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    @The59Sound do you need to take a break?! How about it, or do you think you can behave like a grown up for a bit? Calm down.
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    This. When I started, I was the worst musician in the room, but - I was a musician! Our om community was truly appreciative of the people who came every week just to listen, but as soon as I crossed that line it became completely different. I'm usually still the worst musician in the room, but that's because I keep pushing myself, and trying to play with better musicians, because it's the only way I'll get better myself. Many years ago a sprinter who came last in the Olympic 100m final was asked how he felt about coming last. His answer: "Being the 8th fastest man in the world ain't bad."
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    Why are you being rude? What an odd reply. Literally an opinion, a point of view - my 2p. The concept of a cheaper (‘kiddy’) Flea bass in itself was acknowledged by Flea when he brought out the “fleabass” range of instruments and further addressed by the introduction of a lower price point Fleabass (street bass). I was just pointing out that Fender may have missed a trick by only having the one price point which would be out of reach for younger/less affluent fans when they’ve done broader attempts to previously... Mike Dirnt has/had a Fender and a Squier model simultaneously BB King had a Gibson and Epiphone version of Lucille (there are plenty more examples) It just broadens their buying audience somewhat and more buyers means more money. Makes more business sense. And having left the guitar/bass retail industry after 12 years in 2015 - I might have an idea of what people buy into. As a point, the cheap fleabass instruments weren’t that great - but we sold 100’s of them because people bought into the Flea name/image. But what would I know, I’m only a child.
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    Just pulled the trigger on one for £250. Anybody using one at the moment? What's your opinion? I simply bought it as a backup to my SVT3 which, in it's massive flight case weights a ton.
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    What fun paul_c2! Thanks for all the good ideas - I think there's no substitute for being in practice. I think it'll be alright on the night, and the band leader has come up with a bassoon part for the one that was most challenging. Sounds more like a baboon part the way I play it, but still ... Oddly enough I'm really looking forward to the concert tomorrow. It's been years and years since I've done this kind of thing, and it's a lot of fun. The band sounds good and everyone seems pleased to see me.
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    If I had a list it would probably be this https://www.jasonrasomusic.com/basslinecontinuum and something (possibly several things) from here https://shop.carolkaye.com/ and a proper traditional winter ale.
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    After my wife died I gave up music. Then 2 years ago I started playing with some mates from school. Old blokes are us! It was going knowhere so I replied to an ad on joinmyband doing covers. Got the gig. Now 6 rehearsals later we are doing a gig! My first in 30 years! I am 61. So... Just keep trying... My love for bass is rekindled. It has only taken me 50 year's to get the best bass sound I have ever had. Thanks markbass and Cort. And the bass soul food pedal. And thank you to this forum/site for being an inspiration!
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    It's not being 'unable to work' social media, purpleblob, I'm not a complete luddite! It's the information harvesting that I ( and apparently many others) have a natural aversion to. But if people on here really think this might be where I'm missing out, then it could be a price I'm prepared to pay.
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    Here's a bit more sanding with a quick wipe of tinted Danish oil 😀
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    I have a Wizard Thumper in my SX/Mighty Mite/CTS/Gotoh bitsa P Bass and I couldn’t agree more Steve . I love it

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