coming over here and taking all the well-paid gigs away from talented-but-starving hard-working BRITISH people who have paid for the social services and stuff that they want to nick and take back to foreign-land with them when they steal all our best tunes and leave talented-but-starving musical geniuses to rot in garrets while they take all the cash which should have been ours but it's OK cos we're going to kick out Johnny Foreigner and tow Britain out into mid-Atlantic where we can become the first-choice trading partner with North Korea and Peru.
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    Hey dudes, it finally uploaded... So, word of warning... this ended up a little (understatement) longer than I though it was gonna be, but I wanted to cover a few things. Things I hit upon that may be of interest: The reason why we're experimenting with longer form dripped courses outside of the SBL Academy What's actually included within the SBL Academy (for those of you who have no idea) The reason why my YouTube content has changed over the years (this will probably be of most interest to you, as it's likely not what you think) Am I the same in "real life"... or is it a show for the camera? And a bunch or other morning ramblings Ezzzzz
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    It’s become blatantly obvious all gear sounds the same. I am talking literally everything, basses, amps, cabs, PA’s, pedals within their respective category, strings. The only thing that makes a difference is the tonewood and compression. Those that think otherwise forgot to ask Santa for the gift musicality for Christmas consistently for their entire life. Also people who mainly play with a pick are superior in every way. This way tone can only be in the Finger - not plural. While I am here, chordal type players don’t count, they can do one to the guitarchat sister site. I am not wrong, I have read every post of every single thread on this site and this is the logical conclusion, hence no poll - discuss if you wish, but....... oh and a happy new year
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    I went out today, ostensibly to check out a MusicMan Cutlass bass, in Diamond Blue, with maple fretboard. But with a whole day at my disposal and visting a shop run by a friend, I had to check out a few alternatives. My 2 main basses at the moment are EBMM Stingrays. A classic and a special. So the Cutlass seemed a very nice alternative to the Rays. I also played a mapleglo Rickenbacker 4003s, which despite it's rediculous hardware (bridge & string cover-rest), felt very nice to play and was a nicely built bass. But I didn't like the sound of the pickups at all, thick, harsh and a little crude. I had a quick go on a couple of 5-strings, an MTD Kingston and an EBMM 'Ray. Neither convinced me to have another go with a fiver. Alao had another try on a Marleaux Consat 4-string, I'd played before, but still didn't gel with. The Cutlass was pretty much exactly what I expected. Like a passive Precision but IMO, better. I was close to saying I'd have it, when Gary, the shop guy suggested a Jazz Bass. Now I've owned/played a load of Jazz basses but had gone right off them, about 3 years ago. But he pulled out a real nice one, although my intial comment was "not a pink bass!". It was indeed shell pink, with an off white (mint?) scratchplate, being a Fender Limited Edition American Pro Jazz Bass. But what grabbed my attention and got my juices flowing, was the all rosewood neck. A thing of beauty that played as well as it looked. But it had the narrow nut of a Jazz and it was pink! I plugged it in and was surpised at how much I liked the tones available. I mainly settled on middle pickup up 100%, bridge pickup and 75% and varying the tone from 100 to 75%. Then I said to Gary, this would look much better with a tort scratchplate. He agreed and produced one. We slid it into place and it transformed the looks of this bass. Wow, now I was really interested. So Gary said he'd replace the plate and put some Elixirs on for me. Yes please! Trouble was the plate fitted everywhere, except there was a small gap between it and the chrome, control panel. stinky poo! So the original went back on, with the Elixirs and Fender are sending a tort plate for this series, for me to put on ASAP. Got it home and have been blasting along to my tunes and loving it. I've been playing actives for years but my ears are enjoying this passive bass. And my hands are feeling very comfortable on this lovely neck. Just need that tort scratchplate, to perfect the aesthetics.
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    Mrs S made the basic error of leaving me on my own with time to kill in Nottingham for the afternoon. I made the even more basic error of nipping in to Hotrox in Sneinton. They had this.... I wasn't going to buy it until i realised; a) that it is medically necessary as the binding on a 4003 is a bit sharp on the forearm, and b) that it will annoy Young Teebs. Oh, and; c) it is bloody lovely. Mrs S did the rolly eyes thing until I mentioned (b) then she understood why i had to get it. Of course, I've broken my one-in-one-out rule so expect some major activity in the marketplace shortly. Or I have a kidney if Raymondo's interested.....
