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    I dont have much time for Cliff's music, he was a late 50s/60s artist to me, but to suggest someone should stop doing something they love seems strange. If what he was doing was important to well being in any way (Yes I know ) then yes, give it up, but its just music and if he and the audience enjoy it then why not? Its his job after all. My old man loved his work as a carpenter and did his job till he was 76, not cos he was desperate for the money but because he loved it.
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    You are not Cliff Richard. Remember this and do not try and imitate him.
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    I have this model in black. I took off the stinky poo tuners and fitted Wilkinson black WJBL200 tuners. I love the feel and build of the instrument and the active circuit is very versatile and quiet. Quality in a low-priced instrument. I plan on turning the bass 'stealth black', replacing all the hardware with black hardware.
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    Reminds me of the little girl hearing a Toad near a pond : "Hey, I'm a musician, I've been cursed by a witch, just kiss me, I'll become normal again and marry you …". Then the girl just puts him in her Pocket, and goes away, saying "I'll earn way more money with a speaking Toad".
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    A minor point: the sale finishes late morning next Friday. Everyone knows that a bass bidders GAS and possibly alcohol fuelled fingers work better mid to late evening! 😉
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    Thanks for the contribution lol Si
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    Most disappointed. I used to be able to confidently and happily say I’d never seen a Spector I actually liked.. .. or a Warwick for that matter 😜 Lovely bass!
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    Not bass related but.....I applied for holiday leave at work for a fortnight in 2019. Already planned what we were going to do - Eurocamp. Price was £1239 for a fortnight in a caravan in Italy (flights & car hire on top of this). My boss approved the holidays yesterday so last night I sat down to book. Black Friday deal with Eurocamp reduced the cost to £560 thus saving a whopping £679. Unexpected and a genuine saving for something I was purchasing anyway. Impressed!
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    NBD - Squier Deluxe Active Jazz IV *Revisited* I had been very smug and pleased with myself for getting down to just the one bass, a Bitsa Jazz that I assembled from parts and finished myself. Hipshot, Gotoh, KiOgon… all proper premium components, no tat! Very happy with it and its powerful Entwistle JBXNs, which sounds really killer through my 1997 Trace GP7 715 150W combo. BUT… dangerously, I allowed my mind to wander in an idle moment. What was the bass I most missed and most regretted moving on? Being absolutely honest with myself, it turned out to be (weirdly) a Squier Deluxe Active Jazz IV - which I bought and reviewed on this very board some four years ago and then sold, for a reason I can’t now remember. GAS, probably. So, as they’re not the world’s most expensive bass and as I was curious, I ordered one - an end-of-line display/demo model from Andertons. Notable features include a three-band active EQ circuit and an Ebonol fingerboard. As I understand it, Ebonol is a phenolic polymer that mimics the qualities of ebony in that it is hard and dense…but is synthetic and thus completely impermeable. I like it a lot. It’s a slab board basically and renders the underlying maple neck very stable indeed. The neck plays well with practically no relief in it and allows a lower (and more buzz-free) action than I would otherwise entertain with a more conventional wooden board. The neck is arrow-straight and the fretwork is superb. And I mean £1000+ superb. Completely level frets and not even a hint of an edge anywhere. To find this quality on a bass that cost less than £300 is truly remarkable. This board is smooth and fast and this neck alone is worth the price of admission. The controls comprise volume, pickup blend, stacked treble/bass and mid. There is also the so-called 'slap switch', essentially a mid-cut which boosts the lows and top end, ostensibly for slapping… I won’t be doing any of that, but it’s useful to have at your fingertips and in conjunction with the EQ allows for more tone-shaping options. The board radius is 12”, a little flat for me but I don't mind so much as the nut width and shallow neck are (unsurprisingly) very Jazz-like, so a flatter board suits me here. The bass feels good in the hand, isn't overly heavy (around 9lb) on the shoulder and balances well on the strap. It's effortless to play and after a few minutes the controls become completely intuitive and very easy to use. This bass punches WAY above its weight. There are always negatives of course - the bridge and tuners are not premium quality - especially when juxtaposed with the Hipshot Ultralights and Gotoh 201B fitted to my Bitsa. The bridge is a generic Gotoh-alike high-mass top-load affair with saddle-screw runners - and does its job perfectly well. The ubiquitous budget ‘vintage’ clover-leaf tuners work smoothly enough and adequately hold the bass in tune, which is all you can reasonably expect, so no complaints yet. The treble/bass stacked pot is quite a bit taller than the other controls and I can imagine it taking a knock or two. The pots could be smoother and more positive in their action and the midway detentes could be more obvious. But I’m guessing Squier had to cut costs somewhere. These are minor niggles. Would I use this as my main bass? With absolutely no hesitation, despite the fact I don’t much care for sunburst and especially not pickguard-free sunburst. But irrelevant cosmetic issues aside, it plays quite differently to my Bitsa Jazz and has WAY more tone options on tap. You can of course produce the generic vintage single-coil Jazz sound if you want it, but you can also quickly dial in more ‘modern’ sounds - and anything else you can think of - from fat, fingerstyle dub tones through clanky, gritty rock via hefty plectrum twang to full-on growl, burpy funk and mid-free hi-fi slap. It’s all in there. And you'd be very hard-pressed to tell the difference between this Indonesian Squier and a MIM Fender (or dare I say it, a MIA Fender) in a blind listening test. The Squier feels right, plays very nicely indeed and sounds fantastic. It’s essentially a wannabe boutique Super Jazz, but aimed at the budget-conscious entry-level buyer. Or