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    I've just spent the morning getting to know my shiny new stomp. I have never used any Helix prior to today and am really happy with it. the ease of use is brilliant! After 20mins I was editing and creating new blocks. Really happy with the responsiveness of the editing dynamics.
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    That is a nice JV Precision as well, people do not realise how good a bass they are so I end up seeing them going for a bit less than the list price. No one is right or wrong, but I agree don’t give it away. Market is defo slower regardless of seasons greetings
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    Today I picked up my new guitar and thought I’d share some of the details. This is a review come biog so bear with me I started playing guitar aged 14 and only picked up the bass when our band found ourselves short a few years later. We gigged a tribute act (oasis) for several years in the 90s and then branched into originals. I had a lot of guitar knowledge but little bass playing knowledge, although not necessarily needed (?!?) for 90s mainstream guitar tunes. 18 months ago our band decided to reform and a MIM fender jazz came my way. As soon as I started playing I was hooked and could not believe the amount of resource available these days compared to even 10 years ago. Youtube is awash with talented teachers i.e. SBL, daric bennett, mark @ talking bass etc; whilst I’ve had modes down for a long time they really took me from being a guitar come bassist to someone who really focused in on chord tones, arpeggios etc. In 2017 An upgrade was due and to my surprise I ended up buying a guitar cheaper than my MIM Jazz - along came the Marcus Miller sure v7 vintage. An amazing bass which was incredibly easy to play. I gigged it for a year and in the end what made it great became its main issue for me... the 5 tone knobs (2 of them doubling up making a total of 7 tone knobs) just left me feeling a need for simplicity. A trip to my local guitar shop a few months back and I found my dream guitar... a fender bass precision American original. I’d been looking out (possibly) for a 70s, or earlier, precision as I became hooked on the tone and the two knobs! The original series ticked a lot of boxes and the lake placid blue with a tort pick guard, for me, is the best colour combo possible - smitten Here it is! I’m blown away by the pick ups, different to standard precision’s, and the overall feel of the guitar. It’s bigger, growlier, harder to play, but oh so damn amazing. It is taking some getting used to I.e. reverse tuners, clay dots, wider spacing on strings, neck dimensions, Phillips head truss rod etc, but my days of trying to play as fast as possible have been replaced with trying to play as smart as possible. It’s a joy
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    All very exciting mate! Lovely specs. I have to admit, I'm a big fan of Black Limba too, here's my Finn SC Classic 6er... Eude
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    Admittedly you need matching trousers. Tight, tight Lycra trousers.
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    Wish I had an 80s hair-rock band in which I could prance around with this...
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    X32 Rack, RCF 735x2 with a suitcase of XLR cables (do not skimp here, expect to pay at least £20 for a 6m XLR, preferably something like Vandamme, Klotz, Sommer - handmade, as tag machine soldered XLRs will fail), a pair of hotcovers for the cabs, a rack case for the X32, a few DIs (look at Orchid Electronics), a couple of stands, some Behringer P2 wired inear packs all for under 3k should get you quite a formidable, portable wedding rig - with the provision for stereo IEMs too! Those tops will happily have bass and kick through them, as well as the rest of the band. No need for subs unless you stepping up to play some big venues. Just those tops will do 95% of wedding venues without a sweat. Dont forget lots of power leads with lots of sockets on too. You didn't mention mics, but a set of AKG Session Ones (factor in two stands for overheads) for the drums are great, as are D5s for vocals.