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    The plan was to visit Mark and the boys at Bass Direct to try and buy a US Lakland Jazz they have advertised. That was the plan. What happened was, well, basically my head got turned by a spotless 2011 4003 in my favourite colour scheme and once I plugged it in and heard that Ric "fizz" it was only ever going to finish up one way. The Lakland was lovely but left me feeling completely underwhelmed. It was a gorgeous piece of work and the build quality was superb, but I just didn't feel anything from it. It was (as they say) me, not the Lakland. I need to change the strings but it's a real beauty and fills a gap I didn't know needed filling in my collection. All in all, a worthwhile trip.
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    Easily solved. Just leave the UK. Plenty more cheap Thomann goodies for me. 😁 Oh, and did I mention the cheap beer, low cost of living, borderless travel, and the right to live and work anywhere in Europe unhindered. I really miss the UK. 😋
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    I had a get together with a band planned for tomorrow, the guitarist sent through a couple of original tunes and asked me to learn a cover. All done, excited. Got a message from the guitarist this morning to say that it's off, the drummer's had to cancel, and that's the final straw as he's been unreliable recently. No band, no get-together. As far as I know this is the third time this has happened - I reply to an ad and the band breaks up Anyone know any bands they don't like that need a bass player ? Maybe another covers band is nicking your regular slot at the Dog & Duck ? Ex-spouse getting somewhere with their Nu-Klezmer band ? Sick of that residency at the Filmore and you want a change ? Email me the band ad, I'll reply with my schedule of services and we can get to work....
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    I love that this was edited by one of the mods As a flag waving, T-shirt wearing techy I'll bite. Mic that rig up and pump it through a really good Class D, Neo speakered, festival sized PA rig and it'd sound just as good. So it isn't class D or lightweight neo speakers, it is something else. I'll tell you my theory, in the olden days speakers and amps were designed to enhance your bass sound (guitar sound even more so but this is Basschat) They didn't need to be clean and undistorted they just had to sound good. People built cabs and tried them out with bass and the ones that sounded best or most popular got made and sold. Theory wasn't really worked out until the 70's and didn't get through to instrument amp design until much later. The truth is we don't much like uncoloured sound for bass and most of us aren't very good at finding the eq to achieve it so a nice old Trace that gives us the Trace sound sounds better to us than our own attempts to recreate it. The second thing is that we like things that are loud, too loud to be sensible but there is joy in just cranking up an old monolith of a speaker with an amp with the frequency response curve of the Cairngorms. Sensibly we'd scrap the backline, use in-ears or at least floor monitors and let the PA do it's job but for some that's no fun. There's also a lot of self delusion, I used to have fun in my old rear wheel drive cars with cross ply tyres sliding round bends double declutching because the synchromesh was rubbish but I can't really pretend those cars were 'better' than those I drive now. One day soon the computer modelling will be so good we won't be able to tell the difference but that is still a little way away. Until then if you love an old Peavey stack and don't mind shifting it then the important thing isn't technical perfection so go for it and enjoy.
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    Hopefully you won't get fooled again.
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    Blimey, once you start looking they turn up in all sorts of places!
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    TBF I'm a bit dissapointed that several BC members seem to be seriously advocating pulling out of a contract you've committed yourself to. If it was another BC member you'd stiffed (might yet be for all anybody knows) I'll bet it would be a different story. 'Man up, pay up and deal with it' would be my advice.
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    Thought I would share my latest new bass day, it’s a bit late as I actually picked this up in late November ... but it’s taken me a while to get used to it... my first ever five string a Lakland 55-94 classic from 1999 I think in candy apple red you know when Facebook shows you adverts for basses and you see one that’s at a great price which get snapped up straight away... well then imagine it’s still there three weeks later, and in the next village from where you work... so you explain you probably aren’t interested but can you try it please... and it’s pretty well played and beat up, but it’s as light as a four string, and the neck is just a natural feel and effortless, even with that extra string ... ... and later that week the fella comes over and money is exchanged ... new strings and knobs come from Lakland in the US (hence newer style knobs) and I practice with it and gig it once so far. Mentally harder to play 5 compared to 4 ... but fun oh it can kinda sound like a jazz, or it can kinda sound like a musicman, or it’s own sound with both. The preamp is very very coloured, I need to test out the different mid options and the whole thing is kinda on the darker end of the spectrum... sounds a bit rubbish actually, till you hear it in the mix and it just *fits* perfectly so learning curvd having a fiver, but lots of fun!
