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    Lol - shame Rimmers didn’t read the manual you linked to 🤣
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    If you wear a glove to pluck, why not sew a pup into the palm - then you can learn to move up and down the neck to always be on the 'sweet spot', and subtle shifts in intensity will be possible too. Shouldn't be too difficult to master.
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    So what do I think? I’ve put some TI’s on it. I was going to put Chromes on but decided to try TIs first. Didn’t have to tweak the rod (phew - no cracked necks ) It’s the lowest action I’ve had on a bass. It’s sitting at just over a mm on the B and about .7 on the G. Very very little fret buzz at all until you dig in (with fingers) which I would expect. Cor. Never thought it would sit this low action wise and be as playable. It sounds very P bass, as expected - and I have a bass with the p-retro Preamp in so knew exactly what to expect. As for fives - a bit like the fretless, I’ve realised I’m just not adventurous in my playing and trying stuff as I should be - feels natural and easy to get on with and I reckon after an hour or so it will be second nature. Should have got one ages ago - go figure. Alan really has surpassed himself. Love the body shape, the neck is astonishingly good and it’s the sort of fit and finish that you expect at the very highest price point. Sorry @CameronJ but I doubt this one is going anywhere fast.. Been in two minds about an ACG and wondered if they are worth going for? Don’t hesitate at all. They are simply sublime.
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    We yes, but apart from buy for yourself, play for the audience, play for the song, the aquaduct and sanitation, what have the Romans ever done for us?
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    Pickup cavities, control cavity, arm and belly carve done!! 1st coat of Danish oil on it! Now just waiting for neck screws, bridge, knobs and tuners......... I think it's starting to look really nice now if I do say so myself!! 😁
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    👻 Jaco P : on the front under the strings seems to work for most builders. Wooohoooooo! * @jacko sorry I stole your quote!
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    £100 is a great deal for a starter double bass for a smaller learner!
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    I'd be tempted to put the drummer through the PA. I don't mean miking his kit up, I mean repeatedly pushing him head first into the speakers until he gets the message. Having his own combo for the bass drum has to be one of the daftest ideas I've ever heard.
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    Ask him what problem he thinks the amp is trying to solve for him - and tell him it’s actually creating a bigger problem for you. Also - if it is as you describe then it will sound rubbish out front too...

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