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    A singer friend of mine and myself were starting a new project, writing songs together. We would meet at mine to write and record a bit of guitar and bass. I was playing guitar but I wanted to stick to bass, so we auditioned guitarists. This guy comes in, and within seconds we realise he can't even play. He was having trouble shaping chords with is fingers... and you could see he was feeling very nervous and embarrased. Singer is giving me this look like "we're done here"... but I felt sorry for him, so I took one of my guitars and showed him something simple to play, and I played another guitar and singer sang a bit... then moved to bass... and over all I taught him 3-4 little things and we played for another 30 minutes or so. Then he left, apologising for his lack of preparation and he laughed at how silly he was for thinking he could do it. Then he says he had only been learning guitar for 2 weeks... I emailed him a couple of days later to see how he was. We laughed. He was a cool guy, he just jumps into things with lots of enthusiasm and not enough preparation sometimes We became friends, I encouraged him and eventually he went on to form his own band. I played a couple of gigs with him as a dep, recorded a bit, I went to his wedding... so yeah, cool audition ha! stinky poo guitarist at the time, but I ended up with one of the coolest friends I've got.
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    Hi Bass players. I'm Bob O'Brien a 61 year old jazz upright bass player who has been playing on and off for about 50 years. I play a German flatback bass of unknown origin made in the 1850's with a Revolution Solo pickup and use a Gallien-Kruger amplifier for small gigs. I studied at Berklee in the late 1970's, stopped gigging after getting married to pursue a day job, and retired in August (finally!!) and am playing the bass regularly again. I've kept my chops up fairly well over the years but completely lost touch with equipment, technology, trends, etc that affect bass players. I really appreciate the wealth of bass knowledge on these pages and look forward to learning from everyone here on the boards.
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    Up for sale is my '76 Jazz bass. Unbelievable instrument but it's just not getting the use it deserves and as much as I'd love to keep it and let the value appreciate; I can't afford to! These basses speak for themselves... It's all original but is missing it's bridge and pickup covers. I have fitted Schaller strap locks to the bass but it does come with the original fittings. Also comes with original thumb rest and OHSC (case isn't in great shape). Extra case isn’t included anymore as I need it now. Weight is 4.4kg Will consider trades on Sadowsky 5 and Fender Elite Jazz 5s plus cash Based in Gloucestershire and can ship with insured courier at buyer’s expense.
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    Went up to Exeter today to have a look at a few basses. Not really getting on with my MIM p bass and as I’m back in a band again I thought I’d have a look around, try a few and see what I like. I was expecting to be coming home with, if anything, an Ibanez SR as I had an SR600 in the last band and quite liked it. Anyway I tried a few out today - Rockbass NT Streamer MIM jazz Aerodyne Jazz ibanez SR500 Mustang PJ And this Ray 34 that was heavily discounted at Project Music. I’d never played a stingray type bass before but always been interested. Once I’d played it I kept coming back to it and nothing else seemed to have as good a combination of playability and tone for me. Pretty versatile tone wise too. Can’t believe the punch, definition and clarity. I absolutely love the neck on this. The notes seem to just flow out of my fingers! ! Very happy and can’t wait to try it out at band practice this week. cant stop playing bullet in the head!
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    Price dropped to £4,100 Here’s my Wal Mk3 5 string for sale or trade. I bought it in 2012 from the original owner. The bass was originally built for him in 1997 and comes with the original grey Wal case. In anticipation for the bass’s 21st birthday I sent the electrics down to Wal in April for a full refurb. I have gigged it but also taken great care of this bass and it is still in very good condition. There are a few small marks, one on the lower horn, 2 on the back and slight marks on the headstock tip. None are very noticeable. The side and front LED’s were fitted by SIM’s when the bass was originally built and controlled by a switch on the back plate. The neck is flame maple with elements of birds eye in there as well. It is bolt on with a 34 inch scale and 24 frets in good condition. Rosewood fretboard 17mm string spacing at the bridge Gold hardware Body has a mahogany core with figured Shedua top Weight 4.2kg (9.4 lbs) Brass nut Schaller strap locks fitted Collection from Aberdeen or EU shipping (due to rosewood fretboard / CITES)
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    I have a hankering for a sadowsky (sellers regret!), so selling some basses off for funds. This is a lovely and pretty light bass. Plays superbly and feels nice to the touch. 2 band MEC pre amp and pups. There’s a bit of crackle when the treble is boosted - not sure what is going on. Could be a loose wire, but I’m not great with wiring and soldering! Price includes delivery. I’m based in Fife.