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    Evening all I played this bass in a shop years ago (Chandlers I think), at which time I was still firmly in something of a Jaco phase. I loved it, and thought "I'll own that one day when I have a proper job"! It popped up for sale on Reverb earlier this year so I jumped at it. It's absolutely glorious, and pretty much sounds like it looks (and smells), open the case and plug it in and it oozes a 50+ year history of jazz/blues bars, sweat, nicotine and alcohol. It's obviously had a few changes over the years, but none detract from the fact that this is a fine example of a well played vintage musician's bass, and far closer I imagine to Jaco's than the FCS relic ever was (I've owned that also). But I sank almost £3k into a bass that I only play at home, which simply doesn't work with any of the bands I play in, and which I think I'd prefer to sell or trade for something more useful (I also have a Warmoth FL Jazz that works better for me having a 44mm). Photos below from the dealer's site, I can provide more detailed shots if needed. Cheers Chris
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    Do you seriously believe that things will improve for workers? The cheap Eastern European worker is a myth. How many British born people do you know would work in a field in the pouring rain and cold picking whatever seasonal crop, for the minimum wage? The crops will and are going unpicked. Bottoms will go unwiped in nursing and care homes. They’re on average better qualified and better trained that UK workers, their qualifications and training obtained abroad, so not at our expense. What they’re actually doing, if you look properly, is making it harder for you and I to go abroad to work. They’ve also lowered the salary cap for workers from abroad, and lowered the minimum qualification from a degree to the equivalent of an A level. Bearing in mind that most Europeans have a fantastic grasp of English, then the requirement to speak English won’t be much of a hindrance. This thread though, is meant to be about musicians and other creatives coming here, and us going there. Everyone I know from both sides of the channel who has performed abroad, in whatever capacity is saying the new rules will prevent them from doing so in the future. The only people who aren’t, have probably never performed abroad, and probably have never had any intention of doing so. Therefore I would rather listen to those who have, than those who’re talking without any experience. As an artist and an academic, it will cause massive disruption, and negatively impact what I do.
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    Today I took receipt of my first bass a Fender Vintera Mustang in sea foam green. Bought the bass from @Grantd who made the process super simple, really nice guy and went above and beyond to get the bass to me, so thank you, definitely buy with confidence. Really chuffed with this bass, should give me a solid platform to learn from and more importantly makes me smile.
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    On the 22nd December 1989, I narrowly scraped into the 80s with my first live performance. It was a less than impressive slot as the band that played the Sixth Form Pantomime in our school production of Cinderella... I'm not sure if she'd have wanted her shoe back after that racket! Fast forward through thirty years and I've definitely had a lot of fun sharing some great, and occasionally not so great stages, with some amazing friends, meeting many of my best mates and generally having a blast. Not sure if I have another thirty years in me but I guess the fun is in the finding out. And 2020 is already looking pretty good for the first few months. Rock on! *Fun fact but the top 3 photos were the same bass, a Fender Precision MIJ 57RI from 1989 that lasted until I went online and discovered GAS. The bottom right photo is a Fender Precision MIJ 57RI from 2016 that shows how life sometimes goes full circle!
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    The more appropriate question is whether you should be banned or not. For asking if 42 is too old. 😂
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    Hey hey... the official pics have arrived. Here's some...
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    Whilst I understand that occasionally posts on here can be a bit sarcastic, even pompous (and I've been guilty of it myself once or twice) please keep in mind that for every bass player that may have achieved the dizzy heights at which you are fortunate enough to have found yourself, there are many thousands who play in their bedrooms, in rehearsal bands, or whose peak of achievement might be a gig down their local pub. If you have done much better, you are to be applauded, admired, and even envied. But please show a bit more deference to those who are what could be termed in the lower echelons of the bass community. We far outnumber you. I'm a 'pro'. I played in a pub last week. I got paid a modest amount. I've also played in Hyde Park, on national TV in many different countries, and to crowds of 20,000 and more on numerous occasions. This may sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet, but I've never said any of this on here before, the reason being that it has nothing to do with anything. I'm a just bass player, and part of a community, as you are. If people do, in fact 'avoid this forum', it's for their own reasons, not because they're 'pros'.
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    It’s hard, but it’s done and nothing can change that. If that’s how little they value you, well, you’re better off finding out as soon as possible and having these people out of your life. Let the negative rage go and move on. Believe in yourself. Use that energy to get something else going. F**k ‘em.
