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    I've been here nearly 12 years and in that time I have blocked 4 members - 2 of which don't frequent the forum anymore. Considering that there are thousands of members, that's pretty good going. I've been on the receiving end of trolls and do-gooders and they can go and do one AFAIC. I used to allow myself to get annoyed when someone said something designed to gain a reaction to start an argument or do-gooders who think that they are protecting the streets of bass land but now I figuratively walk away. The reasons being that I am sure the vast majority of us are decent people, things can be read differently to the poster's intended meaning and I'm sure that some of these people wouldn't say these things if face to face. I like it here. Overall it's a good place to be and I won't let a small minority of argument starters spoil it
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    For as long as I can remember there have been posters trying to get the rise out of others and people moaning about how BC is not what it was. When was the Golden Age of BC? BC has only been affected by the proliferation of other social media, not by a handful of 'long standing' members leaving.
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    How very dare you! Now go to your room and think long and hard about what you've said! No tea for you, my lad!
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    Sound guys almost always ask for pre-EQ. I always say "Sure..." and then send them a post- EQ signal. They then often remark on what a great bass tone I have sent to their desk...... and how little they need to do to adjust for the room. Quel surprise!
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    Ummmmm...James Jamerson was a rock bassist? Okaaayyyyyyy.... 😕 Surprising how completely arrse most of them sound in isolation, though, and how valve-cludgey most of the older ones are...
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    In many cases he talks more about the line than the tone. It seems a bit like a hurriedly put together list, perhaps based on which clips of isolated lines were available. Some good examples are included though. It would have been nice to see John Wetton and Dug Pinnick and Tina Weymouth and and and...... I will continue to pronounce his name 'Beet-o'.
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    I love Rick's videos too. The 'What Makes This Song Great' series is worth a watch.
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    IMO The Shadows were absolutely amazing and Hank Marvin was truly inspirational to a generation of guitarists, among whom Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, Andy Summers, Syd Barrett, George Harrison, David Gilmour, Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Peter Frampton, Steve Howe, Roy Wood,Pete Townshend, Ritchie Blackmore and Jeff Beck all cite him as an influence. Now I don't know about you, but I reckon if someone can influence a list of influential guitarists like that, they must be doing something right. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of guitarists who try to emulate Hank Marvin's sound too. Oh, and his name is also a phrase used to tell everyone how hungry you are. Now if that isn't a legacy to live up to, then nothing is!
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    Just to play the devil's advocate... Cliff Richards was no Elvis, but for Britain he was a face saver. He was just as good as any teen idol at the time; Fabian Paul Anka... The UK market for 45's consisted of pre-teen and teen-aged girls with allowances and pocket money and with screaming hormones that were repressed and depressed. The back-room boys chomped on their cigars and knew that a crooner with a boy-next-door face, undamaged, could coax 7/6 out of their purse in a heartbeat. He was a tamed Elvis, but was Britain ready for a home-grown Elvis? (He would have been deported by the BBC...) This video shows how The Shadows made it a hit. If Cliff was no Elvis, then the Ventures were no Shadows. And the real magic is the rhythm guitarist's power chords and the drummer's cymbal & snare sticking. A remarkable track that I still listen to for it's British almost rawness. A pre-cursor of Long Cool Woman? It's a mistake to compare a 1960 performance by today's 2020 standards, anyway. I was around in 1960. Those days were super repressive and extremely low key. I don't know of any other Cliff Richard song of this nature (Move It). Then he went the way of the Elvis movie. Vanilla, but more lucrative, back then. From a Vauxhall to a Jag...
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    He is missed in many respects.

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