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    We're a six-piece ceilidh band playing around the Aberdeen-Glasgow-Edinburgh triangle, so we're probably playing some of the same locations as you: lots of hotels, farmyard wedding venues and village halls, and the occasional tent. Two fiddles (one doubling on mandolin/banjo), acoustic guitar, bass, drums and dance caller. 2-3 vocal mics (SM58S), drum mics (SM57), and radio mic for the caller. We have two JBL Eon 612 active main speakers, which I've been very impressed with. No subs - they kick out more than enough bass for the venues we play. They talk Bluetooth so you can tweak their built-in EQ from the dance floor if the presets aren't sufficient (we've only needed this a couple of times). Two Alto TS210 active monitors - I'd love to go IEMs but it'd be a big investment that we can't really justify. The Altos can be used as backups for the mains, and they're also great for "can you set up a mic for the speeches?" situations. Yamaha MG20 mixer - a neat little rackmount analogue mixer with 16 mic preamps plus a few line inputs. Good ergonomics, particularly the well-lit mute buttons. For live recordings, I'd like either channel inserts or a couple more aux sends, but it does a lot in a small space and was remarkably cheap. Orchid DI boxes (some Muting, some Mini) for all the instruments. We have a rack case from Thomann for the mixer (with space underneath for the radio mic receiver, spare strings, headphones, business cards etc. etc.) and another large flight case for all the cables, microphones and DI boxes. And a Homebase sale last year furnished us with several 10m Permaplug 4-way mains extensions in a highly-visible shade of bright green...
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    Real pleasure meeting you and really pleased it's going to get played by a Top Fella - Thanks Again
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    WHAT?? I thought I'd become brilliant through osmosis!
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    I agree, It's the same as art - I can appreciate the artistic inventiveness of Jackson Pollock's paintings, but there is a reason for rhyming slang.
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    That said, as I already wrote, your work is terrific. 👍
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    Rare enough? My DIY builds.
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    Mahogany is a funny wood in that it is soft, alarmingly so but it has still got a good resistance to breaking under bending pressure, less than the Walnut and something like maple but it should be plenty strong. Gibson Thunderbird necks are scary thin but won't break unless they are heavily banged and that is usually due to the very short grain with no volute. I don't think I'd be losing any sleep over that, it should be plenty strong
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    Gerry Rafferty and Billy Connoly, from the same band.
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    Took me a minute, but I got there in the end. S.P.
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    So far i've only really got to grips with the Saturation side of the pedal. I use it as a low-medium gain saturation which sounds excellent going into modulation in the HX and also before filters as it gives the filter a fatter sound to chew on. I also quite like what it does to a really hot synth signal, as it seems to compress and add punch whilst taking away some of the brittle highs.
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    I did, but decided to stick with the uni pre - I have one on the shuker and it’s just what I was looking for. I guess I’m sticking with what I know for this one. Course, I could always swap it out for a DFM later on
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    Absolutely fantastic instrument! You'll love it - especially if you like the jazz-like neck dimensions of the Doug Wimbish model.... A word of advice - the Tonepump preamp is very hot so if you feel it is putting out too much signal use the internal trimpot on the preamp box to turn it down a little :)
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    We are a 9- to 11-piece with QSC PA which is 2 x K8 and 2 x KSub. The KSub have wheels so it's not so bad and you can use them as carts to push the rest of the gear around. The mixer is a Mackie digital wifi one. The bandleader mixes FOH with an iPad, and each individual musician does their own monitor mix with a phone or tablet. We have a few more QSC K for monitors, or use in-ears. I can't imagine it working very well without a digital desk. We have so many cables! We have a wheeled flightcase trunk just for XLR and power cables...