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    For sale again, I've withdrawn the previous ad but I can really use the money since I've bought a new house last week, so here we go again.... Very early Warwick Streamer, serial no. 067, should be from 1984. Cherry body, neck through construction 5 piece neck with wengé and cherry, rosewood fretboard. EMG electronics, Schaller bridge and tuners. All original. Has a neck/headstock repair, pro job and now stronger than ever. Lightweight about 3,8 kg. Plays smooth and sounds soo good. £1165 / 1300€ Cash is king, but a part ex will do as well.
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    Wasn’t sure whether this should be in here or in Repairs & Technical but here goes…. The restoration of the electrics on my '83 SB-R150 is finally complete and I'm very pleased with the result. Huge thanks go to @Prostheta for his wizardry and patience and also to Rautia Pickups for the pair of MB-1E replacement pickups. This bass was originally listed for sale on here several years ago although I subsequently found it through an ad elsewhere (EDIT - I was actually given the heads up by @Fionn of the ad on FB). Turned out that the BC ad was indeed still live. I purchased it because it was in such beautiful condition, including the original case. The big (very big) and obvious issue was that the original pickups and electronics had long since been removed and disposed of. After conversations with Prostheta as to what was or wasn't possible I decided to push on with trying to get it restored to as close to stock as possible. The first pictures show the bass as I bought it, then with everything stripped out. Note the packers that had been fitted inside the pickup cavities to take the screws for the previously installed Armstrong pickups. Fortunately after some careful chipping away I managed to clear the old glue off to reveal the original pickup screw bushings. As you can see the loom (including 6-position Varitone and preamp) that Prostheta provided is a work of art and it seemed a shame to have to try and cram it into the seemingly tiny electronics cavity in the back of the bass. It was a squeeze but it went in and it is beautifully quiet running. No humming, no buzzing, even sat directly in front of the amp with the volume up to gigging levels it is uber quiet. Finally there are a couple of pics with this now complete bass taking its place alongside my R60 and R80. I may look out for a set of black or bronze pickup screws as the silver ones do stand out a little but all in all I'm thrilled with it. It sounds great with a powerful preamp and a huge range of tones and I know it’ll be good for years. I'm a happy chappy and I hope you enjoy the pics showing the seemingly simple but oh not so simple transformation. 😀
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    Due to financial reasons, up for sale is this rare USA Lakland Hollowbody. Specs are: - Mahogany body - quartersawn maple neck with ebony fretboard, no face dots (just side dots) - sonic blue finish - USA Hipshot tuners with original D-Tuner - Chi-Sonic pickups, passive - 3,7kg Bass comes with OHSC and is in excellent condition, has some player wear blemishes (not a mint bass). Bass is located in Czech Republic and I am happy to ship it within Europe. £1950 shipped.
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    Providing a facility for people to argue about planks of wood with strings on (Basschat)
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    Hey gang Following a recent fling with a '63 Precision, which made me realise the early 60's neck profile isn't for me, I'm back in the bosom of the lovely fat early 70s P neck. I picked this up a few days ago - it's a '72, with a neck stamp dated the month & year of my birth. It's light (about 8.5lbs) and resonant, original black, with a maple neck. They're just teaser pics at the moment as it needs a little bit of love, but I'll post the full story soon. In the meantime, I can barely stop playing it...
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    Good job I fished this out of your dustbin last year. No, you can't have it back.
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    I was teaching one of my A level music students a couple of years ago, talking specifically about his composition and where he could go with the bass line,. I recommended he listen to Danny Thompson, to which he replied that his mum , who was in a band, had worked with Danny Thompson. Anyway, a couple of weeks later he says “my mum asked me to ask you if you could give her guitar lessons”, this student knowing that I am a bit of a fan of alternate tunings. I asked him more about his mum, and which band she played in. “Oh you won’t have heard of them” he said. “She is the lead singer in Lamb”. Talk about OMFG! “But Lamb are my absolute favourite band, they are what inspired me to get into music technology”., fast forward a couple of months later, after she got back from a tour, and I’m talking to her about how she recorded the orchestra parts on Gorecski, and working out a Dadgad acoustic part with her for an unplugged version of her most famous song, Gabriel!! Robbie
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    I feel sorry for young people today. IME, job ads have been heading in this direction for the last twenty years or so. Tons of pious crap like "must be prepared to crawl over broken glass and barbed wire to deliver against key performance metrics; world-class team engagement skills 200% essential". IMO, bonkers job ads stem from the fashionable idea of superimposing inappropriately controlling and over-complicated management techniques on otherwise simple jobs. It's all of a one with the kind of buzzword bingo which suffuses meetings, 'mission statements' and corporate press releases. Hot drinks machines become 'beverage vending solutions'. Ratcatchers become 'rodent extermination executives'. It is not enough that a company simply does whatever it is they do; they must be 'passionate' about it. It's linguistic hyper-inflation. I am reminded of the Simpsons' episode where some Hollywood types are sat round a table discussing something and one of them is banging on in corporate speak and a colleague says something like: "So, basically, we're all randomly using big words so that other people think we're smart? (pause) I'm fired, aren't I?"
