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    Stanley Clarke (of all people) came out with an absolute diamond piece of advice once in an interview. He said "Learn all you can about theory and then forget about it". I didn't really get that until years later. It basically means learn as much theory as you possibly can, but just play what you think sounds best, regardless of what you think will impress.
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    had no problems with the sale, buyer has confirmed he's received the Bass in good condition
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    JMB is like 80% dreamers and time wasters. I sometimes reply to ads just to see what their angle is. Im pretty sure there’s a thread about dreamers on JMB somewhere on bc. The content in that thread is top notch quality.
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    Can you get hold of an inflatable double bass and just mime on that?
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    Sorry, I didn't make it clear - the Entwistles are in my Bitsa Jazz, this Squier retains its stock pickups, which are good, and I won't be replacing them.
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    I've used tone rider pickups in a 75 jazz, which sounded great. Those are pretty cheap new (around 50 for a set).
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    +1 for Fender Kingman. Lovely Jazz neck with a body large enough to produce a decent acoustic output to keep up with most mandolins. Great Fender branded preamp with on-board tuner, notch filters & quick change battery compartment.
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    I've got the 17's and love them.....no more ringing ears. It might be worth persevering with the plugs for a little longer before changing the inserts. You say that at rehearsal you couldn't hear your bass at all....this is strange as the Pro17's are supposed to reduce ALL frequencies pretty evenly. If the band has a balanced sound, all you should experience with the plugs in is the same balance....only quieter!
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    I’ve sold and bought about 450 things on eBay. Only have 201 feedback. Really Irks me when people don’t leave feedback.
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    You can dull the finish of tru oil with something like micro mesh (very fine grades) or lapping paper - but it won’t truly feel like bare wood. Even the impregnated acrylic finishes don’t. Untreated the wood is more likely to mark or discolour, so it’s always best to have a finish on of some description

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