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    You're not alone in liking a thin neck
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    Saturday night I was playing guitar with Julia Mosely in a beautiful old church in Buxton. I've always wanted to play some atmospheric music in a church and I finally did it! There were probably only 20 people in the audience, in a church that looked like it held 150+ on the pews, so that was a bit disappointing, but they all sat in silence in awe at Julia's voice, and we got some good photos. I enjoyed it purely for the sound of the room. Last night was Morecambe Punk Festival. I was looking forward to an early night to be honest. I've been a bit run down lately, and smashing the drums for 45 minutes wasn't my ideal choice of activity, so a stage time of 6:30, meaning home and in bed by 10 would have been perfect. Unfortunately they'd had some technical problems earlier in the day and the whole thing was running way behind. We went on at 8 in the end. It was pretty good, we played well and went down well, I think I was just too tired to properly enjoy it EDIT: You might be able to see this video of one of the songs from the Church. Please forgive my dodgy guitar playing, I'm still getting to grips with "standing out" like this, having just played bass and drums for the last 20 years.
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    That's awesome news mate, a custom bass is a wonderful thing! That's going to be an absolute peach of a bass. Have you considered Alan's DFM preamp rather than a Uni-pre? I find it to be absolutely sublime on fretless instruments! Eude
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    A while ago, I bought a Strat guitar body from Warmoth in black limba. It was a beautiful looking body - but went when I decided guitar wasn’t my man chosen instrument and I flipped back to bass. Since then, I’ve always thought a black limba bass would be a great thing.. Alan advises that the highly figured stuff can be very heavy, so I’ve gone for a lighter figured body with a more heavily figured top with a black veneer line. Matching black hardware to complete and we are pretty much there! Can’t wait to see how it progresses!
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    They aren't! It's just a fun thing people like to say on the internet. I have a real soft spot for Trace Elliot, but that 'Trace Watts' thing is nonsense.
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    Fair enough. If we assume the Bugera is a well designed class D amp with an efficient power supply and draws 880W from the mains and can run continuously at that level then it is probably around 80% efficiency and can supply about 704W. That's with an undistorted sinewave within the passband of the amp. That's the value of what is normally described as the RMS or continuous value. If you look at section 3.2 of the Wikipedia article then you see the peak power of a sine wave is twice the average power. So if it is a 704W amplifier than the peak power is 1408W. If you look at a range of amp and speaker specs you'll see that there's a fairly consistent description of things described as 500W continuous 1000W peak, 200Wrms 400W peak and so on. It's a simple mathematical ratio which enables those who want to boast that their system is 1000W but allows for fair comparison. Actually it is meaningless as it is always double so no extra information is being given. If any other figure is given then as the Wiki article says about PMPO there is no accepted way of calculating the figure and it is without merit. Basically the sums don't add up. you can see my disquiet if you look at the advertising, here for example https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Bugera-Veyron-BV1001M-2000W-Bass-Amp-Head/1WNV lot's of mentions of 2000W no mentions of peak power here, I suspect both Gear4music and Music Group know people will choose this amp on the basis of the 2000W and it looks a lot better than the Little Mark 3 https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-amps/bass-amp-heads/solid-state-bass-amp-heads/markbass-little-mark-iii-bass-head In practice I suspect they would produce very similar power levels. Even if the Veyron is 700W and the LM3 is 500w that difference will only barely be audible. Sensibly you'd decide on tone (I hope!) reliability, after sales and price rather than power but for someone with no technical ability that 2000W looks so tempting. If we accept this then Markbass would eventually be forced first of all to sell their amps at peak power of 1000W and then start making up figures to compete. I think it's a better world where honesty is rewarded and we ask for proper measured ratings which can be compared fairly.
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    I’ll risk disqualification after drug testing. Sandberg TT Bass, old shape pre 2015. Haüssel pick ups, passive, Hard core aged, reverse matching headstock, P instead of jazz neck profile.
