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    Oh it's also a finely written review with great photos.
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    hmmm sounds a bit flakey but not a scam, giving someone your acc no and sort code isn't that unusual, Id be inclined to accept the £20 deposit and give him a few days to get sorted but as fleabag says be careful when meeting up one to one, but its a bit of a faff for a mugging TBH
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    I obviously spend too much time on Internet forums. 😁
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    As per previous post, you seem to be of the opinion that earning money somehow has something to do with being a musician. It doesn’t. I also paint, I studied fine art and illustration at degree level, but I don’t paint for anyone but myself, and I don’t sell my work. At all. But I’m still a painter, because I paint. As for how important making money from your art is relative to your status as an artist, you may wish to speak to Vincent Van Gogh. 😉 If you mean being a professional musician (a different distinction) then bear in mind that being a full-time musician doesn’t mean you’re necessarily better. It may mean you’ve been lucky, it may mean you’re easy to get along with (ask Guy Pratt), it may just mean that you’re more willing to compromise. It may even mean that you don’t really care about creating art and just like to play.
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    Thanks - going to grab Ez Drummer myself
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    We have a shop which sells vinyl and CDs but you know I wasn't sure if I could promote that via this site - the rules about commerciality etc You can access the shop via our website sadloversandgiants.co.uk We are in talks with a French promoter but suspect we'll only play Paris - brexit permitting - sometime next year. We all have busy lives (Tony especially so) and getting together to gig is difficult - currently: melkweg, Amsterdam 15thDec / A2Club Athens 1st&2nd march / O2 Islington 16th March / Traffic rome 5th april (brexit permitting) and Parma 6th April (brexit permitting) are all the shows booked - we're talking to Spain, France and Germany and USA (again:)) too....
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    I'm 90% sure you can set the mixer to 0 or - 4db I'd have to check those values tho. There is no volume controll as such.
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    JMB is like 80% dreamers and time wasters. I sometimes reply to ads just to see what their angle is. Im pretty sure there’s a thread about dreamers on JMB somewhere on bc. The content in that thread is top notch quality.
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    Thank you guys 👍 @Hellzero, cool de voir quelques obéistes I don't have the Capelli 6 fretless anymore and it's a shame, I miss her 😪
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    My regular gig, I switch between three basses... electric bass, electric fretless bass and electric upright... all through a Palmer trinity footswitch, each input has its own gain... out of the Palmer and into my Boss TU2 (can mute everything)... into my Acoustic Image Contra amp (DI’d to FOH) Simple set up, no fuss, easy jump between my basses!

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