those in my position - the seasoned (yet impecunious) overweight senior cheapskate-cynic. But is it as good as I remember? Very much so, and in some ways it’s better. Four years have passed since I owned one and my priorities have changed, my playing has changed and I see things a little differently now, as I’m sure we all do. But I’m very happy to have this back in the fold. I did have a little fantasy about refinishing it in vintage white (and I may yet do so), tinting the headstock, applying an F-decal and fitting a guard. But I don’t want to drill new guard holes in the body, the decal thing is really only of interest to bass players and other idiots and frankly I’m getting a bit bored with the ‘identity’ thing. Name-band pro players regularly rock up sporting the S-decal and if it’s good enough for them, etc. So for the moment at least it’s going to do its thing completely stock and original as nature (and Squier) intended - apart from the new DR Nickel Lo-Riders I fitted. Hardly a modification, but a very positive improvement on the iffy strings that came with the bass. I can easily see it becoming a bit of a workhorse and it’s already a go-to instrument. It’s one of those basses you just can’t walk past without picking it up and playing it. You won’t be surprised then if I recommend you add this particular arrow to your quiver - it can currently be got at a silly price, especially if you haggle - even if you’re not a Jazz person (and I'm not), you can’t fail to be impressed by the dead-straight and supremely playable neck, the smooth, hard and fast Ebonol board, the extremely versatile and intuitive EQ and the huge range of tones on offer. In short, it’s a bargain. But if you ARE up for it, get one ASAP - Squier seem to have discontinued this model and when they’re gone, they’re gone.
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    So, been offered a gig that normally just requires a duo ( sax, guitar + b.trax) However, for some strange reason, the agency now needs three people on stage ( it's actually a smooth cocktail set for an hour) so I've been asked. Last time, the sax player took the bass off the tracks and I played. This time is too short notice so I've been asked to mime as the setlist is different. Very good money at minimum 250 + for an hour and I'm being driven there and fed but not sure how I feel about doing it as now, he's asked me to bring an EUB that I've owned for only three weeks as it'll "look better" What can possibly go wrong?😂
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    Hi all, This guy has been mentioned before on BC but I don't think he gets the credit he deserves... LM is a force of nature...! Jaco inspired sure but he's got his own thing going on. Good stuff starts at 2:30... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT6n-oIrLCQ Aimless noodling? visog
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    Only in the privacy of my own home.
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    Oh my! Can't count the times I've heard this song without really listening. Thank you, and the OP for bringing TB to my attention. Wow.
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    Hi, We played a 'live lounge' set for Fantasy Radio in Devizes last night. It seemed to go really well and we were invited back for next year. Couldn't hear our guitarist very well but everything else was good. Regards, Doug
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    I had one for a while and thought it great, It compared very favourably with my fond memories of the ex Roger Glover Magnavox era SVT that I used for years. In fact it sounded a hell of a lot better than an SVT-VR that I paid 4 x as much for a few years ago. I used it with a 4x12 Aguilar and it felt great. My only reservation was the - possibly undeserved- Bugera rep for reliability but I have to say I used it a dozen times or more and it always delivered for me. PITA to lug around, though. I'm 60 you know. Lovely looker, too... (The amp, that is) Shug
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    You won’t regret it. I can’t stop playing mine! 😊
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    Except the Spector NS-1 (which this shape duplicates more or less) was created 3 years earlier than the Streamer wasn't it? So the Streamer is the 'copy' if anything? Or do I have my dates wrong?
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    I'm sure many will argue but the trick beyond a very basic technique is a good spraygun. Mine is a DeVilbiss SRI with a 1mm needle, it uses about 2 Bar of pressure and a very low air rate, it has a beautifully fine spray pattern no matter how wide or narrow your fan. It has a really nice airflow adjuster that can be used to balance out any adjustment in the needle. It was quite expensive at about £200 but can be used with a very basic compressor. The other problem is extraction for fumes especially with nitro, I no longer have a spray booth so outside is the best for me and then bring the bass inside quickly out of the way of dust and flies. This time of year it's too cold and damp so I'm spraying indoors and wearing a mask which keeps most of the fumes out but isn't ideal. Even with the cold I can still get four coats on in a day (between about 10am and 2pm) easily which is great Honestly a good spraygun is the answer, a good fine spray with no spits or splatters at any flowrate/pressure and it will give an even wet deposit with minimal usage, the overspray is negligable unless you are spraying edges. I think mine has paid for itself with just paint saved from overspray compared to a cheaper gun. Can you tell I'm a big fan of this gun? It is by far the best I've ever used, it's very hard to get it wrong after a little practice just to get a technique
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    Thank you guys 👍 @Hellzero, cool de voir quelques obéistes I don't have the Capelli 6 fretless anymore and it's a shame, I miss her 😪
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    Spraying again as planned, got the blackburst done but a minor change of plan on the Maple I wasn't too happy with the colour of the red over gold, it was just a little dull so I sprayed a thin coat of silver over the top so it was a gold/silver blend, the test piece looked good so I sprayed the transparent red over the top. I think they are all looking good, the two Ebony ones look as moody as hell and my red one looks very girly Excuse the poor pictures 😦
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    Maybe one day we can organise a basschat signature bass amp 2,000 watts, all valve, 3kg, 1u rack space