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    Also, while I think about it. I'd like to say a big thank you and well done to the moderators on here. It's a thankless task and there's a fine line between over moderation and allowing things to just run rampant. I think this forum has got the balance just right.
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    I think you’ll find we’re well known for being a very open and friendly forum. Naturally things get heated now and then but usually during the holidays when people are stressed. At the end of the day, be the change you want to see. More often than not any ‘hostility’ is closed down by sensible members. Also, there’s a report button.
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    I’m on here quite regularly nowadays, I’ve noticed so many BC’ers are fast to create drama and hostility towards each other and jump down each other’s throats, what’s the deal? What happened to peace & love among bassists???
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    Being fairly new here, I personally think it's one of the better forums I've ever used, especially considering the quantity of posts and the number of members. People will always disagree on certain issues, and things said tongue in cheek can often be misread and misunderstood. But I've yet to see any active trolling or outright nastiness, which is more than you can say for the internet at large, and I'm quite a sensitive soul, having left Facebook and all other forms of social media for that exact reason. Well, that and unregulated public displays of stupidity.
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    In some respects I think it’s the words written, most of communication is taken by visuals, as well as tone of voice - remove those and you’re left with just the words which will more than likely seem much harsher than were intended.
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    Al, without wishing to derail this thread, I'd just say that I'm currently sorting out some flat pack kits that anyone who can assemble an IKEA wardrobe can make in a weekend. You do have a point that players in the UK seem to be reluctant to roll their own (unlike in the US). So I'm trying to make the whole build as easy as possible, with easy-assemble flat-packs and pre-built crossovers. In theory, all you need to build one of these is a screwdriver and some wood glue. To make the project more attractive to potential builders, I'm also working on branding - so that the finished product will look quite swish, and not in the slightest bit home-made. All of this is a part-time effort - so progress is a bit slower than I'd like, although I am getting some great help from a few fellow Basschatters. Off my soapbox now......
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    I haven't missed many - at my school from the mid-70s we had a geography teacher who ran a music library from his own stock of albums - for 5p on a Friday you could check an album out for a week. That way you could at least give a fair run to things you'd hesitate to stump up your precious spending money on on a Saturday in Piccadilly Records in Manchester. As well as being able to sample most of the 'Classics', I got to listen to things like Can, Bong, Tangerine Dream, Blue Oyster Cult, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Einstürzende Neubauten, Tomita, ELP, and an awful lot more. Some I liked, some I didn't (including the 'Classics'), but at least I got to hear them. In later years, when spending money for an album was less precious, I'd buy albums much more freely, but still in the spirit of 'A Belgian electric sousaphone quartet, you say? Let's give this a go' which that teacher had developed in us. It was only years later that I really appreciated what this chap had done for me and a lot of my fellow pupils. I never did get to thank him. So thank you, Mr.Murphy; you started something.
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    Sign of the times to an extent, just look at political debates etc. BC certainly is significantly more friendly than most forums but alas we are not immune to people getting aggravated and aggressive. We do however take all reports very seriously and will intervene as required (as Ped and Dad said, use the report button).
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    Bilbo, so sorry to hear the news, but very glad you're still here to tell us about it. Please do not think for one second that BC is the place to ask for advice. Nothing is worth the risk, least of all a gig too soon. You will have hundreds of gigs down the line, but you've got one heart, look after it mate. Cheers. Chris
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    And also, when two of the feet fall off, you'll get tiltback monitoring anyway.
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    A good video if for no other reason that it reveals a lot of 'classic' bass parts in isolation sound like a mess of string noise, fret buzz and unbalanced tone, yet in a mix they sit perfectly and sound awesome. For a bass amp / cab noob like myself mucking around on a Helix Stomp it's quite a lesson on NOT setting up patches that round and full through headphones at home only to find they disappear or don't suit in a band mix; better to try and get something similar to these isolated tracks that, while not perhaps 100% satisfying to listen to at home, sound much better in context with drums + guitar etc.
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    Our Keys player uses a keytar for one tune, Van Halens Jump ! We big it up and gets him out front, the audiences lap it up Tasteless probably but then we are an 80s rock tribute show www.that80srockshow.co.uk Dudes and Dudettes I give you Fish Fingers ...
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    Pair of ‘61 ‘burst Jazz basses
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    The job is done 😎 Started the tung oil coats very early yesterday morning and did last coat around 11.30pm. Gave it a buff over this afternoon then came assembly. Still a small amount of fettling to be done, couple of touch ups to the finish and a wee bit off the saddles to tighten up the string spacing. Comes in just shy of 10lb.
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    Used my new 734a at its first gig between xmas and new year. Very pleased, great passive sound and the pre amp seems very useable but i held back will i give it a good run through in rehearsals. Very nice weight and comfortable to play
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    Hey Guest bassman, there’s no need to leave just because your views aren’t shared - it’s probably more dangerous out there in the wider world.
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    Got lucky I guess. Can wrap cables too. It may warm your heart to know that the male singer has yet to get to a gig on time... and has never done anything regarding the movement/packing/carrying of gear. And yes, he doesn't own his own microphone either.
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    Best rock bass sounds - shouldn't have included Wilton Felder and James Jamerson... they are brilliant lines, not sure they are great sounds - and they definitely not rock. Same with Paul Mcartney to some extent. And Tony Levin. Not rock. Billy Sheehan is a huge miss. His bass SOUND was a huge change. Lemmy - I'm no big fan of Motorhead - but what a SOUND Steve Harris - those clattery triplets on a precision bass... amazing SOUND. dUg Pinnck - love his SOUND. Phil Lynott - plectrums and p-basses... what's not to love. In my opinion. Love Rick Beato by the way.
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    See, this is what Hartke should have done for a class D. Put the HA series preamp in with a massively light power section. Job done. But no, they minced about for years giving us untold levels of crap, unreliable and fictitiously spec'd amps (TX600 anyone?!!) and now Markbass have in effect done their amp as Hartke should have done 5 years ago albeit with a pretty abysmal paint job. Congratulations Larry, you're "oot the game." Enjoy posting photos of Jaco's bass cabinet as that nostalgia is all that Hartke as a company have left.
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    There are too many "Classic" albums that don't appeal to me at all I have not "missed" them, I have skipped them.
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    Great band. And adding the fantastic Dave Bainbridge, formerly of Iona, on guitar has done them no harm at all!
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    Brexiteers really are idiots though. (Stands back with smug grin and waits for it all to kick off)