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    I think this thread has run it's course now and given Scott has responded I think we can put it to bed.
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    So finally got the bass back from being wrapped. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I am a Batman Fanboy. It was wrapped by a company in Oxford called Vinyl Revolution and I can honestly say they were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They have wrapped the pickguard to match the image but also wrapped the same image underneath in case I ever want to change the pickguard for a clear one. I supplied the image(found on the internet.) They did the rest. Cost £115 + VAT. It’s obviously cheaper if they just supply the wrap and you do it yourself. I think that was £30 + VAT to produce a wrap in an image you supplied but I’m not that patient or handy to fit myself lol.
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    Hi, not an easy decision ... but I need to invest in a new roof for my old house, so I have to sale some of my babies. This Status has one of the most beautifull top made by Rob, unique piece of Myrtle wood. No leds, 17.5mm. The bass is with me since 2012 (and during a short period with Mike) , and rarely used in concert, so the condition is nearly perfect I live in Belgium, I have the hard case Status, so I can send it everywhere on earth (cost of shipping for you). I would like to have 2800 EUR for it, no trade pls. So sexy ! no ? I have also an Alembic Rogue 5 and a MM Stingray Classic 5 on market, so I could cancel this sale at any time. Regards Luc
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    Now Sold One rather nice US Precision in Oly White - or as our drummer used to call it, cheesecake - it’s much creamier looking in real life than the pics suggest. In good condition, a couple of slight knocks as per pics, has graphite rods in the neck for stability, Custom Shop 62 pickups, hi-mass bridge and I’ve added a string retainer to the A tuner plus a Graph Tec nut. Comes in a Hiscox hard case. All important Basschat answer is 3.85kg or 8lbs7.8oz In true Basschat spirit am looking to recoup what I paid for it, £850. No trades. Can look at shipping at buyers expense.
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    I move the following motion: That any band follower or random 'friend' who sits in on rehearsals be henceforth referred to as a 'Carl', this irrespective of their gender. Example: 'There this Carl who keeps turning up every week. She's quite cute but between every f*cking song she asks us if she can get us some tea from the machine and frankly it's a bit off-putting'.
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    Just spoke to Dave, to make sure I understood what the situation was. "Carl has always been sort of associated with the band, without ever playing with us. We were simply trying to help out a good friend", he said. I asked if Carl would be at future rehearsals. "He may well be - he's a good friend of ours. He sits at the back and doesn't usually say anything. Is that a problem?". Not really the answers I was wanting to hear. I wouldn't want Carl to be at rehearsal, but the band can't quite see that. I can't think of any other band I've been in that starts with me stipulating who can/can't be at rehearsal. And, furthermore, what happens if he does turn up? I flounce off?! I said to Dave that I don't think the whole situation was handled well and that, on reflection, this isn't the right band for me long-term. I've offered to dep for them while they keep looking for a permanent bassist. "So, will you be OK attending our regular rehearsals?" asks Dave. "No", I said.
