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    I dont have much time for Cliff's music, he was a late 50s/60s artist to me, but to suggest someone should stop doing something they love seems strange. If what he was doing was important to well being in any way (Yes I know ) then yes, give it up, but its just music and if he and the audience enjoy it then why not? Its his job after all. My old man loved his work as a carpenter and did his job till he was 76, not cos he was desperate for the money but because he loved it.
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    Spent yesterday sorting through some old photos for my Mum and found a very old photo album I'd never seen before. Turns out that this is my great grandfather Not sure what being a Banjoist said bout you back then, but on seeing the pic and finding out who he was, I felt a really strong emotional link to my past (kinda wished it had been an upright, but c'est la vie). Anyone else got any old pics of distant musical relatives?
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    G'wAAAN! Take it steady on the caffeine.. less is more! 🙂
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    You are not Cliff Richard. Remember this and do not try and imitate him.
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    I have this model in black. I took off the stinky poo tuners and fitted Wilkinson black WJBL200 tuners. I love the feel and build of the instrument and the active circuit is very versatile and quiet. Quality in a low-priced instrument. I plan on turning the bass 'stealth black', replacing all the hardware with black hardware.
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    Reminds me of the little girl hearing a Toad near a pond : "Hey, I'm a musician, I've been cursed by a witch, just kiss me, I'll become normal again and marry you …". Then the girl just puts him in her Pocket, and goes away, saying "I'll earn way more money with a speaking Toad".
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    A minor point: the sale finishes late morning next Friday. Everyone knows that a bass bidders GAS and possibly alcohol fuelled fingers work better mid to late evening! 😉
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    Thanks for the contribution lol Si
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    Most disappointed. I used to be able to confidently and happily say I’d never seen a Spector I actually liked.. .. or a Warwick for that matter 😜 Lovely bass!
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    Not bass related but.....I applied for holiday leave at work for a fortnight in 2019. Already planned what we were going to do - Eurocamp. Price was £1239 for a fortnight in a caravan in Italy (flights & car hire on top of this). My boss approved the holidays yesterday so last night I sat down to book. Black Friday deal with Eurocamp reduced the cost to £560 thus saving a whopping £679. Unexpected and a genuine saving for something I was purchasing anyway. Impressed!
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    Final Price Drop. Now on sale for £2200, selling without the flight case and tear drop case. Here’s one you don’t see too often, in fabulous condition, extremely rare ‘84 Musicman Cutlass I, pre Ernie Ball, two band EQ, Serial number BO17701, Modulus Graphite Neck with Ebony Fingerboard, Stingray Body, Neck dates ‘84, Body dates ‘79. Beautiful bass to play, lovely action, frets have plenty of life left in them. Definitely a body refin, as for a nearly 40 year old bass there’s not a blemish on it. Will be shipped (or collected) with gig bag and serious packaging! Based in Ireland, collection preferred, but willing to ship overseas at buyers expense. Thanks for looking.
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    I've had this super lightweight Fender Road Worn Jazz Bass sitting around for quite a while now gathering dust. Only 3.7kgs! Seems a shame as it is a stonking bass but I'm into P Basses more at the moment therefore now up for sale. Price includes UK Mainland Postage and Packing.
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    I still regret selling that bass! The Sire V7 is unbelievable value and I stand by my excellent review of it!
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    Its just a small double bass. Rather nice to play I should think. One for the authentic classical performance people methinks rather than the rockabilly slappy brigade!
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    I own both a mpulse and a Subway D800. I would say that they don't sound the same, but the Subway comes as close as any Class D I've heard. I don't think it has the headroom that some say it has, but does sound good...
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    This bass used to be mine. A fine example of Music Man if you ask me 😉 BS6A2183 by Eneade, sur Flickr
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    Steve is an utter slag, but a great buyer. Chose it , messaged, paid for it. Job done !
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    JMB is like 80% dreamers and time wasters. I sometimes reply to ads just to see what their angle is. Im pretty sure there’s a thread about dreamers on JMB somewhere on bc. The content in that thread is top notch quality.
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    As would be Basschat, were it not for the vigilance and diligence of the Mod and Admin team. All sites on t'web are bombarded constantly with stuff of the sort; it's up to their teams to make sure that very little gets through, and what does pass, is swiftly removed. It would appear that jmb are less fortunate, s'all..?
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    Thank you sir... I didn't say much about the stock pickups - I have little information. I'm not sure the pickups themselves are active - just the 3-band EQ. However, they're more than up to the job. They don't seem to cancel each other out with the blend control in the centre position and there's very little extraneous noise. They're powerful enough and have that big, open single-coil punch and warmth. I won't be changing them. I like the plain covers too, they obviate any possible OCD relating to having the strings exactly in line with the pole pieces...
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    The music should always come first. The bass players in all the bands I love are an integral part of the music (and which incidentally include Squire, Lee, Burnel, Macca, Zender). However, following a recent conversation about Vulfpeck (who I’d never heard of, so gave a listen), it recently occurred to me that many bassists seem to be into stuff that leaves me utterly cold. Motown, Steely Dan (who I tried for years to like until finally admitting they affect me like nails down a blackboard), loads of so-called “blues” (anyone who has seen Ghost World will understand), soul/r&b/what I refer to as “funk lite” & “fusion lite” (admittedly early Jamiroquai could qualify here but for some reason I love them). Weather Report are another who I convinced myself for years were great, when actually they only do marginally more for me than Kenny G. Joni Mitchell is another on the Kenny G scale. 😂 FWIW, I love everything about ABBA.