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    Music? You want to try having a career in anything to do with computers. You instantly become everyone's personal technician and are expected to be able to solve an issue from the vaguest of descriptions!
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    To be fair, it's bloody better than talking about football or if your kids are gonna get in to grammar school, innit?
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    What about putting the Wharfedale badge in the top left corner? Or am I over-thinking this?!
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    Here's a Shuker which with all the fancy options will likely set you back over £4k, a higher spec and more striking instrument than the £15k Fodera for me:
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    Of course folks could just be trying to make conversation with somebody they know plays music and they're trying to choose a topic with some common ground. In those situations I try to smile and join in the conversation. I'm thinking of calling this approach 'politeness'....I've got a feeling it might be quite useful Not sure about the name yet tho.
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    Fired up my T model this week in the house.. coupled with an Eminence loaded Ashdown 4x10 it sounded awesome, really meaty, clean and warm. Will try it and band practice next week at serious volume and see how it sits in our mix.
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    To be honest I don't care what a Fodera costs new, if they want to charge that and people are prepared to pay it then good on them. People pay many times more for inanimate objects to decorate their homes, at least a Fodera is a functional instrument albeit a bit naff looking (so is that Maruszczyk Sputnik thing IMO). Just don't try and justify it with silly excuses like astronomical rent prices, super secret wood selection processes by magical forest fairies or amazing expertise that no other luthier can offer. They are just one boutique brand turning out high end instruments among many others, with the high profile comes a high price and that's totally fine. If you want one then by all means get the cheque book out, you only live once.
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    Yeah that's depressing and frustrating. I have zero patience with learned helplessness. Yes you [email protected]*dy well could if you cared enough to work hard enough. I had to. The recurring conversation that bugs the heck out of me is Me: I play in a blues band. Them: (look of surprise, pause) Oh, you sing? Me: No. Them: (look of surprise, pause) Oh, you play guitar? Me: No. I play bass. Them: (look of extreme surprise, long pause) Double bass? Me: No. I play electric bass guitar. Them: (look of very extreme surprise, no answer) I'm not over-sensitive to gender stereotyping (and have never met it as a Computer Science lecturer) but why the blank blank blank do so many people still assume that women don't play bass? 😞
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    They aren't doing anything different from basically every other custom builder, all of them have some exceptional wood to choose from and select nice pieces for each individual build. I think you're giving them far too much credit for doing what boutique builders are supposed to do - they get nice blanks of wood from their chosen supplier, there's no special mystic selection process.
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    Possibly because you have a limited idea as to what talent is. Go and create a YouTube channel, when you have even just 10,000 followers, i’ll show you someone who is talented at assessing what their audience wants, then creating good and consisting content to sustain that. Whether that talent is important to you doesn't matter, they're earning a living doing something you can’t. Si
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    Yep, for some reason we had karaoke at work just before Xmas, and everyone was trying to get me up singing. I play bass in a skinhead punk band, my "singing" is really not for karaoke at TV volumes in the workplace. They said, well can`t you do a Bon Jovi song then, as if for some reason skinhead punk and Bon Jovi are similar. So I showed them a clip of the type of music I listen to and play. That stopped `em.
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    I think this thread should be a sticky.
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    Hello again, i have been a member for 10 years. I stopped learning when i had a few surgeries on my shoulder back in 09 . Well for christmas the Missus bought me an Ibanez SR300EL bass and told me to start learning again . My bass i had back then got blagged by one of the sprogs and they learned to play as well in the meantime
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    Henry " The Thumb " Thomas from the Rockschool TV series of the day .
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    Nordy VJ5 5-string. Made in the US by Carey Nordstrand. Has Nordstrand Big Single(I think) pickups and a Nordstrand onboard pre-amp. The stock plastic knobs have been swapped out for black steel knobs bought from the John East website(original knobs supplied on request). Serial no: 195 Lightweight instrument(3.7kg). 34.5” scale. Near mint condition. Trade only for a good 5 string.
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    Lakland 5594 deluxe USA 2017 in perfect conditions, beautiful transparent blue finish, matching headstock, bord’s eye maple fingerboard, light weight! For sale or trade only with jazz bass 1972 fully original. I can ship it all over Europe with its original Lakland case, in perfect conditions too. Best Regards Alberto
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    Vincent Crane. the whole of Arthur Browns first album had some great playing Alan price an awesome version of I put a spell on you great solo.
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    It's probably damaged stock. Look at that bass! It's been melted like a marshmallow over a fire.... Oh, it's a singlecut. But yeah, 7 grand cheaper.
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    Totally agree. I don't even like 5 strings and that is a beautiful bass. I remember playing one like it at the bass guitar show a couple of years ago. Similar wood, but left naturally blonde. That was an amazing bass and a "step away from the vehicle" moment.
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    I think you might have missed the point. Attracting and retaining viewers on a YouTube channel is not something everyone can do or learn to do. It does take talent. Some people have a natural flair for entertainment, most don't. Would you be able to generate material that would attract hundreds of thousands of viewers on a regular basis? There are kids on YouTube who have earned far more than I'll earn in my lifetime. All power to them.
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    It’s even worse in the age of the smartphone. Many a cringeworthy minute I have sat clutching someone’s phone listening to something shit pretending I can hear and like it. You can’t give the phone back early so you just have to sit and feign interest. Something I’m bad at.
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    Progress on my new build! Can’t wait to get my hands on this beast!
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    Feet repositioned and badge moved! Will put back later when I decide what I am doing..
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    [walks into shop] Can I buy your Maruzoo... Marushu... Maruzaku... Mooroozoo... Ah b0llocks, I'll have that Fodera. No wonder I'm skint.