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    I've never really got into the self-titled Jaco CD, but I do like his playing on Joni Mitchell's albums
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    Price drop £1850 Up for sale is this beautiful Modulus Quantum 6 String Bass. It is in absolute mint/new condition as if it came directly from the factory with original hardshell case, tools and paperwork. It plays amazing and sounds as clear as a bell. No dead spots, no neck moving etc. I am just more comfortable playing 18-19mm spacing and that's why I am letting this one go again. Not an easy decision but I have to be realistic in that this bass needs to be played and I cannot afford an expensive instrument like this one to just sit in its case. The bass is located in the UK, shipping worldwide is no problem. A new bass like this from Modulus with these options would cost somewhere between 7000-8000 Dollars. I got it from a collector who never played this one. I also only played it a few times at home and realized quickly I prefer a wider spacing. So it's pretty much an unused bass. It came from a collector who never played this one. I also only played it a few times at home so it's pretty much an unused bass. She is currently strung with Fodera Nickels 120-40 and sounds amazing Located in the UK Brighton East Sussex will happily ship worldwide Here are some specs: Chechen Top Gloss Finish Alder Body 35″ Scale Length, 24 Frets 17mm Spacing Gloss Finish Neck Phenolic Fingerboard Ying Yang Inlay at 12th Fret Side Dot Inlays Fretboard Dots Bartolini Soapbar Pickups Aguilar OBP-3 Black Hardware my sales feedback :
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    I can't be the only one, can I? Don't get me wrong, I love being in a band, hanging around with my mates making music, that's where the pleasure comes from for me. I know public performance is the pinnacle of being in a band for most people, but I'm just not feeling it. The way I feel at the minute, I honestly wouldn't care if I never played in public again Lugging gear around, trying to fit it all in the car. Spending the best part of an hour at the other end unloading it and setting everything up. Standing round like a spare part waiting to go on, then performing to a load of annoying, well lubricated people, who, in many cases aren't even interested. Only to have to break everything back down while the audience who haven't shown a bit of interest all night, start demanding "more". Then lug everything around back into the car, drive home, lug it around again into the house and finally get to relax about 3 hours after the people you've been "entertaining" have gone to bed. The only part I actually enjoy is if we get time for a couple of cheeky pints after the gig. Why do I do it?
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    @Teebs can't be with us tonight, but I happen to know he'd like three or four thousand of his posts deleted, please? And he wants all of his daily reactions transferred to me, if that's OK. 👍
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    The site was the inspiration for this one and there’s a huge amount of experience and some great people on there. With any site that size you’re going to get some arses who like the sound of their own voice but imo if you ask a good question and don’t give them any room for stupid replies to generally can find what you need.
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    To come together after learning all your parts beforehand at home and nailing the new song at rehearsal after going through it two or three times. 👍
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    EDIT. Now sold pending completion. Up for sale is an immaculate Dingwall Super P/J 5 (passive) in a gorgeous Candy Dark Cherry gloss finish (like a wine-coloured version of a Candy Apple Red). This has a number of optional extras including the Wenge Neck, metallic gloss paint, J pickup and pearloid block inlays. It has the fanned fret system but is 2” shorter than the usual Dingwall scale length. This makes it (in my opinion) a lot more “normal” to play as there’s no extra reach to the lower frets. Electronics are Dingwall’s own passive pickups and consist of the standard P pickup plus an additional J pickup at the bridge. The pickup control is a four-way switch between neck only, neck and bridge (serial), neck and bridge (parallel) and bridge only. This gives a massive range of tonal options to choose from. Condition is immaculate. I can’t find a mark anywhere on the bass. It comes with the Dingwall-branded Levy’s gigbag, paperwork and tools - all of which are also in immaculate condition. I’ve shown the pictures that Bass Direct used when they advertised the bass - these are of the actual bass - but I’ll post some more that I took earlier today as soon as I’ve had chance to shrink them down to an acceptable size. Given the condition and scarcity of these, I think I’m asking for a fair price but I am open to (sensible) offers. I’d prefer cash but I’ll consider trades especially if you have a nice, light P-bass. I’m based in Cleethorpes and, given recent experiences with couriers, I won’t ship this so you’re welcome to come and try or I am happy to meet part way so PM me to discuss options. I also come down to London quite regularly so could meet there if that helps. (This obviously means that I won’t ship overseas. I realise that I’m reducing my potential market but I’ve had too many bad experiences with scammers in the past so, sorry, but it’s UK only and collection or delivery in person) Thanks for looking - more pictures to follow later.....
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    Well first bass finished and it’s bloody lovely. Better than I thought it would turn out and I really enjoyed it. Big thanks to BassDoc for his help and advice. Sounds mega with the CS62 pick ups and ‘62 Luxe loom. It’s absolutely killer, well I think it is. Can’t wait to get the other Candy Apple Red one finished now. Few gratuitous pics attached. Gonna call it ‘sexual chocolate’ 😂😂
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    Just had this delivered by our resident gear tart Karl to my hotel room in Newcastle. Blown away by the bass and Karl's 50 cash back to buy the strings of my preference. What a diamond geezer.
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    Just pulled trigger in purchasing this Bass. I’ve always fancied one but never got round to it. Having given up a few months ago due to fretting hand not working due to spine operation, I’m getting a little movement back, so treated myself to this as part of my recovery 😊 im sure this will be a marmite bass to many, but personally I love the look.

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