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    Massive fan of The Faces, but it could be argued that Rod Stewart went on to greater success after they split. Others could be Justin Timberland / NSYNC, Beyoncé / Destiny’s Child, Peter Gabriel / Genesis, Lionel Richie / Commodores.
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    Not quite solo artists but Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart did better for themselves after they left The Tourists, ditto Paul Young after the Q-Tips.
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    That's a terrible tale @Roger2611! But you shouldn't blame yourself, or let your songs suffer for it. You were quite positive towards him considering.
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    As a rule of thumb: Always have a pre arranged time slot that's strictly half an hour. Always tell em you have another one coming after them or if its the last one of the day tell em you all need to be some place else after a half hour band meeting. If they turn out to be great then if they are happy to and time allows carry on. Have a system pre arranged with your band. Scratch your left ear = keep this one going - could be good - plus points so far. Right ear = nope. If its a sure fire no thanks and you want it to end quickly pretend a bit of equipment has suddenly stopped working. Put all instruments down and all head over to the door in unison saying something like... " flipping dogcunts, thats the eighth time my bastard Tracy Elephant has packed up this week. Sorry guys we'll have to do this another day. Well nice of you to come over Bono, we'll definitely get you back if any of the other guys don't work out. You're the best so far for that line after Boy George but Simon Le Bon has said he wants to have a go and we already know he's stinky poo but....anyway, so we'll see you soon yeah?"
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    I too am a massively smug £18.59 early adopter. Might not be here in time for someone to buy it off me to give back as a Christmas present. Luckily I've got a birthday in mid-January
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    Now that I have your attention: check out the new vids for my fusion band!
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    True. Unfortunately that's not a good bit of 70s rock. I'd have disliked them as much in the 70s as I do now.
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    Peavey Palaedium, the Jeff Berlin signature. This is one of the US basses, I think it's a 1993 model but I can't look at the serial number at the moment as I'm away for work. Jeff didn't stay with Peavey for all that long and signature basses never shift in huge numbers, especially for a jazz fusion player, so I doubt Peavey sold a huge number of them. They are fantastically made and worth next to nothing these days - Peavey have never commanded huge prices outside of their US-made Cirrus line. I got this for less than $300. I love Peaveys of this vintage. I'd buy a Rudy Sarzo signature or a TL-6 if I saw one for sale. A B-Quad is on my dream bass list too.
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    On the face of it, and from a distance, this bass may look like a standard Squier P But it's an A-Series, MIJ early 80's Japan market medium scale 32" bass. The bodies of these fine instruments are proportionally smaller too. It's very lightweight indeed This one is also in an unusual finish / colour - it's Dichroic Metallic Green It's really hard to photograph, but the colour changes, depending on the light and angle of light on it It's a sparkly finish, and it changes colour from Dark Green, to mid-Green, to Black, To Purple.... Not seen another one of these
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    Recent rejig of my pedal board. Completely recabled, using really good cabling and connectors. Had been using odds and sods patch cables which used to assault my OCD every time I looked at it. Lost the MXR Envelope Filter and a TC Mic Mechanic which I didn't use. Brought a new integrated power supply because I needed something that gave me AC to the M9 rather than having to have a plugboard velco'd untidily to the board. The major change was introducing the PXL-LIVE Programmable Pedal Controller. Now gives me the ability to switch the Future Impact, Soundblox Envelope Filter and the M9 with MIDI program changes. Has taken a little while to get used to switching with banks again and programming it quickly, but it's been a huge improvement both functionally and also in terms of noise. The EBS MicroBass II is shown with a lead going to an amp for home use. I don't use an amp live and go straight to the board so the output from the MicroBass is the XLR out.
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    Something else from recent times. https://soundcloud.com/user-987830578/piano-and-string-thing-in-34
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    I'm still gutted that I had to miss the recent SEBB but I have to say, for sheer value and personal enjoyment, I would rather attend a bass bash than that there LBGS!
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