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    Sorted the nut height and then put my 'see if it all fits together' set of strings on. At my action height starting point (medium) there are no buzzes at all so I think the basic levelling job was OK. When the proper strings are on, I'll set it up properly and do a double check with the fret rocker and the buzz check at low action in case there are some high spots anywhere. This is how the tru-oil slurry and buff has ended up, finishing at 1500 grit. This is an oblique shot to the light so you can see the surface finish: ...and this is tilted to see the figuring better: It's LOVELY to the touch. Still got to do the final 1500 slurry and buff on the back - and I've still got to do the final buffing of the fretboard and neck - but this is how the whole thing is panning out: All being well it should be finished by the end of the weekend
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    Everyone at works know about one of my bands at least. Some even regularly show up at our local gigs following us on facebook. For a time, our trumpet player was a colleague. Why would they laugh at me? The fact that I have the key to the poisons cabinet and access a wide range of acids and sharp implements has nothing to do with it 😛
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    Quite a few years back a bunch of us in the office were talking about bands we'd seen 'before they were big'. We were just chatting really, but I think secretly we were trying to outdo each other. There was a pause in the conversation, and then one of the older guys looked up and said, "I saw Hendrix in Worcester..." Instant win, end of contest
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    I'm such an ar53, I clicked on this thinking I was going to find fretless basses constructed of metal....
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    Yes Fairies exist, and I definitely believe in them. If they didn’t then Kylie, Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler would not exist
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    It's a generation thing also - some people of my age (60's) both male and female are still unreasonably impressed if they find out I play bass and follow up by asking the usual rather naive questions. Whereas kids in their 20's or 30's who find out the same thing are completely uninterested. Or in one case looked up from her phone and said "Well, if you were playing in bands in the 1970's why weren't you famous ???" I didn't sleep well that night... 😳 😳 😥
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    I know what you mean about the 'f' hole! I suppose part of my question was also around using something other that a plain wood/colour top with a scratch plate - it almost seems a shame to cover the wood but I quite liked the contrast. As you say, might try a mock up when this is progressed further!! Cheers
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    There are some exceptions.

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